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MOX passwords are no longer safe
1. Because there's a method to bypass the password protection. It won't take long to become public.
2. Because I plan to open-source MTKit2 soon after #1 happens.
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:
I read your posts. Understand the concern.
But the real danger of this event only, if passwords are used for mail and enter what or internetet resources, and especially web wallets, etc.)

About intellectual property models, and more.
As has already been said that uploaded to the Internet may not be secure. And it can not be insured for 100% of the break-in and change. Always have to rely on moral values ​​and decency of people.

Those who have been interested in modding for MBWR and WR2, are consumers creations modders know where to get the original car, the authors.

Fully insured against dishonest modders, I think is not possible. But for WR2 they will not be very much, I think.)

What is truly sad is that the authors of 3D models, their work will not give modders.
But I think this is not true, such behavior. I can see this is normal, but if the authors create 3d models for commercial use. If this is a hobby that nothing serious.
Everything has another side. If so watch over her, you do not need to live. No need to create anything. Which makes sense to create for yourself? Interested in the process and the result, you can share with others.
Thieves and bad people always have been. But we can not allow that good people were deprived because of this opportunity to assess the fruits of talented modders, modelers!

Sorry for my english.
Be sure to evaluate and comment! Do not forget to show respect to the authors!
I see and i understand the concern of someone like Tom , that add permission to convert some cars from scratch and those cars i understand if we only want to share them with people of his trust .
But in Wr2 we are such a small community almost everyone know everyone, if there are thieves or something similar, the community will also do the right thing.
As some user previously said we are like a small family and our intentions are not to let this good game to die. Without some modders it would be much more difficult.

[Bild: d8uvjw2s.png]
(05.04.2013, 11:28)Mr.Levern schrieb: I read your posts. Understand the concern.
But the real danger of this event only, if passwords are used for mail and enter what or internetet resources, and especially web wallets, etc.)

I'm agree with that. It's not about wr2 anymore if the PASSWORDS can be readed/found by other people.
It would be quite okay, if anyone could open the models, and export it or whatever, but NOT the password.
Passwords are private things.
My blog with my addon cars: WR2AddOns
@Krom, many thanks for the information!
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I know my words don't count because I have just registered and I haven't submitted any model yet, but I agree, it's unjust to protect models you didn't created. Modding games should be free. Krom didn't sell his tools for money, he made it free, out of passion, hobby i suppose. We gamers mod our games of passion. 80% of downloadable cars have been ripped from other games. If Krom wouldn't give us his tools, and if game creators would make it harder to rip cars from their games, thousands of add-on cars would not exist now. I understand it's frustrating for a modder to see one of his works reposted by others, but it's also frustrating when you want to make some mods for the game and nobody helps.
I decided to make some cars from scratch !!!, to put them in the game. I asked 2 famous modders (one of them is a well known modder here) to colaborate with me, I provide the 3D model for free, and they make the rest of it (handling files, scaling and rotating the model), and they didn't even reply. I need the help of others to create cars, because I haven't found a thorough step by step tutorial about how to create a car for WR2, and I found it difficult to experiment with the right scale/rotation of the models, and with the different settings.
If they don't want to help me, I will finish my projects alone and they will not be credited.

My friend's car

[Bild: th_588267381_passat_122_1010lo.jpg]

Work in progress Renault Fuego

[Bild: th_882791961_fuego_122_53lo.jpg]
Even when moxes are not protected, we still can protect modders. For example, if someone here releases a mox unlocking program, then simply remove it. I actually don't care about that much. Only kids and total idiots steals models and claims that they have made it, we can easily deal with them. If it goes to a convert to another game, then conversion from MOX to another useful format may be difficult for idiots (idiots can't operate more than one, maybe two moddeling softwares), and proffesionals nearly always ask for permission. So keep your heads up guys, there's no much to worry about Wink
"I hadn't known there were so many idiots in the world until I started using the Internet."
Als kleiner Hinweis:
Man kann der Möglichkeit zur Entfernung des Passworts entgegenwirken. Wenn der Wagen über 128 Lichtpunkte hat, kann das Passwort mit der Methode nicht entfernt werden. Es müssen einfach mit Lights+ über 128 Lichtpunkte hinzugefügt werden und dann mit Lights+ abgespeichert werden. Das erneute Öffnen in Lights+ ist nicht möglich, daher können die "zu vielen" Lichtpunkte auch nicht mehr entfernt werden.
Wer diesen kleinen Trick anwendet, dessen Wagen sind wieder sicher Wink


Muss mich korrigieren, konnte nur einige bestimmte mox' nicht erneut in Lights+ öffnen.
Also vergesst, was ich geschrieben habe.
Discussion continues at
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC11 tools at:

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