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[WR2][CONV][REL]Tom Walkingshaw VL Holden Commodore Group A SSA
this is a car I've been sitting on for a while, along with the rest of the mod that goes with, why? because I didn't have "official" permission from the mod creators, but thanks to facebook I was able to find them and seek permission to convert this car and the rest to world racing 2, or any other format I choose to do.

I've been away from modding for a while and I just felt that itch again, and I just needed to scratch it lol, and i'm seeing my cars are still getting a few downloads here and there, so I thought maybe it's time to do stuff again, it's good to see there are still people out there, making cars for this old game,

this car is part of the touring car legends mod for rfactor, but I will be converting them over to world racing 2, I've set a livery folder for this car as well. there are a large number of vinyls i'll release separately, if I don't there will be a larger than normal download so when I finish testing the car i'll post a link and a vinyl pack will come later,

fyi there is a template to come with the car as well, I've decided to go with a street vinyl to start with, this way you can change the look of the car,

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below is all the commodores from the 1988 Bathurst FAI 1000 Race. these will all work, as I've tested them myself. there will be a folder in there called 1988 series, when I release the 1989 series for this car, you can put those in there if you so choose to. thanks for supporting my work here. the liveries will be available here. when the admin has approved them for download.

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_22_40.jpg] [Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_29_93.jpg]

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_34_08.jpg] [Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_37_32.jpg]

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_41_78.jpg] [Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_45_55.jpg]

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_48_70.jpg] [Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_52_43.jpg]

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_56_22.jpg] [Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_53_59_51.jpg]

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_54_02_35.jpg] [Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_54_05_08.jpg]

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_54_07_93.jpg] [Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_54_10_63.jpg]

[Bild: WR2_PC_2016_09_29_11_54_14_25.jpg]

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