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Camber & Toe-in
Any idea what this POINTS_EXTENDED data was used for? Because in the game, there's no visible difference between original cars and mod cars in terms of lights, or anything else really.
The 'normal' at the POINT can be described this way - the CT5 game engine uses normal maps (textures)

[Bild: M196x128.png]
So that's why normal maps don't work on mod cars. I always wondered why.
About this downgrade and normals issue: does this specific change of the .mox for CT5 also include the ability of the unmarked cars (like Semir's car) to get rid of their police equipement (lights) when used by a bad guy? Or is this function preserved even after the downgrade?
Maybe, learning more abouth this function could be a way to add active components to the addon vehicles in the game (like the blue flash light that could be added on the cars roof in the very old, pre-synetic, C11 games; or a working rear spoiler?)

But anyway, good to see the motivated work that's been done here.
And even if sometings been done before by someone else, you can still learn a lot by doing it on your own.

Good luck with your projects!
Jhonny Black
Schaltgetriebe, Benzin und viele Pferdchen in einer subtilen Verpackung...
The police lights of the police cars in CT5, unmarked or not, are not part of the new model format, they are parts just like the suspension and damage parts. You can see this when opening a downgraded model file with the MTKit. Also, I doubt that the newer model format will allow for custom vehicle animations like dynamic rear wings.

This interesting car was unloaded by Synetic in 2006, it used the suspension with an inverted Lxx (180° - Y axis). This situation has been corrected by negative coefficients. You may encounter this when adjusting the suspension in [Parts> Pivot point setup] - the incorrect X-value for the L-lever and the wheels will rotate in opposite direction.


[Bild: M196x128.png]
What you noticed makes me think of some WR2-models I've converted to C11. The wheels where shown inverted (l/r) ingame. Even more strange was that some cars showed 2 wheels in one, with just a little bit difference in the rotating position (xyz identical). Gotta check it out when I've got some time.
Great hint on the C219 too! Should keep this it in mind when I'm gonna work on this car.

Are there other WR2-original cars that have this issue, (it's a Synetic-addon, right?) or is this a unique (mistake-based) case?

Thanks & friendly greetings, Jhonny Black.
Schaltgetriebe, Benzin und viele Pferdchen in einer subtilen Verpackung...
I drew your attention to this car due to the malfunctioning of my a-tool; this model property will not affect the conversion for C11. Negative multiplier values for [Parts] are present in many other Synetic MOX.
In my opinion, Synetic models are very useful to study, because original (not by Krom) tools were used to create these.
Another feature that is present in the Synetic mods (perhaps many already know about this) --> [2.14] StandardReifenHintenID: if [-1], then wheel sizes [Size] of the front and rear axles will be identical and set according to the front wheel values, if [0] - as usual.


[Bild: M196x128.png]
Looking into the Synetic models indeed is a great way to learn more about how things are done in this game. There are so many hidden (on the first look) features and (sometimes awkward) techniques they used to make things work. And once and then a mistake... Some of them might have still been undiscovered or known only by few. The ones that are found, often by coincidence, like the program malfunction you mentioned, or by plain trail and error-testing and fooling around with values and figures.

Not all (theoretically available) features seem to be fully made use of in the game (some maybe partly carried over from MBWR). Tough it would be fascinating to find ways to (re-)activate them (again) or even find new uses Synetic might have never seriously tough of (for the release-version).

Thanks for the tip with the wheel values. I wonder how many we will still be able to learn and discover about this unique game, after so many years.

Greetings, Jhonny Black
Schaltgetriebe, Benzin und viele Pferdchen in einer subtilen Verpackung...
This tool`s version  makes it possible to change the value of  MassCenter`s 'PARTS'.

For example - small changes for mods by 'adamraga' in 2013.

.rar   FormulaRR1_by_adamrada.rar (Größe: 494,62 KB / Downloads: 0)

and recent mod by 'nfn'

[Bild: M196x128.png]

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