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[WR2][CONV][REL] TRD1+TRD2+TRD3 tracks
- Sorry, Problem gelöst, kann gelöscht werden - Crazy
Hello, it´s me again...

I drove on the 3,7km long Hockenheim National Circuit (guess whyWink) and noticed a few problems:

[Bild: 9olyuzeo.jpg]
There´s a "hole" in the track at the first corner right after the Parabolica towards the Motodrom.

[Bild: kcv389t2.jpg]
In the following corner the AI-cars brake to zero and so there are a lot of accidents (Which actually happened today in real life, but not every round!)

And in the last corner before and the first corner after the finish line you are allowed to drive with both wheels wide over the white lines, which is not possible in WR2 because of your "Anti-cheat-System".
Maybe you want to change that, too?

Just wanted to let you know, but thanks to you there are so many nice and perfect tracks, that i still have a lot of fun. It´s nearly mpossible to drive them all (and notice problems), so i understand that there can be minor bugs. Top
Thanks for report really appreciated, I not noticed that and not tried the race with AI.

The problem is in the original game each layout have its own 3D. So it was needed to remplace the part of the layouts missing to make complete map so it possible to have this kind of bug. View of under and forgot the remove one part:

For AI I checked the line and it's not smooth in this corner I will update it and many AI bug can't be fixed (slow driving at Spa, Bathurst, Laguna Seca...).
It can have some road problem too because I changed the mapping to use the full texture of road instead of half texure with mirror (that's why the line appears in the middle)

For the first and last corners I guess you never drove online. If I remove it + normal run off the result will be to take it the fastest possible so drive in grass then take the corner the most inside possible and finish in run off so almost no braking which is not fair and if you drive normal only in the road you must brake to take these corners. That happens too much in the WR2 Hockenheim Wink

Just for info the other tracks should be finished in the week + more layouts (Vallelunga, EuroSpeedway, Queensland + the 4 others already planned) and a bonus map the Nürburgring GP with layouts from TRD2 maybe 2 years older but full map and better too Wink
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Thanks for your quick response!

You guessed right! I actually like driving against the AI and do that most of the time, mainly because i can do that on my old laptop in a hotel room. Nordschleife to go!
I also think that WR2 is the best racing game to play without a wheel. If i want do to online races i´ll do that at home with a wheel and then there are better race simulations that i can run on my stationary computer.

If it´s not a problem for you, i can change the ground settings myself and modify the AI-lines to the real one. I punish myself for cutting corners or pushing other cars because it´s not fun to cheat to yourself.
Not sure about the other problems, but it doesn´t really matter. As i said here a lots of perfect tracks on which the AI is not serveral seconds slower than a human.
Second part finished. More work planned because added a new feature, working shadow but without WR2 shadows still the original of the map. I tried to set the position of sun to have the best result possible but it works never at 100%. Plus changed one wheather with grey sky and no shadow because sun is hidden.

The Hockenheim bugs have been fixed Mikko if you can confirm it would be good.

[Bild: 39115c104259092.gif] [Bild: c64504104259105.gif]

New sky (don't know if that rain at Bahrein but all tracks use same sky):
[Bild: 4ab72f104259113.gif] [Bild: 5d87fb104259119.gif]

[Bild: 39578a104259076.gif] [Bild: 66cae8104259142.gif] [Bild: 4256fc104259153.gif] [Bild: 6dcee2104259166.gif] [Bild: 48c453104259178.gif] [Bild: 77b390104259191.gif] [Bild: f0b74b104259202.gif] [Bild: 54412a104259212.gif] [Bild: 43b158104259226.gif] [Bild: c9ee24104259239.gif]

I tested (a lot) every track to fix all bugs but possible I have missed some of them. Even if there's still some little things to fix but maybe not possible to do, no new update is planned but maybe possible for some bug if needed.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
cool edit adam
Ignore taboos and drop errythang
[Bild: sigcj.jpg]
Drop school already international
Thank you for the last Update of this great Tracks. The Pic's just say good work.
Gonna have the ''Freude am fahren'' on the Street after Download and looking for Bugs if i can find Big Grin
[Bild: aspb9dfd7fec5d9fjpg.jpg]
Zitat meines Vaters: ''Kevin, kannst du bitte aufhören, dir bei 250 in der Nase zu bohren ?''
The others maps Go Kart, Indianapolis and Rallycross are planned to be updated too plus some unfinished maps will follow.

I just found why the version with grey sky is laggy just because of sun position because my idea was to remove to shadow of the car. To fix I just moved a bit the sun now no lag but a bit shadow under the car.

I begin with the update of Go Kart map plus added layouts, both original + 2 additionnal.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Last map updated plus 2 unreleased until now.

Updated map:
Indianapolis: new conversion to fix textures bug plus same things updated like the others map. You need remove it before because of new texture name.
International Rallycross: Added 5 new short layouts using different start.

New map:
National Dirt Raceway: A offroad arena with 5 layouts + 2 oval.
UK Rally: 3 stages point to point. You must drive alone in training it's a time trial map. Make a race will fail at start.
Stage 1: Dirt-Tarmac-Dirt - Same map as HWRMT conversion but not extra road it's the original TRD3 map/layout.
Stage 2: Tarmac
Stage 3: Gravel-Tarmac-Dirt

Screens of new map:

National Dirt Raceway:
[Bild: 7f3f4b106431732.gif] [Bild: ab4101106431737.gif] [Bild: 1036c2106431750.gif] [Bild: 0f677c106431769.gif] [Bild: ca2adc106431779.gif] [Bild: d0eead106431798.gif]

UK Rally Stage 1:
[Bild: bd5f59106431142.gif] [Bild: 2a1612106431164.gif] [Bild: ac1d4d106431189.gif] [Bild: cc8f8e106431252.gif] [Bild: ab5b5a106431264.gif] [Bild: dfd97a106431278.gif] [Bild: 8283c3106431291.gif] [Bild: 8398ae106431298.gif] [Bild: 3fc323106431325.gif] [Bild: 189a19106431339.gif]

UK Rally Stage 2:
[Bild: e6b378106431497.gif] [Bild: c3e644106431509.gif] [Bild: 3c23ce106431519.gif] [Bild: efb9f1106431538.gif] [Bild: 61964f106431554.gif] [Bild: e937c8106431559.gif] [Bild: e937c8106431564.gif] [Bild: 1bc25c106431571.gif] [Bild: 4a6e63106431579.gif] [Bild: 139e33106431583.gif]

UK Rally Stage 3:
[Bild: 100d6a106429697.gif] [Bild: de42f7106429701.gif] [Bild: 0c89ad106429784.gif] [Bild: 3a1dfe106429800.gif] [Bild: ff217a106429816.gif] [Bild: a0eb27106429827.gif] [Bild: e1d0b8106429838.gif] [Bild: dfe2d0106429850.gif] [Bild: d9c604106429869.gif]

The first post has been updated.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Thats great i´m a rally fan-so this is perfektApplause


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