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Map Size and Map Intergration
Hallo Zusammen,
Mein echt erste Post hier Smile
Ich bin in der Schweiz so ich sollte auf Deutsch schreiben konnen, aber um alle uns zu verstehen wird ich auf Englisch schreiben.
I wanted to know what is the map size limit of the AFC game series, and I wondered if there was a way to integrate new maps to the AFC 4&5 (aka. Crash Time 4 and 5)
Because I'm torn between WR2 and that one (regarding maps and physics) as a driving/racing game on my laptopSmile
Liebe Grüsse
The maximum Size of Sceneries made by STkit (where Scenery Addons are made with) is 200x200 Blocks. According to that, maximum Block count is 4096. (which practically excludes itself)
Each block is a quader with size 102,4x102,4m
So you can create all kind of Scenery sizes, als long you follow the 2 rules below (max X/Y, max Total Blocks).

A scenery has a Block-Width of 10 and a Block Length of 20 (total Block-Count is 200 which is <4096)
This means that the width is 1024m and the Length is 2048m. The area is 2,09km²

New Sceneries are not possible in CT4 and CT5 yet, but I'll keep working on that. See the following thread:

First Addon Scenery in C11

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