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[WR2|WIP|CONV] Koce's Garage
This is my new Project Ruf Spider from tdu.The car need more work i now.I have one problem.The real Ruf have black stipe on the back like this.Can some help me by drawing vinyl.If some one can give me icq or skype i will send him the car.

[Bild: 89b82235943262.gif][Bild: bd4dcf35943005.gif]
Cool that you present your cars here now, too. I can´t help you, but I like your new project, it´s a cool car. Thank you for your other, well done projects you´ve still released.

cool Project. Are you going to make a cockpit?

greets vw_fan
[Bild: priussigkopie3nn5.jpg]

Yes it will have cocpit but i am not start it yet
I hope this one will be high quality and not "fast" quality Wink

btw Welcome at g.r koce
[Bild: 50sig4482kek.jpg]
Heckflossen, Petticoats und Rock 'n roll.
Hey Koce, I can help you.
@RUF: looks nice Smile

[Bild: k9vnvoq2.jpg]
Koce You are GENIUS!!!

Fabulous car You made!!!

Magic Big Grin
Hi koce,
this car is very great.
It is fast and it has a perfect handling.
I hope you will make it very good.
mfg Hardstyler
[Bild: hqyi6ha6.jpg]
Wow, the RUF looks great Smile
I hope some1 can help you with your Problem.
Good Luck.
[Bild: aspb9dfd7fec5d9fjpg.jpg]
Zitat meines Vaters: ''Kevin, kannst du bitte aufhören, dir bei 250 in der Nase zu bohren ?''
Koce don't know if I understand you but the car has these stripes (if it's your problem).

[Bild: f2cd2b36027832.gif]

The texture is "paint" but the stripes are included with the body. And I think if the stripes are not separated it's not possible to make 2 different colors (stripe/body) like the Ford GT.

[Bild: 7a8f8036029125.gif] [Bild: 73455636029126.gif]

Good luck.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]

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