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[WR2][CONV][REL] Nordschleife The Ring 2007 2.20
After some test still have crash when both layout together (can't load it) but works fine if use own folder and even the night don't crash so I'll separate layout with specific use:

The racing layout with start near GP track with night for V1 with 24h track objects used for time trial or online race (AI is very bad in offline even with updated version of TomWin)
[Bild: WyiavqNe.png]
[Bild: V7K3wKd1.png]

The touristenfahrten layout with start at the parking with car parked, cone at start/finish (no loop), traffic and snow for V1 used for cruising (traffic only in offline was made by Pischti)
[Bild: gi8R7mCG.png]

As you can see it's not same 3D and the best idea I have now so need work on parking to finish it.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Should be final version which was even not planned so now one link with previous update which you have maybe missed and much more new stuff.

Like posted in previous post the both layouts are now splitted with own 3D and also fixed sun position with shadows for summer and fall version. But you need remove the old version because impossible to use folder name without crash.
[Bild: jOHPx9aq.jpg] [Bild: bBf5s8Nd.jpg]

The Touristenfahrten layout is made for cruising with traffic but the rules are like in real you drive at the right side and overtake on the left. (Pischti if you read this ignore my messages I made my own traffic line so thanks anyway)
[Bild: 4YBrnzhw.jpg] [Bild: TkMNCvjo.jpg] [Bild: OJv5btO3.jpg]

The 3D is unchanged just hidden original cars in main parking and replaced with better looking 3D but because they are objects they are not all visible. Also M5 Ring Taxi as object are updated.
[Bild: umYqwkEE.jpg] [Bild: qPHhyGuf.jpg] [Bild: WQoOE90U.jpg] [Bild: 1Wd3CanW.jpg] [Bild: AqOekkEp.jpg]

Changed winter version with dry road because never drove online with snow on road but still pink dust. Also you can notice new sky.
[Bild: 19NMSc4h.jpg]

The Tourist layout use 3D of previous night version so feel like driving in 24h race.
[Bild: RXL9rGRm.jpg] [Bild: VLueVxhD.jpg] [Bild: ecm3bij7.jpg] [Bild: u4b9Fjfv.jpg] [Bild: mh6tTGOp.jpg] [Bild: yZno1hcl.jpg] [Bild: HQnzfzH6.jpg]
[Bild: sDkaHlfE.jpg] [Bild: KDIMJYHg.jpg]

And the following addon cars are included with map:

BMW M5 Ring Taxi 2009 (was already in old version but updated)
[Bild: ltKj2ZZM.jpg] [Bild: ItYtMsAS.jpg] [Bild: wlyuHmaW.jpg] [Bild: N3TCMpTY.jpg]

BMW M5 Ring Taxi 2012 (new conversion)
[Bild: dotZfYAj.jpg] [Bild: p4eNHjeb.jpg] [Bild: 6mQzlYeN.jpg] [Bild: BbOL0Fvh.jpg]

Aston Martin Rapide SP8 ‘Katie’ 2010 (was "made" for old contest but updated with 2 versions for drive in day or night)
[Bild: jSkNGkPT.jpg] [Bild: q9L6EdbI.jpg] [Bild: 0mjcksyu.jpg] [Bild: cSgROozQ.jpg]
[Bild: nHRHn3Gx.jpg] [Bild: zLnpZLxg.jpg] [Bild: Jsu54pMD.jpg]

Edit you need this traffic pack if want drive with traffic:
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Null Problem, und wenn wärs auch egal.Sind doch eine Moddergemeinde?
PS. Ich würde die Schneetexturen alle mal mit den alten PTX Tool speichern und da die RGB Werte auf Weis stellen.Oder sieht das auf den Bild nur so aus wie "Lila" odre Schlüpferrosa Wink
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]
Sorry Pischti but impossible to understand with online translation so if someone can make a human translation would be better.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
[Bild: rbgwertjmlsy.jpg]
[Bild: sig2tvu2a.jpg]
No idea if I do it like you think but dust seems working properly now in snow so thank you.

The dds setting is 238/242/238
[Bild: Gs2JUptd.jpg]

So changed to 238/238/238
[Bild: cq3KnwE5.jpg]

Then compressed to ptx but still a bit loss of color
[Bild: qiXtZvDb.jpg]

Result in game
[Bild: oTEvIsm1.jpg]

Also noticed some transparency bug (wrong setting used)
[Bild: iXmDVfmo.png]
[Bild: QfO1ZRtT.png]

If you dowloaded new version before February.6 verify if you have the last version so go to ...\Playlogic\World Racing 2\Scenarios\Nordschleife_Tourist_2007\V1 and if the file "Nordschleife_Tourist_2007 WorkFile.wrk" is modified February.6 that means you downloaded the updated archive otherwise if older re-download it (looks the first post)
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
(06.02.2015, 19:33)adamraga schrieb: Anyway you will find the full archive updated in the first post and hope for last time

Well, I found something really strange in the night version. The moon is on the same vertical line of the car, so you never see the moon (because it is above you). It should be at a lower level so that you can see in when looking forwards Wink . Not sure if you understood what I mean. I think t is better for you to play at night and search for the moon Wink .
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
I used this position to reduce car shadow but that changed brightness too so I changed sky value.

[Bild: hrY1YKQL.jpg] [Bild: 7XUTePv3.jpg]
[Bild: dUB3zbGS.jpg] [Bild: Hdqjj0rn.jpg]

So if you prefer lower moon position (position can be wrong)
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
I see Light mod for car. No problems with visibility?
@TheLolak55: the car has been made in two separated versions, one with light mod and one without, Adam wrote this if you read well. "Problems" or not you can choose the one you prefer.


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