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[WR2] AG's Garage
Thank you!
I need to re-convert the Maserati 3500GT because of some problems. It's my first car converted from TDU so I made some mistakes, but won't be a problem making it for WR2.

About the Diablo, stopped at the moment because I'm working on the Group B street cars.
Thanks for the answer Smile. It would be cool if Porsche 928 and Jaguar XJS are available for WR2, but i don't know that any game has those cars? You are getting better and better in converting. Lancia was just great!
[Bild: 10547405_405751216240197_618207975285709...fba0c423d5]
For the Porsche 928 there aren't very good models around the web. I found a good body of it and a good interior, but two separate cars.
If a good modeler could help me I'll be able to finish it and convert it.

About the XJS, I found this model, but I think I should pay to get it:

[Bild: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2YXVz-n0iWg9gJaT19NT...FBxl291Ate]
There are many car models from lots of games on this site. I think they are free.

Here it is, it is free! Just click the green buton on the right side Smile
And this would be the coolest car in WR2 Big Grin

[Bild: 10547405_405751216240197_618207975285709...fba0c423d5]
I already know that site, mate!
Maserati A6GCS/53 from Simraceway can be converted.
XJS is high poly, too much for WR2.
[Bild: Honda_Integra_DC2_RHD_1320_Racing_Wallpaper.jpg]

Click for Full-Size.
So cool cars mate !!! Maybe you'll make Sierra RS Cosworth 4X4 , heh... =D
[Bild: 61d147297529425.jpg]

-Cosworth made Escort a Legend .

Thanks Sorin!
The Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth needs alot of rework.
[Bild: wip.jpg]
[Bild: Alfa_Romeo_GTV6.jpg]

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