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[WR2][CONV][REL] TRD1+TRD2+TRD3 tracks
Thanks Adam. I hope you did a better job then I did with Brands Hatch.
TRD3 tracks are terrible to convert. Big Grin
Very nice pack Smile This is the new daily record: 14/day XD Thank you very mutch !_!
. . . [Bild: banner_takashi_hoshino_by_tiberio_san-d54iti1.png]. . . . . ..
Honda Civic ej6 << JDM power . . .
WOOOOOOOOOOW ShockedShocked Great pack! When it's going on so we'll have all F1 tracks. Testing now... So much Tracks in one pack... Thanks a lot!!! TopApplauseCool
Unbelievable, what for a package. Many thanks for to heap HQ racetracks.
Property work, respect!
[Bild: 35au4j6.jpg]
Du kannst Veränderungen nicht aufhalten. Genau so wie du die Sonne nicht daran hindern kannst unterzugehen.
wow thanks for those nice comments really appreciated.

My version of Brands Hatch is less empty and I havn't made all the layouts like you.

"The flyover at the start of a race" is generated by the game but flash your lights and that will skip it.

Le Mans is already availaible converted by Pedro Boticas and I will not convert any track which are not in TRD3.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Adamraga great! I told the Le Mans and Interlagos because their designs are wonderful! Spectacular among other qualities!
Ilja Limanow

At Adeilade you drive under the signs so why they should be not fixed? Maybe take a screen of the problem.

I didn't added the other layouts because each layouts at its own 3D. So I need to remove the walls which block the road then add it in track object and move the ojects (corner marker, cone..) in track objects too. It's not a big work but take time and not really want make it. Maybe one day who knows Smile
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Fantastic job, adamraga Applause Top
I tested a few of these tracks a few minutes ago and I have to say they are really perfect.
I had so much fun to race against the AI´s.

Thank you


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