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World Racing 2 Maps vs Crash Time and Mods
Hello mates,

Just like the other thread. I was wondering, which game offers the biggests map (and detailed)

I know there are some addons maps for WR2 which are 20km*20km (or so). What is the maximum limit ?
Does Köln, Alps oder Autobahn maps from Crash Time 4&5 offer a bigger area than WR2 vanilla maps (or addons)?

If we could get an answer with number/units or facts to compare with I'd be glad

Greetings from Switzerland
Like already said, maximum Block Count of a Scenery made by STKit is 4096. The total size depends on the SizeX and SizeY value of your Scenery.

Depending on my post in the other thread, you get the biggest Area depending on its X and Y values while using a quader (quader has the biggest area of a rectangle). This means that the X and Y values needs to be 64 each. (64x64 is 4096). So the max area of a Scenery is 6553,6x6553,6m (42,94km²)

Personally, I dont have any experience in WR2, but I can give you a list of Scenery Sizes of CT4 and CT5

Autobahn, DS - 4300x2662m
Stadt, DS - 3481x2662m
Alpen, UC - 6348x2867m
Autobahn, UC - 5120x3276m
Rennstrecke, UC - 3481x3481m
Stadium, UC - 3276x2252m
Stadium2, UC - 3276x2252m
Stadium3, UC - 3276x2252m
Stadium4, UC - 3276x2252m

As an WR2 example, Pischtis Meerblick Scenery (this one) has a size of 3481x10444m

I hope I didnt worry you too much.

Wow, das ist super geil.
Doch du hast mir ein perfektes Antwort gegeben. Danke für die Erklärung Alter Smile
So I looked at your topic with an addon scenario for CT3. Where are you at in the project ? I know some guy how use to make the Forgotten Garage mods for CT4 and CT5 who managed to put a night map from CT3 or CT2 into the latters. Its name is actually RacingcultureGR in the mods scene
For the moment WR2 still feels like the best option for me.
If people manage to extract cars from FM, can they with the maps ? (especially Horizon series, even though I know it couldn't be)
Zitat:Danke für die Erklärung Alter

Danke, so alt bin ich aber zum Glück ja nicht.

My current work in this project is the 3D Import with FBX file format and a real-time display in the program itself. As you can see in the videos, the mainwork is already done.

It is well possible to move maps between different C11 series, heres the link how to do that. Unfortunately, this only works with C11 Sceneries and the traffic is not working.

The right game depends on your preferences:
  • WR2 is a Racing game with real cars made by SYNETIC, but without "real" free ride (although they became a little oldish^^)
  • C11 (I recommend CrashTime IV) is a police game, containing a free ride and racing, but no real cars made by SYNETIC.
Since C11 series are newer, the graphics (details and so on) are more advanced than during WR2 times
Addons (aswell from FMH) are possible and available in both games.
Ja ich habe die Beiden (WR1&2 and C11 1 to 5) gespielt, und wollte einfach spazieren fahren und ein bisschen rally rennen. Für welche WR2 erfüllt besser die Bedingungen.
Or is CT better in physics for driving and off-roading ?
I like both because of the very advanced damage model

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