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Dudus9316 garage
so out of boredom I decided to scrape the phease a renault 19, 1992Smile
fell on this model for this that he really possessed such a toy car and I have great fondness for this carSmile

autku sits in the engine with a capacity of 1.4 E-type with a capacity of 82 hp
car today in the game looks like this:

[Bild: 83755657740730125897_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 63631037991881586516_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 38381823219376062969_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 48723408960130148402_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 87723531024000783893_thumb.jpg]

There are some imperfectSmile I will try to improve them in the near future: P
We welcome your reviews and comments on the car: )
I'll keep you informed about the progress of the Renault : )

sorry for my bad english : ( i'm from poland : )
A new modder, that's nice to see Smile
Your project sounds pretty interesting! So, keep on working and have fun. Wink

Sent frommy Xperia mini without using Taptalk
[Bild: games.reveur_sig_019ozpoe.jpg]
Genitiv ins Wasser, weil's Dativ ist! [Hans Sigl]
Bäck tu se Bäsicks! [Thomas Maurer]
Very nice, I like the "normal" cars from 80s /90s.
Good luck with your project!
Zwei Dinge sind unendlich: das All und die menschliche Dummheit.
Beim All bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher. (Albert Einstein)
small up-date :
cockpit [Bild: 09824726373256385306_thumb.jpg]
Hi Smile
Work on the Fiat 126p of 1977 have been completedSmile
I got in my car already had a permit and released the first version of a toddler, unfortunately, not polished, poorly calibrated with a bad editcarem, / but I worked on this model, a 1.5-week and tried to came out the bestSmile my car has real performance, sound, alloy wheels only cockpit is slightly higher than the Fiat 126p because I did not have the interior of the old: (I asked the colleague to send me the inside of an old baby in 3D and how to get them to come out a little updateSmile a good time to end chatter pics Smile

[Bild: 39383102325448445409_thumb.jpg][Bild: 91660143165693995185_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 18544459674608756789_thumb.jpg][Bild: 90501413432796838376_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 99215023585764159425_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 45042022541159575079_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 15765135916215662191_thumb.jpg]

Witamoryginalny by Karol "Jossy" Miklas
dashboard author: Mariusz "Marfa" Ruksztełło
Konwert and minor cosmetic fixes: Dudus9316
in the car are not broken shadows: D
Sounds By raptor : )
nice game Smile
Please rate the car: P

link :
link is not active to clarify certain issues

[Bild: 14585517578197351925_thumb.jpg][Bild: 49183130303135501684_thumb.jpg][Bild: 08020371016970275864_thumb.jpg]
Hello dudus9316!
Fiat looks very good, but:
1.Chrome, set diffuse to 0 and set reflections to 150 - 200.
2.Try to make a little darker rims.
Just a quick .mtl fix (new chrome and more aluminium like wheels ) for example "how it looks?"
[Bild: d02092200210392.jpg]
[Bild: mnHbKcd.jpg]
The day before yesterday I started work on the four little onesSmile standard in 1973, Version KJS, BOSMAL and Fiat 126p 650ESmile
a couple of screenshots

baby of 73 years
[Bild: 88241807330186175752.jpg]
[Bild: 03686196895940539015.jpg]
[Bild: 23631403002253115143.jpg]
[Bild: 86592770747689212986.jpg]
[Bild: 15689066701803089667.jpg]
[Bild: 93782649187715377112.jpg]

yes I know the interior is still to improve: D Got it: P

[Bild: 78139141265551177867.jpg]
[Bild: 65694759361503966110.jpg]
[Bild: 72945885650475097394.jpg]
[Bild: 17714621361169931744.jpg]
[Bild: 51506918392045370143.jpg]

Bosmal : )
Today I took the advice Eboo animated driver when convertible babySmile it looks good: D
[Bild: 92156535115670501480.jpg]
[Bild: 45241801769300591716.jpg]
[Bild: 49150753387770390596.jpg]
[Bild: 61455605217167705849.jpg]
[Bild: 12282525504062502303.jpg]
[Bild: 94737308906382939764.jpg]

and 650E
[Bild: 39421248230627837018.jpg]
[Bild: 75151834344176733066.jpg]
[Bild: 40896206429420890138.jpg]
[Bild: 05067169557160421220.jpg]
[Bild: 08161134174902199115.jpg]

soon, I start work on the Fiat 126 Bis)
I'll keep here he published screenshots of progressSmile
The new images and of course the new versions look nice. However, the hint from Matt was good, take a look at the material settings. On his screen the chrome looked more realistic and fit perfectly the first version you released.

Do you plan to update the car? In case you plan to update I would wait to upload it into the database, otherwise I can go and upload it right now.

Nevertheless good work you did and always welcome to see some different cars and not always the same boring stuff. Smile

Bis denne, Han Solo

PS: Your images are too big, please keep them at 800px width.
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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Well done, dudus9316.
Nice Details, like emblems etc.
Different versions, convertible included, great!
Also you did a driver model, which makes it more realistic.

Keep it up!
Zwei Dinge sind unendlich: das All und die menschliche Dummheit.
Beim All bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher. (Albert Einstein)
Hi Smile from yesterday picking Passat b3 in ZModeler Smile Smile Today I finished my car has a 63k poly Smile even to the end was
blades from the original model Passat b3
the rider to do the animated
I do some nice rims

[Bild: 46264078591481445235_thumb.jpg]
[Bild: 23007325216351092115_thumb.jpg][Bild: 80838909075849714167_thumb.jpg][Bild: 21873795825842533507_thumb.jpg][Bild: 25983695158439294136_thumb.jpg][Bild: 84072326818098893356_thumb.jpg]

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