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Blinking scenery
Hi all there,
after a long time I am back at WR2 Wink. I have many unfinished sceneries but at some of them I have problem and I can't find the solution. In the Lightwave and another programs the map looks OK, in STKit also but ingame it is 'blinking'. Is there someone who know what to do with this? I hope it is possible to repair it. Thanks for all whole WR2 community.

[Bild: image.php?di=Y3HG]
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Hi from Czech Republic,
and sorry for my english
Ich hoffe es kann jemand übersetzten,danke.
Das "flackern" der Texturen kann von zu großen Polys kommen.Diese glänzenden Stellen kommen davon das die Polys nicht gesplitet wurden.Also z.B. ein Würfel der noch alle Seite zusammenhängend hat glänzt später im Game,du mußt also jede Fläche trennen "Split".

Hab ich auch gleich ein aktuelles Beispiel aus meiner neuen Map.
Fehler geortet:
[Bild: scrshot01o7a4b.png]
Fehler behoben:
[Bild: blendersplityty0i.png]
Und Probefahrt:
[Bild: scrshot0001qsal2.png]
PS.Und das Material war auch noch falsch   ...  ,aber Ende gut-alles gut   Jump
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]
Thanks you Pischti for your help, but I don't speak german and it is hard to me to translate what you wrote. Need I Blender or it is Lightwave for example enough? Do you speak english or is there someone who can translate it to english? Many thanks for your time..
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Hi from Czech Republic,
and sorry for my english
According to Pischti, the flickering is due to the polygons being too big.
Make them smaller / subdivide them to solve that problem. The program used should not matter.

The lower part of his Post has him explaining how to fix shiny places in your scenery (Like the yellow arc I assume).
The solution to that appears to be to split the different sides of the structure to stop the game from trying to smooth them. (Shown in the video)
This, too should be doable in most 3d programs.
[Bild: 946xzwix.jpg]
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Hallo Basti93
Danke fürs übersetzten,hoffe es hilft ihm bischen weiter.
Gruss Pischti und schöne Zeit allen.
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]
I solved it. Thanks to both of you. But now I have another problem. I can't save the imported scenery in STKit2, when I click to save button nothing happends  Sad .

EDIT: It isn't working on my Win8 64-bit. On second computer i'ts OK, maybe because it is 32-bit. So I can work on my second PC.
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Hi from Czech Republic,
and sorry for my english
Follow all steps!
[Bild: stkit01apu2s.png]
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]

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