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[WR2|WIP|CONV] Koce's Garage
the LEDs are really quite a pain, with WR2 lights limited at 128.. if only someone can access the binary/coding files and increase the limit to 256 or 512.
@HansLanda:I try it and looks strange.If you want when i finish the car.I will send you car with separete material for the windows you want?
@TomWin:Yes i saw from your pics that you too make it.And your looks really nice too.About the Led i am not there yet but i looks like it will be hard to make.
@Manu1996:GT2 RS is ready.
Rather send me the finished lwo file or include in the directory. Smile In fact, this operation require 2 materials: one for windshield, front side windows and second for rear and back window, where rear are tinted 60-70% via MTKit.
Ok when i finish it i will send you what you need.
great cars koce! Thanks for GT2 RS! I´ve waited so much time for this supercar. And I´m really looking forward to the S65.
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Manchmal erwische ich mich, wie ich mit mir selbst rede ..und dann lachen wir beide ..
Sometimes I find myself like I'm talking to myself ..and then we both laugh ..
My next car will be Noble m600.I have problem find gear ratios and engine graph.Can some one help me?
Only found this one in a noble Forum

[Bild: attachment.php?attachmentid=2334&stc=1&d=1180577186]
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The new Audi R8 Plus
there's some info and top gear ratio and final drive ratio in this web.
(06.05.2013, 04:52)koce schrieb: My next car will be Noble m600.I have problem find gear ratios and engine graph.Can some one help me?

All is in forza database. Use SQLite Database Browser 2.0 b1 ( ) to open gamedb.slt or any other DLC databases xxxx_merge.slt
There you have all cars specifications, torque curves, gear ratios, etc.
here you have quick tutorial how to check car info.

the most important are Car ID, Engine ID and Drivetrain ID for find all necessary data.
For make torque curve (for normal aspired engines, no idea how to do that for turbocharged engines yet) you get torque RPM which is V0=0RPM. V1=100RPM etc) * TorqueScale, which in Noble example for 0 RPM is 578.5473*0.634375= 367,0159434375 NM.
Power is in kW.

Pics tutorial:
[Bild: nob1.jpg][Bild: nob2s.jpg][Bild: nob3w.jpg][Bild: nob4a.jpg][Bild: nob4b.jpg][Bild: nob5a.jpg][Bild: nob5b.jpg]

Good luck
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Thanks,I will give it a try.

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