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Limitation of polygons in CT4
It finally happened that I was able to remove any kind of polygon- or vertexlimit from MOX-file. So far I only have tested this "feature" in Crash Time IV, however Im sure that this will be possible as well in older synetic games since MTKit is the issue at this limitation.

The following images show a beautiful reflection created by an icosphere with 327680 polygons (tris) and 163842 vertices.

[Bild: photo_2019-06-10_22-07-23.jpg]

[Bild: photo_2019-06-10_22-07-38.jpg]

What does that mean?
Well literally I dont know - since 65k are way enough these days for a full car, more is not really necessarry. At least we know at this position that it IS possible that the game engine supports way more polys than expected.
Unfortunately, MTKit does not support these files.
Since Ive choosen a "special" MOX-structure for loading 300k of polygons, MTKit displays these files (in case they have less than 65k) as locked with a password although they dont have one

Absolutely impressive! Applause
Let's just hope that this won't break any game.  Top
its not supposed to break WR since I didnt use any feature that had been added later (thats somehow sad since this could have been developed earlier)

See the 5th post over here for a download of the files

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