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[WR2][CONV][REL] Drift cars and maps
wow, nice projects i see here man Big Grin i found a bug at the rx8, i think it isn't noticed
[Bild: 27x5z9wbyp2f.jpg]
you can look right trough the dash and see the sparco sign on the seat

drifting of the car is very well, tracklist in readme is helpfull too Smile
[Bild: 612918]
[Bild: 443_by_kannagi_nagi-d3gsjaq.jpg]
First test: Drift Akina japanese cockpit mod: 484 points. will be better, to practice with sharp bends Smile
. . . [Bild: banner_takashi_hoshino_by_tiberio_san-d54iti1.png]. . . . . ..
Honda Civic ej6 << JDM power . . .
Jeroen: stupid transparency bug because windows and badge use same transparency, for not see sparco logo it should be "04 color key (Z-On)" but less quality. The interior windows use this transparency and compare with exterior. It's the same problem with the map which make impossible to have nice trees.

tiberio-san: The drift alliance version is not the street car so no plate bodykit and interior a bit racing It's the car you use to make the drift practice before start drift carrer. Japanese steering wheel = right hand drive?

TomWin: Yes probaly trees or any other part which have too much polygons. After need make them as objects.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
japanese boy, u should know that 240SX is american market car, in europe it was called 200SX and in japan there was 180SX with different engines (1.8, 2.0 and 2.0 turbo). 180SX with most powerful engine 2.0l with single turbo (SR20DET) had 205hp and 0-100 in 6.5s, while american 240SX (2.4l engine and only weak 142hp 0-100kmh in 8.8s).
EA is from US/Canada so they make wrong american versions Sad

@ adam: loving this drift mazda, is really cool to drive, something different than most of road and race cars that we already have more than much in WR2 Smile physic is good, nice to drift, typical drift car, but bad for any kind of races like in real life Smile
yes I have problems with too many polys, I try remove trees but no luck, I will try some more and then abandon and give u a try, cause u are best race track modder Smile good luck
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
Ok, the D1-GP has one european car. The American versions vinyls and mods I do not know. But this BMW was participant in D1 GP Japan. US version Japanese car also exist but no in Japan.
D1-GP BMW M3 [Bild: c368114a87a20f40530c9c2bff7546f9.gif]

Ebisu track is a official D1-GP /Formula1 drift version/ location. Conceivable all options. Already exists D1 US also since few years. Maybe this NFS cars was a US track in Ebisu map. This is the original street drift from Japan. D1 GP the legal version since 1999.

Irohazaka drift real video: [Bild: youtube_by_kannagi_nagi-d30n4do.jpg]
[Bild: thumb5.jpg]

The Japanese style map, traffic, stratsounds and driftcars realised already. This will be new and HQ. There was no such in WR2. Good luck Adam and thanks for mods and Ebisu track! Ganbatte! Smile
tomwin: thanks for the Wikipedia script from special driftcars and cockpit drifting... Editcar and driftcar-builder specialist and language genius. Here you are the meaning of "popular" word. Surely it will be useful for you, beter as the wikipedia Wink
[Bild: logo.gif]

.... Edited ....
Akina & RX8 drift test video. Controlled nicely. Ideal for drifting ^^ [Bild: reach_for_the_stars_____by_synfull-d1s6i87.gif]
HD >>
. . . [Bild: banner_takashi_hoshino_by_tiberio_san-d54iti1.png]. . . . . ..
Honda Civic ej6 << JDM power . . .
I try Mazda and looks very good.I looking to Mustang witch looks great with this green wheels.
@ adamraga:
Adam, I think that windows are too much transparent, or need more reflections or more opacity. In real life u cannot see interior and driver that very good. You can do like I did in Viper, copy windows and make them other material, so the stickers are in-depended of windows reflections and opacity. Well that's just one mistake I found, I like your RX-8 very much, it handles different that common race, sport and normal cars in WR2. I never drove such drift machine but I bet it handles like that, in Shift 2 is similar, very hard to drive without practice, useless for races but very easy to slide on the corners, just perfect for drift Smile

@ tiberio-san:
1. stop bother about wrong tracks or your japanese cars, make something finally instead only talk
2. no idea for what your problem with popular word to post here link to dictionary, I use wordreference not wikipedia
3. u know nothing about my work because you are banned from TX for your terrible behavior, so stop make this stupid comments about specialist etc., u never try any addon, u never write comment or give me any feedback. Normal people write to show modders what they could do better next time, cause is hard to keep eye on all self, or if u like their work or not. U are an arrogant and insult others. STOP this finally, is not enough get warnings from admins?
[Bild: LPB_signature.png]
MBWR/WR2 modder since 2004 untill 10.12.2011
for the windows the problem is to edit the alpha with the sponsors it a bit complicated but I'll try. You use "04 color key (Z-On)" for decals? not downloaded the Viper yet
I posted a real video of the RX-8 if you didn't see it that inspired me Smile

Now the Mustang RTR-X is done I'll try to change windows and matte color I spend time with physics was not so good as RX8 with same value so I used a long gearbox ratio with 4 gears the best I found to keep drifting in corner with optimal torque even in Shift2 I can't drift with this car. The second editcar use 6 gears just in case you prefer like that.
Dyno session:

[Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2220-29-7fyy.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2220-30-ed18.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2220-30-ggqs.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2220-30-if5m.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2011-05-2220-33-rdtx.jpg]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Wooow: fantastic driver skin. Great mod again Thank you Smile
. . . [Bild: banner_takashi_hoshino_by_tiberio_san-d54iti1.png]. . . . . ..
Honda Civic ej6 << JDM power . . .
More of those Big Grin

Thank you for this Bad Machine!

[Bild: ScrShot00066f58b3dejpg.jpg]

MfG., Danny Smile
EDIT: Adamraga, can i use the EditCar from the Mustag for one of my cars?

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