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[WR2][CONV][REL] Nordschleife The Ring 2007 2.20
I just converted it (some part missing if you know this track in rFactor you should noticed that) I just added the Yokohama ads missing and some car in the parking and Ring Taxi which is not original it's the Foza M5 which I modified.
Thanks to *Com8*, Nor, G99 and 6e66o Wink

LaPimpa schrieb:Great looking conversion adam! Had plenty of fun on this particular track in rfactor, imo the best nordschleife someone has created, and far better than the one from the GTR game makers. Thumbs up! Thumbs Up
+1 That's why I chose to convert this one and it's my most played track in rFactor Wink And it's a clean version no fictional ads and no fictional objects like in NFS Shift.

L34D schrieb:It would be nice if there is another version in night (dont like the snow version, but ok ^^) and the whole 24h race track (with Nürburgring).
If you never played this track in rFactor I just can say the night version of the 24h layouts is just awesome but not possible to convert it because a lot of other objects and maybe a lot of works to add them already in the limit of materials and the GP make the map too big for WR2.
Sorry but not possible to have the full map.

The Testdriver schrieb:Traffic for Nordschleife is ready, I will realise it. But I want more. I also want traffic on the streets to the nordschleife. The persons, who have already driven this track, may have seen that the hole way left and right to the access is modeld. So i want there traffic too.So Adamraga can i "delete" your standcars to make there traffic too????....
But first I will realise the v1. "only " traffic on NS.
Only have to do fine Tuning Wink So that the cars are faster and have more "safety distance "

Greets Testi
TomWin schrieb:lovely track, awesome. I only miss real shadows there, I hope u can fix somehow.
To answer both: The cars are included in the map and I can't give you the lwo to remove because you will have a big 3D problem something is wrong with the conversion but works only if don't save the lwo. And happens only with lwo.
But there's the tree which hide the both road in the straight my first idea was to add it as animated objects but you don't see it so much.
But there's will be a little update with the cars removed, shadows (great tips TomWin thx Wink) and I will add some treewall to fix the holes. And I noticed the speakers need to be fixed because the inside is no visible. And some others little things to fix in the parking.

Miss_BimmerLV schrieb:I too would like to see a nite time version...but I dont know if you are allowed to drive the ring at night becuase I see no raod lamps ????
Only during the 24h race, the Tourist session close before night and VLN/RCN only the day. I think it's that Smile

Last about traffic I have nothing against someone make it that's why I written that "Traffic: no idea how it work but I hope someone will make it." I think it's the most interesting track with traffic.

@The Testdriver. My game crash here:
Tried with Volvo480 traffic.

@Pischti: your link is for Laguna Seca traffic is it normal?
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Crazy Ups,bin ich ja verrutscht.Ist aber auch eine Bezeichnung für die N...S Crazy
Ist natürlich der,sorry mein Fehler.
DL: Traffic N...S
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]
ok thanks perfect my game don't crash with yours version I can make a full lap.

some bug not enough power maybe Big Grin
[Bild: 0de4d894082850.gif] [Bild: c8e3f394082863.gif] [Bild: 33f04094082877.gif] [Bild: b0c4a494082885.gif]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
In screenshots thread I posted pics of Nordschleife with added shadows, just ticket "cast no shadow" option for all roadlines, graffiti and skids, then built shadow map and after that trace shadows II Smile worked for me without any shadow bugs.
race lane is weird at start and in some places as well, AI drivers behave weird, slow down or turns weirdo, no idea what's the problem it looks clean in stkit, maybe some problems with too less or too big precise, amount of points u know.

I would change road texture, to make it look more realistic, like WR2 tracks, just add alpha channel (see WR2 road textures) and change Mapping mode to 128 roads Smile

textures limit can be broken by use objects, isnt it? so everyhing that u had to remove u can make as object
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
At the start check the bug in STKIT2 of the ideal line I tried to change it but can't be make it clean. After if the AI is slow it's because it's not a "plate road". I never beat it at the Eurospeedway but at Laguna Seca no problem even too slow. Except this bug it's a very good AI which is more human.
I made a test at Spa for the Eau Rouge / Raidillon with straight in grass but the result was the same slow down a lot only there the AI is slow.

For the shadow I tried it but I need modify a bit the map before so I will add it when I will reimport the map.
The "ShdwMap.smp" should be the shadow? because this file is missing but the shadow appears in game.

I don't like 128 road it was I did for the TRD3 tracks for the road and grass as 16 uv terrain but was too bright compared to others part of the map. That's why I set as defaut and add brightness to the whole track I prefer like that. And if I remember that don't change anything with white alpha or black or without or I'm wrong? I just know the utlilty of alpha for static reflection.

The objects seems to have a limit size because all the cars in the parking was added first as track object but was gone at the next lap but the ring taxi was still here.
And the GP and some house was added too but the game crashed maybe the limit include the objects too.

btw same for transparency I use the most possible the 240 because looks better but sadly no possible for trees.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
did u make road line in lightwave? it's the best and most precise way, I think u did, but there could be several problems with race line due, wrong amount of points in one nearest area or even double points. It's weird problem that AI drivers slow down that bad in some speed part of track, even arrows becomes red like there was some L turn or so:S, I would remove useless points, weld double points and try again load lwo with track line.

shadows just create in stkit, copy ShdwMap.smp from other map, and then create new in stkit.

240 is not possible for tress sadly Sad
yes ofcourse when use 128 road then textures becomes brighter, there is only one way to fix that, make textures darker and also create alpha mask that will replicate asphalt structure
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
I have got a problem: when I press ``R´´ then the game is deadSad
Sorry for my realy bad english,im only in Grade 8 whit an idiot as teacherBig Grin

I did the race line with STKIT2 easier for me.
I will try the shadow when the trees will be fixed just last thing to do.
I will try the road I guess just need to copy the road texture in the alpha layer or something else?

Tried and same problem no idea why happens only in free ride no problem in training and offline/online race.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Hab nur soviel verstanden:Texturen mit Alpha und STkit.
Warum laßt ihr es nicht einfach so,sieht doch gut aus und läuft.
Dann war was mit "Tracks",soweit ich es mir angeschaut habe müßte sich jemand finden der den Ordner Track ganz löscht und neue Tracks erstellt.Hab jetzt bei mir bischen rumgetrix und den Track01 kopiert und zu Track02 gemacht.Damit läd es zumin den ersten Track immer sauber und man hat freie fahrt.
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]
ahhh that's why it is not that good!! stkit isnt good for create road lines. if u could send me, lwo with road I could do perfect race line based on poly structure Smile
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011

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