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[WR2][CONV][REL] Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S)
Maybe it's a "surprise" for you if you don't read the borg forum but another street car converted the first and last for this year Wink

At first it's was a request to convert the Subaru BRZ Concept but the 3D was not made for game but rendering so no interior, high poly... so I proposed to convert the Scion FR-S instead and with many 3D work it's finished to be the better looking Toyota 86 (Japanese verion).
It was not planed to "make" this version because I only worked on 3D nothing related to WR2. But finally I decided to make my own conversion to "stock" because I like this car.

If you wonder what are difference between Scion and Toyota (headlights, reflectors, fog lights... some version interior can be red, optional rear wing...)

Some screens:
[Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-059kqsh.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-05sso18.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-05cnpz1.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-05hmr8q.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-01tjp34.jpg]

Interior and cockpit view:
[Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-06qzpwo.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-06msrdt.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-06hdqq1.jpg]

Without spoiler (in vinyls choice):
[Bild: wr2_pc2012-12-3115-0908p8b.jpg]

Thanks Clamp and enjoy...
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
With Toyota badge?! I love you, adam! Big Grin
Thanks a lot for my favourite sports car out of 2012!
[Bild: games.reveur_sig_019ozpoe.jpg]
Genitiv ins Wasser, weil's Dativ ist! [Hans Sigl]
Bäck tu se Bäsicks! [Thomas Maurer]
Nice car it's a bit slow for me.Convention is just great.Rims are really nice.
Superb Conversion, really like to drive it but i kind a agree with koce, kind a slow for wr2.
[Bild: d8uvjw2s.png]
Thanks there's some "rumors" about supercharged version no need more power just more torque
And manu1996 not only bages but front lights too and BRZ even another front bumper/lights....

Anyway just a small update because I noticed some bugs.

First: It was a just a test when you select no rear wing but forgot to fix trunk smoothing
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-065kllr.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-104zxr8.jpg]

Second: There's is strange bug with driver material and was not 100% fixed hard to explain but in game 2 materials was like merged together but was good in mtkit2
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-06qjy7q.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-1041a7g.jpg]

Third: I forgot to add reverse light damage was still working
[Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-08xrxjt.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-12r5azg.jpg]

Download update (just 2 new files)


To finish with this car a bonus version: complete TRD bodykit, new brakedisc/caliper/rims and more power (unlike real)

[Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-178vbj2.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-175yl2l.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-1785buj.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-17vwboz.jpg] [Bild: wr2_pc2013-01-1418-18hxltr.jpg]

Download TRD version:

If you prefer full black rims just use this texture:

btw: I'm done with this car but still working to finish to update the last GT2 few painting but more 3D work...
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Was not planned to update both 86 but finally a lot things are improved like better smoothing, brighter plastic part, improved colours, better interior...

Stock has now only real colours with interior red or grey and the 15th is based on Yellow Limited Edition with black mirrors and yellow touch on side emblem and interior stitching

[Bild: GwULudfi.jpg] [Bild: 3UjZ5L3m.jpg] [Bild: JHQcQ6gf.jpg] [Bild: srtpYXYN.jpg] [Bild: Q6pP4CWG.jpg] [Bild: UEOsb4mA.jpg] [Bild: B3Uy7myw.jpg] [Bild: yMO3TXdY.jpg] [Bild: ZnchEdJP.jpg] [Bild: km6RMJQA.jpg]

TRD has now proper 18" rims called SF2 but I'm not modeller so did the best to looks more real possible also interior is different now with new seats, red start button, chrome gear shift and oil/water gauge and different physics based on stock engine 220hp/250nm/1225kg also same colour as stock version and little detail TRD emblem on front bumper is now textured

[Bild: JTXVvfEb.jpg] [Bild: gXejz0jA.jpg] [Bild: 5jFS9FbV.jpg] [Bild: DT3q8YO9.jpg] [Bild: nobCKuVO.jpg] [Bild: 4QXxg1Ca.jpg]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Amazing job!

Thank you adamraga

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