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[WR2][CONV][REL] Nordschleife The Ring 2007 2.20
Welcome to Green Hell.

Nordschleife The Ring 2007 2.20 -
*Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
6e66o - textures
The others guys which worked on this map made their work for rFactor that's why not listed in the credtis.

Turn 10 Studios/Microsoft Game Studios - Forza Series: BMW M5 (E60 and F10) modified in Ring Taxi with sound used from Koce's conversion and the 34 cars parked as objects when available.

Slighlty Mad Studios/EA Games - SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED: engine of M6 used for M5 E60.

Thanks to TomWin for improved AI race line but not perfect (not his fault)

Thanks to Pischti for help to fix pink dust in snow.

Should be final version which was even not planned so now one link with previous update which you have maybe missed and much more new stuff.

You need this traffic pack if want drive with traffic:

The both layouts are now splitted with own 3D and also fixed sun position with shadows for summer and fall version. But you need remove the old version because impossible to use folder name without crash.
[Bild: jOHPx9aq.jpg] [Bild: bBf5s8Nd.jpg]

The Touristenfahrten layout is made for cruising with traffic but the rules are like in real you drive at the right side and overtake on the left so for that I made my own traffic line.
[Bild: 4YBrnzhw.jpg] [Bild: TkMNCvjo.jpg] [Bild: OJv5btO3.jpg]

The 3D is unchanged just hidden original cars in main parking and replaced with better looking 3D but because they are objects they are not all visible. Also M5 Ring Taxi as object are updated.
[Bild: umYqwkEE.jpg] [Bild: qPHhyGuf.jpg] [Bild: WQoOE90U.jpg] [Bild: 1Wd3CanW.jpg] [Bild: AqOekkEp.jpg]

Changed winter version with dry road because never drove online with snow on road. Also you can notice new sky.
[Bild: Ujq5spLN.jpg]

The Tourist layout use 3D of previous night version so feel like driving in 24h race.
[Bild: RXL9rGRm.jpg] [Bild: VLueVxhD.jpg] [Bild: ecm3bij7.jpg] [Bild: u4b9Fjfv.jpg] [Bild: mh6tTGOp.jpg] [Bild: yZno1hcl.jpg] [Bild: HQnzfzH6.jpg]
[Bild: sDkaHlfE.jpg] [Bild: KDIMJYHg.jpg]

And the following addon cars are included with map:

BMW M5 Ring Taxi 2009 (was already in old version but updated)
[Bild: ltKj2ZZM.jpg] [Bild: ItYtMsAS.jpg] [Bild: wlyuHmaW.jpg] [Bild: N3TCMpTY.jpg]

BMW M5 Ring Taxi 2012 (new conversion)
[Bild: dotZfYAj.jpg] [Bild: p4eNHjeb.jpg] [Bild: 6mQzlYeN.jpg] [Bild: BbOL0Fvh.jpg]

Aston Martin Rapide SP8 ‘Katie’ 2010 (was "made" for old contest but updated with 2 versions for drive in day or night)
[Bild: jSkNGkPT.jpg] [Bild: q9L6EdbI.jpg] [Bild: 0mjcksyu.jpg] [Bild: cSgROozQ.jpg]
[Bild: nHRHn3Gx.jpg] [Bild: zLnpZLxg.jpg] [Bild: Jsu54pMD.jpg]

[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
OHHH MY F*** GOD! I love you!! Thank you very much!! I'm gonna download this now and give it a try. Thank you! The Snow version looks nice btw Smile
[Bild: minecraft6ms7p8asg.png]
The new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé.
I will try it too i can wait for it.
"Things missing:
Traffic: no idea how it work but I hope someone will make it.
Shadow: just because STKIT2 add a shadow on the road graffiti and looks bad unfortunately."

there is an option for material called "Cast no shadow"

looks cool on screen shots Smile download, thanks
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Thanks I love this track Big GrinSmileCool

So much great work thank YOOUUUUU!!!!

Greets Testi
gut > besser > MERCEDES-BENZ Wink
Bei Audi steht ein Ring für Qualität, ab 5 gibs den Stern ! Tongue
!! WOW !!
It´s the best track that I ever seen!! Big Grin
Thanks for Nordschleife!
wow what a fantastic job and looks like alot of time went into this like years
its a really gret track^^
the nürburgring green hill is the faumous track in the world^^
Super great track!!!!! Thank You so much!!!!Big Grin

Silly Boys......Bimmers are for girls Wink

[Bild: 11sji2h.jpg]

I decided to create the traffic-line. Maybe will be ready this weekend Wink
You will always be informed.
Hope it will be ok if i make it. Please answer.

Greets Testi
gut > besser > MERCEDES-BENZ Wink
Bei Audi steht ein Ring für Qualität, ab 5 gibs den Stern ! Tongue

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