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[WR2][CONV][REL] Drift cars and maps
movement of the car seems smoother in the video, very nice Smile

i've heard it's possible to raise the steering lock, if possible of course we'll need a new EditCar tool, and of course we need a programmer Big Grin
Almost finished "true" last physics but this time calculated the values of torque, mass and angular momentum from wheelbase of 3D model with wheel position at F:51.6% R:48.4% so the control seems good but need improve drift line if possible.

And was needed to use 0 for height compensation so will be needed to fix it with 3D model.

No idea when will be finished so I uploaded a beta version for testing while waiting Smile
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Some news:
-All cars will use same physics because seems working and better result but with new wheel position.
-The real final version should coming very soon.
-Few new drift cars can be converted.

Was a testing session not made for recording but was not that bad but the opposite lock is not very smooth because I use gamepad. I'll try to record a live session next time.

Nissan 350Z "Top Secret" converted from RD:Grid with a bit modified livery.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Perfect Drift , on that video the handling is superb smooth!
[Bild: d8uvjw2s.png]
Dude! I made some research sometime ago but , Your results are just amazing!!! On the video the drift is really smooth and the car seems to be really obedient. Great job!
[Bild: mnHbKcd.jpg]
Each car have different "tread" values for wheel position in "x axis" so tried to calculate values of "emphasis over radius" and "r?ckstellr?fte for wheel" to fix opposite lock but only tested few cars and seems ok but need more testing in other tracks with all cars to be sure it can be released.

[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Few news: the physics are now 99% done. After many test with value I finally found something which works for every car but still few thing to fix for few car (like better control) So in theory all cars should take same drift line.

More car will be converted and added to new big pack so everything will be released in same time.

Saturn Sky Formula D 2010 (Dirt 3) (generic disc/caliper/tread texture)
[Bild: sky1zwjpg.jpg] [Bild: sky2skj1l.jpg] [Bild: sky3usk0k.jpg]

Scion tC Formula D 2010 (Dirt 3) (generic disc/caliper/tread texture)
[Bild: stc16bjrc.jpg] [Bild: stc26okkq.jpg] [Bild: stc3ifjkp.jpg]

Toyota Supra (Grid) I don't like it but requested by Automotive Gaming Wink
[Bild: supra017kjeu.jpg] [Bild: supra02xqk0e.jpg] [Bild: supra03r8kwy.jpg] [Bild: supra0443jxf.jpg] [Bild: supra058vjk9.jpg] [Bild: supra067zkx4.jpg]

2-3 not real drift cars in mind to convert...
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Preview of 2 next cars (Shift2) The 3rd cars will be not yet converted the BRZ of Grid2 because too much work needed.

[Bild: bmw1n9i13.jpg] [Bild: bmw2jpeou.jpg] [Bild: bmw32pe46.jpg]

[Bild: viper18zf2l.jpg] [Bild: viper2vje7a.jpg] [Bild: viper3o9isb.jpg]

Recorded few live drift in various corners with same car. The untextured rims are just for see them better.

Just need converted them and new pack will be released (should be 24 cars now)
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Viper Do Want! Shocked
Few in-game preview of new cars converted:

Scion tC - Tanner Foust - Formula D 2010 (new brakedisc from Grid GTO and new calipers from Shift2)
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-15exx2q.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-15hnx6o.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-15rwluz.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-15s4l2q.jpg]

Saturn Sky - Darren McNamara - Formula D 2010 (new brakedisc and calipers from Shift2)
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-151qawm.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-15dcx6d.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-15k3zt6.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-155mxln.jpg]

BMW 135i Coupe (repainted livery to remove dirt and if not really visible it's matte like black part of rims)
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-13eez3s.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-131hxg5.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-135fxcg.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-13xyb9t.jpg]

Dodge Viper SRT10 (looks like roadster with hard top? with fantasy front lights called "Devil lights" according to Automotive Gaming)
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-13ivlbe.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-13v9a7z.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-13oyb1q.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-140uana.jpg]

Subaru BRZ finally decided to convert/modify it just a bit
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-144nzpf.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-14ynl85.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-1496yq8.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-11-2718-140jzm5.jpg]

Interior: part removed and changed seat and steering wheel from Sky, added Shift2 rollcage
Exterior: a bit wider rear wheel arch
Livery: Shift2 Speedhunters DLC with additionnal logos
Rims: Shift2 Enkei with rear modified
Brake disc with caliper: Grid AE86
Cockpit: 3D from Forza BRZ changed to RHD and few part removed with same extra parts of interior with Grid2 3D for exterior (hood, mirrors...)

Still need convert Grid Supra and final testing...
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]

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