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[WR2][CONV][REL] Ferrari 599XX 2010 + Evoluzione 2012
Seems I forgot to post previous update so 2nd update plus original version converted but need remove 599XX Evo vinlys because some liveries are removed (some was never upgraded) also improved helmet mapping to have proper design of 4, 24 and 30 so can include number this time.

New update include new physics, new sound, fixed front tire size, new carbon texture, some brighter texture, improved 3D, better windows material, steering size fixed... and 4 new liveries (19,44,70,78 also 47 and 97 but on 2010 model only) also improved number 4 livery (some grey part missing) and 92 (Italian flag on roof was on wrong material so was hidden)

599XX Evoluzione 2012

599XX 2010

Liveries are now:
both models: 2-3-4-21-27-30-44-77-80-88
2010 model: 9-10-20-26-33-47-51-55-93-97 (20 liveries)
2012 model: 11-19-24-34-37-40-54-59-70-78-91-92-512 (23 liveries)
deleted: 1-6-14-38-45 (similar or fake like 1)

Some comparison screens before/after/2010 version: (grille on rear bumper looks just black at this distance)
[Bild: gPJlvmfB_t.jpg] [Bild: 0dWe8hNg_t.jpg] [Bild: 4HXPUJQx_t.jpg]
[Bild: h6zd3ZqW_t.jpg] [Bild: X4HuyLwo_t.jpg] [Bild: XtJlq8pU_t.jpg]
[Bild: fQAHLPiX_t.jpg] [Bild: gParLTXf_t.jpg] [Bild: So68B1L7_t.jpg]
[Bild: 2BqM17xs_t.jpg] [Bild: f53MnsPx_t.jpg] [Bild: a08ypcjt_t.jpg]
[Bild: yIk3CyEU_t.jpg] [Bild: S3UPr19h_t.jpg] [Bild: tNK2m2mB_t.jpg]

Template if want paint more liveries (included number and some stripes often used)
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]

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