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Edit Car problem in AFC11 [HN]
The problem is in car suspension, its too soft! Some modders like Snip3r makes cars and his editcar work awesome in HN physics, my question is: How to make EditCar without this problem? is there any missing parameter in EditCar? pls help...
Bump? Any ideas?
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Sorry, no bumps within just 12 hours. I'm sure someone will answer later though - it's just 1 pm Tongue
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Hi nice to see that your playing my mods ^^.

1 - - Open EditCar

2 - - Go to "Engine" Tab

3 - - At the bottom you will see : "Acceleration 0-100 km/h, s"

4 - - Then replace existing number by :

0.8-1.0 - For Gokarts and other mini cars
1.0-1.4 - For normal cars
1.4-2.0 - For Coach and Trucks

5 - - Save EditCar

6 - - Run AFC11HN AddOn Manager, save changes and play

It should work perfectly Wink

@Basti93: Sorry for that.
@Snip3r: Thank you very much^^ It work really cool. LOL I can't belive that one parameter totally change physics. Good luck with next converts.
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(19.06.2010, 13:05)Sn1p3r schrieb: Hi nice to see that your playing my mods ^^.

Hi, i'm playing your mods too and i like them mutch, my favorite car is SLS AMG 11... My question is how to change the color to be a silver just like SLR?What In nitro was easy, just in the manager...
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well, i play your mods too, Sn1p3r. but sometimes I try converting of koce cars on my own.
Mostly works good, but sometimes the game just crashes when I try to select a model ingame, but if I then use your converting of the same car it just works??? and thats only whit a few cars, others work well. a few examples (cts, c63, E63, M5 '09,... don't work; others like V12 Vantage, koces audis ,ferraris, X6, Veyron, escort rs, Taurus, holden, insignia... and the rest all work fine)
Does annyone know or this is an editcar problem and how should I solve it?

Greetings Jhonny Black
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Hi SilverBENZ and Jhonny Black,

@ SilverBENZ: Two solution are possible. First one is to change the color code of the body which is listed in the .MTL File.
Else I could change for you the standard color in the Editcar. Just send me your email in a PN Wink

@ Jhonny Black: It's not a EditCar Problem. If the game crash when you try to select the car, it means that .cpo file is broken. Only solution to solve this Problem is to create a new one or find a similar one. That's why cars which doesn't work for you, works for me.

See You
it works :o Great! you helped me a lot whit that.

maybe not on topic, but not all traffic cars use their "blinkers". annything to do abouth that?

again thanks and Greetings
Jhonny Black

Edit by lsddoors93: I deleted your second post because in contained the same like this one. Furthermore, doubleposting is prohibited.
Schaltgetriebe, Benzin und viele Pferdchen in einer subtilen Verpackung...

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