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[WR2][CONV][REL] Nordschleife The Ring 2007 2.20
Finally more work than I thought but the result is not bad Smile
To install it go to "Playlogic\World Racing 2\Scenarios\Nordschleife_Tourist_2007_v2.2a_Com8" then remove or better rename V1 (winter) and after extract the V1 of the archive, don't overwritte. At your first launch of the game that load always the V2 in first then V3, V1....
Important the game crash after relaunch of the map (not restart) and when you leave the game too. Actually I tried to fix the crash the most possible it was necesseray to remove the ring taxi and the cones. With cones it can be ok but crash often before launch night.
I tried to make a 24h night ambiance for that I added some part of the original 24h version but without GP track because of size issue. I tried to simulate the headlight effect of the road sign and added a bit brightness because of lack of headlight impossible to drive in full night but so nice. But I think it will be too dark for some people.
For the online actually it's not a good idea to use it because of crash and if you replace the winter you will be faster because of grip. But no mismatch with map unlike car if any files is modified (can't enter).

I let you the pleasure to try it but if you want see some screens before:

I will try to fix the crash if it's possible with all objects.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
i don't understand totally, does the game still crash now?

i tried driving at ti, and it's brilliant, i'm using my ENB mod, with it turned on driving is crazy in the dark Big Grin
[Bild: wr2_pc2010-09-0520-24-mxmo.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2010-09-0520-24-3lrw.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2010-09-0520-25-19ce.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2010-09-0520-25-6aao.jpg]
I'VE MADe a light beam on koce's Insignia, to keep myself alive ^^ thanks man
[Bild: 612918]
The Screens from the Night Version looking great but isnt the Moon bit too big ?
Also nice Light Effects, good done. Will download the Update and drive some rounds Wink

Thanks for it.
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Zitat meines Vaters: ''Kevin, kannst du bitte aufhören, dir bei 250 in der Nase zu bohren ?''
@ Jeroen ,

How do you make that " light beam " ??? I think a mod like that should be STANDARD in the library. I mean it makes sense with all the night sceneriois we have...Miami @ Nite...Nords @ Nite..Fanatasy Hills @ Nite.

Is it possible to make a universal light beam for all cars to use on nite scenerios???? ( Like Need For Speed 4 )

Thank you!
Silly Boys......Bimmers are for girls Wink

[Bild: 11sji2h.jpg]

ms bmw Smile well there are just some lights placed in front of car, we cant have real lights effect in WR2 yet. Download any of RaJo8 car, because he make few lights version for each car, including that night effect. also some of my cars that RaJo touched has this effect, for example DS3 Smile
I'm sure some other modders also create this effect but not sure who, u can always edit koce cars because they are password free and add lights in front of car.
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MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Oh mein Gott.Das ist geil.Bin vorhin mit dem 599xx gefahren und als ich auf der Strecke war habe ich nur gedacht, Augen zu und durch.Das ist so cool.Man sieht zwar nur die Umrisse fährt aber trotzdem Vollgas.
Also wirklich gut gemacht.Es wäre perfekt mit den neuen DTM Autos oder mit F1 ´10 Wagen durch zu rasen.Wäre vlt ein tolles Projekt für dich oder ?

Bis denne Audikenner
[Bild: rs5bilde084c145jpg.jpg]
Und schon wieder ein Request nach einem DTM-Wagen in einem Thema eines Modders von dir. Um es noch einmal zu sagen, Wünsche und Requests kommen immernoch ins Request Topic!
[Bild: 946xzwix.jpg]
|+++ Kein Support per PN/IM! +++ No support via PM/IM! +++|
Audikenner: Koce written "There is one moder that will make race cars better than me.And i think he will make a4 and c-class" and yes it's me but you need wait need make vinyls. And a lot of other racing cars are planned too. I will open a thread soon because seems hard to wait ... happy? Wink

CoolK: maybe but was bigger at my first test before resize it:

btw for those who tried the night the game crashed for someone or just for me? because no problem for Jeroen.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Oh entschuldigung.Das habe ich nicht gewusst.Welche würdest du den noch machen.
@Basti:Gib mir ein Verwarnung beim nächsten mal.Damit ich es mal merke.

Bis denne Audikenner
[Bild: rs5bilde084c145jpg.jpg]
@ adam: Ohh, too big. Ill try something, and later show it to you Wink

BTW: Game Crash on the Night Version ? I dont have any Problems. Could drive all where i want.
[Bild: aspb9dfd7fec5d9fjpg.jpg]
Zitat meines Vaters: ''Kevin, kannst du bitte aufhören, dir bei 250 in der Nase zu bohren ?''

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