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MOX passwords are no longer safe
I want to let everyone know, that MOX passwords are no longer safe. There's a method to remove password protection from any MOX file. The method is not public yet, but it's a matter of time till everyone knows it..

This means few things:

1. MOX models are no longer safe. Soon anyone will be able to convert/edit them.
2. I will have no reason to keep WR editing tools closed-source. I will open-source MTKit2 soon.
3. If anyone had his MOX passwords used anywhere else (ICQ, e-mail, forum) they need to change them to avoid getting hacked.

How soon this will happen? I don't know. Maybe days, maybe months ..

P.S. I'm not the method inventor.
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
That's a very bad news mate! Sad Now everyone can open edit and re-release someones work as his own... like in Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel series, well it will take some time that modders will not release their conversions to public, only trusted people I guess. And the game will be dying faster because of hackers. Sad
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No, for this project everyone must find a way to see the password in MTKit (EditCar?). I hope, on g.r aren't users, they are hackers.
I hope too, but You need to remember that addons here don't requires creating an account so everyone can get them from everywhere.
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Bad news, really bad news.
But when I see that people even don't respect modders work and also their wishes in other places (I do here what I can to protect the rights of all modders), it's of course just a question of time, when mods will get hacked.
However, I also don't understand why - in your words, matt - trusted people don't do more to keep the modding scene together and protect their work.

For me, protecting downloads (in the meaning of accessing a download only with a registred account) isn't the right answer. It's the people themself. There is not much respect left, anywhere in the internet, so also work from others is not respected, too.

Let's hope, people start thinking what they do and how much they owe all modders.

Bis denne, Han Solo
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Let's see, Jack converts a car from NFS-MW without permission from EA and gets credit for it. Jill sees Jacks car and decides to pimp it up, edits and uploads it without Jacks permission. Jack is upset - someone steel his thunder. But..

1. Jack stole the thunder from EA in the first place
2. Jack is still proud modder of a converted car and noone is taking it from him. Anyone who seeks quality mods will look for Jacks convertions
3. If Jill did a better job on the car she will be praised by community, otherwise her mod just does no interest anyone and disappears
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
But there are still many mods available that are scratch made. Don't forget that!
The problem, people who only convert got often more pissed than modders who did scratch models, this is strange but real.

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
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@HanSolo: The method has nothing to do with hackers. Believe me.

Modding is a tough area. Would be better if everyone agreed that anything created is CC BY-NC-SA open-source (This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.).

It gets even stranger when Jack forbids Jill to convert the car he converted from another game %)
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
(02.04.2013, 14:48)Krom schrieb: ...Would be better if everyone agreed that anything created is CC BY-NC-SA open-source...

Exactly that's the point.
Whoever believes, that he can release something in the internet that cannot be stolen he's really naive.
That's just the same as with music, literature, etc.

If you want the fame, you have to live with the thieves.
And the other way around: if you want absolute safety, keep it for yourself.

Just think of the people posting "protected" pictures on Flickr.
You load it on the page in HQ and you pick it from your temporary internet files folder.
Or you make a screenshot.
How crazy is the hint "User doesn't allow download", when you downloaded already???

A few days ago, Krom, I gave you the advice to keep your source files private,
but with this new aspect of anybody being able to crack .mox it's pointless.
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Well, as you said, only few peoples know how to remove the .mox password and I am one of them. But it doesn't mean that I'm using this method for ripping cars of other modders. But well, if someone find the way and tell it everyone, it will have the same consequences as if you release the source code of your MTkit ...
That's why I think, there is no reason anymore to protect your work ...
An Editcar is the easiest thing to make for an Addon. So if someone rips a car model, he will only have to edit an already existing and opened editcar file or create a new one.
So if they have access to the car model, I think that there is also no reason anymore to protect the editcar files anymore.

But we got the chance, that it doesn't exist thousands of WR2 (and for my part Cobra11) Websites like for GTA, so it will be easy to find out websites with ripped models and make them delete.

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