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Repair and Construction
[Bild: def945c-61002e34-9685-4666-84df-3f93d785...mXycWk7-5c]
~ This sprotcam stand very good for all photocam and videocamera, sportcams and phone also, but broke it in action. The base gone, the screw is torn the plastic base. My first improvement with epoxy and fiberglass tape. Very hard material this mix, first prepar the plastic part, cleaning and engraving pattern for surface perfect gluing. First layer epoxy glue, after the fiberglass tape layers and again final glue need.

After drying need a stainless steel washer and better as the original. Before was 3 mm material before screw head, this compozition already 13 mm and after an steel washer, and under this area epoxy and fiberglass structure implanted. Sportcam stand imroving ready to go ^,^
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[Bild: d12p2gm-4cd5c45f-043f-4221-8fac-f0b5409183c7.gif]
~,~ Japanese mini sawhorses project near finished. The neodymium magnet tools already realised and assembled. New plans made by my, this version most combined, developing for all size woodworks and japansese dublecut saw base: good for wood house making and all.

[Bild: japanese_mini_sawhorses_and_neodymium_to...63nns7X-wg]

[Bild: defqpo6-6e6c44b4-0718-4ad3-9167-38fd3762...jk5aSbl5cg]

[Bild: japanese_mini_sawhorses_and_neodymium_to...gkYmMwULuc]
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[Bild: d7o46qj-3da2397a-6e10-4697-9a80-2f8474ae...ruZ2mw0pQI] Japanese sawhorses ready, tested and good for modelling, homeworks and hardwood mosaic making. This L style neodymium magnet development good for all, and "püntlich" with japanese saw because no damage the neodymium tool when use. Wood mosauic finished and ready in 5 hours. Best test in real life: completed ^-^

[Bild: deh4pz1-2b865d8a-d9e4-435c-8e4b-72004891...hvDoz3XCO4]

[Bild: deh4q2m-c03ef6c4-0926-4531-90db-31ecaee1...Xsf7aZW3_g]

[Bild: deh4qal-85e129b9-c0f3-4265-8255-bb5ed244...SXKBsrM5zQ]

[Bild: deh4q13-942efc8c-bc3b-494b-b3a0-0fe5bfd3...9Jggucw8ko]
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