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[WR2][REL][CONV] TBoss67's Garage
Here I'm going to share my mods for World Racing 2.

Here is a link to my mediafire folder:

Released cars:

Dodge SRT Viper Pack
[Bild: 8fqj9grghwtjwh56g.jpg]

Lamborghini Aventador (50th Anniversario and SV) Pack
[Bild: s6j5c7qw2uri1186g.jpg]

Cars in development:
Dodge Monaco + Dodge Coronet
Please tell me what you think of the cars performance. These are my first atempts of making editcars for WR2.

I have more cars in development, but don't have the 3d models. If someone would like to help me please reply here or send me a private message.
The cars are:
-Dodge Charger R/T 440 V8 Magnum '68
-Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '79
-Ford Mustang GT Fastback:
---Challenger Special V8 '66
---Challenger High Performance V8 '66
---428 Cobra Jet '68
---390 Thunderbird Special V8 '68
---302 Challenger Special V8 '68

If you can give me one of these or any other muscle car 3d models I would be very thankful.
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
Are all these cars in other videogames?
I don't know at all. Some of the cars have been already converted to WR2 but the 3d polycount is very poor.
I know the...
Dodge charger RT
Ford mustang GT coupe
Ford Mustang Boss 429
Ford Mustang Mach 1
Chevrolet Impala SS 409
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '69
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '79
Chevrolet Chevelle '67
Chevrolet Nova SS 396
...can be found in Forza Motorsport 4

Has anybody tested my new cars? I'd like to receive some feedback about the driving.
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
Did you update the Vipers Editcar?

About the muscles, some 3D models of the cars you listed can be picked from other games. If needed, I can address you in the right direction. I guess you already planned to convert them
yes, I updated the vipers editcar, but it is the same that you could download in GR before.

If you can help me in any way I would like very much.
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
Yes, here's my "Beginner" tutorial
This tutorial will explain you how to convert a car for World Racing 2 in the quickest/easiest way using ".obj" format.

While, here:
You can find some models in Zmodeler format, so you just have to open Zmodeler and export the model in OBJ format.
There are alot of other models around, but for now I think using one of these is a good start

About the Viper, it's enjoyable and drives nicely Wink
Thank's for helping me to start.
Nice to know someone likes the Viper Smile
Did you tested the Dodge Monaco and the Dodge Coronet?
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
I used the Zmodeler2 to convert, but it shows the car backwards in MTkit2. Does anybody know how to turn the car 180 degrees in Zmodeler2?

I already solved it. Thanks anyway.
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
I'm having a question for all of you, mostly classic muscle car fans.
Which transmission do you prefer in a muscle car? 3 speeds or 4 speeds?
It seems that most muscle cars had a standard 3 speed gearbox, but I'm not sure if the 4 speeds is better.
I won´t probably do both cars because the engine is the same and it isn't worth the time spent.

Waiting for your opinions. Smile
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
One of my cars. I'll release them, but not sure when.

[Bild: fc1njm.png]

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