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[WR2][CONV][REL] Ferrari 599XX 2010 + Evoluzione 2012
Something new converted from Forza Horizon (maybe the only car)
The Evolution of 599XX is not "new car" but upgrade only: new aero, front and rear lights, tires, side exhaust, steering wheel, more power, less weight, roof camera (rear view)... I prefer this version looks more like a race car.

2 parts removed because was only visible in the presentation car:
-the brake disc cover should be still there (few cars used it) but the half only like that:
-the small part to "attach" the splitter to front bumper

Few new modification done:
-new tires texture
-a lot of mapping modified for proper painting but no windows name and no flag on rear wing
-29 liveries painted but bot all many red not done (5 of them are matte). Included one fictional the number 1, color never used and similar stripe of the 430 Scuderia.

Various Red
[Bild: 0316arw.jpg] [Bild: 049slpx.jpg] [Bild: 06ofxsu.jpg] [Bild: 11e0bav.jpg] [Bild: 21h9aae.jpg] [Bild: 24p2ayb.jpg] [Bild: 33q8lxg.jpg] [Bild: 34eubxt.jpg] [Bild: 37o1au3.jpg] [Bild: 4546zq2.jpg] [Bild: 51j8zac.jpg] [Bild: 5421l7h.jpg] [Bild: 771vzcm.jpg] [Bild: 80y8bsg.jpg]

And other colors
[Bild: 01z0btg.jpg] [Bild: 023vbim.jpg] [Bild: 099sbpw.jpg] [Bild: 10g0zgj.jpg] [Bild: 14wca6s.jpg] [Bild: 2049lm7.jpg] [Bild: 26rpbo9.jpg] [Bild: 27ucxwy.jpg] [Bild: 309banz.jpg] [Bild: 38j6ly1.jpg] [Bild: 40wiykl.jpg] [Bild: 55moy58.jpg] [Bild: 88xfzi8.jpg] [Bild: 91kfzp1.jpg] [Bild: 97nnaoa.jpg] [Bild: 512kea2e.jpg]


first release

custom score to open so even if you choose mixed opponents for AI will be all same car like with same opponents
improved handling/performance
harder suspension
more real weight distribution
fixed steering wheel 3D position in cockpit view

missing sound are now included in the archive

brigter black
new alcantara
added 59 and 92

2010 model as standalone
2012 update: physics, texture, 3D more liveries

[Bild: py3qAO4Q.jpg] [Bild: OfYQahkO.jpg]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Awesome! Wink
Cool Car!
[Bild: 459019signature12.jpg]
|"Straight lines are for fast cars. Corners are for fast drivers" - Colin McRae|
So, it appears that the package doesn't contain any sound files (or any files related to the Motoren2 folder), I've tried to download the package multiple times, but still no sound files. Could I please get those files cause the 599 looks cool otherwise Sad
You can get the engine sounds from here, as the Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 2012 uses the same samples:
Oh ok thx Smile
oops sorry I add them generally but are often used for other mod (unlucky to not have it already) so the archives are now updated thanks anyway for report it.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Nice car thank you, to all those complaining about sound it has sound.
Seems Wolf didn't understand properly?
When sw3gameboy posted the sound was really missing but the archives was updated few hours later so yes now it has sound in motoren2 folder.
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
(15.02.2016, 19:46)adamraga schrieb: Seems Wolf didn't understand properly?
When sw3gameboy posted the sound was really missing but the archives was updated few hours later so yes now it has sound in motoren2 folder.
Ah ok now I see.

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