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[CT3|CONV|REL] V8 SuperCars 2010 [29 cars]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_46_30_74.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_46_47_29.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_47_19_61.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_47_54_66.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_48_20_15.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_48_38_33.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_49_08_15.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_51_30_21.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_52_19_65.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_52_41_44.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_53_01_46.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_53_30_97.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_53_49_12.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_54_35_46.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_55_23_52.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_55_41_28.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_56_50_53.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_57_08_70.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_58_01_74.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_58_37_77.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_58_57_33.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_59_35_42.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_13_59_58_16.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_14_01_05_73.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_14_01_56_65.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_14_02_13_89.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_14_02_33_46.jpg]

[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_14_02_51_04.jpg]
[Bild: Highway_Nights_Hi_2016_01_16_14_03_13_19.jpg]

this is the entire field of the 2010, Australian V8supercar Enduro rounds these are cars I released way back around 2011, there was someone at that time who caused me a lot of grief over this set, because I was still very n00b with modding for wr2 at that time. I almost quit modding because of it. but I persisted and this was what came out of it. I hadn't done them as a mod persay but as singular cars. these will be available here for download. this has taken me 3-4 days to compile this set. I've had to go through and change a heap of settings for Highway nights.

if you like it, please leave me a comment. thanks

forgot to add you will need the latest WinRAR or 7zip for these as I've used high compression for these cars to keep the upload size down.

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