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[WR2] AG's Garage
(26.08.2016, 16:56)Automotive Gaming schrieb: Cadillac ATS4 3.6 '13


[Bild: download_button.png]

My first ever true sedan. Latest Cadillacs are quite rare in games, or maybe Cadillacs in general are, so that's why I was inspired from this model. 3.6 V6 engine, AWD (that's why it's an ATS4 and not a standard 2WD ATS) with a nice output of 325ps and 373nm. Performs well in acceleration (0-100 km/h in 5,5s) but has a limited top speed of 245 km/h. Nice handling despite the good amount of weight (1600+ kgs). It has no rivals ingame (for now).

Simply great! I like Cadillac, whatever year they were built.
And the quality of your work is as good as ever.

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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There is F Type SVR for real raacing 3
(27.08.2016, 10:41)Han Solo schrieb: Simply great! I like Cadillac, whatever year they were built.
And the quality of your work is as good as ever.

Many thanks Han!

[Bild: LO1pEcq.png]
[Bild: UQvyjGb.png]

Anyone knows where's the front and rear turn lights location for the 3rd gen Cadillac CTS?

EDIT: Front turn lights found thanks to Hinata23.
With much probabilities, rear turn lights found aswell, thanks to Adamraga, but we're not 100% sure yet.
If you have a very good source for rear turn lights please post it.

(05.09.2016, 14:34)Neddo schrieb: There is F Type SVR for real raacing 3

I know, I know. I have all the sources I need already.

This may help.

Stunning cars by the way  Thumbs Up
The clip helped for sure, thanks alot Amaury!

Cadillac CTS (Mk3) Pack

- Cadillac CTS V-Sport '14

[Bild: iRuEFE2.jpg]

- Cadillac CTS-V '16

[Bild: ssXNQ84.jpg]

[Bild: download_button.png]

More sedans, more Cadillacs. Both received improvements as the original sources were lacking of some details. The V-Sport had half interior and the CTS-V had a flat surface, even worse. I've made a full interior out of the half V-Sport interior using the missing areas from Forza's 2009 CTS-V LOD1 cabin, then it has been remapped by Adamraga and textured by me. It has been reused for the CTS-V too with some adjustments as the 3D models have few differences, and with a different front seats texture aswell. The CTS-V had 2D headlights so I've adapted and mapped the 3D headlights from the V-Sport. As the 2009 CTS-V has similar brakes to the 2016 one, I've also used Forza LOD0 brakes, which I've remapped and baked too.
[Bild: U5SUB8e.png]

Hey guys, do you know which factory paints did the early Diablo VT have?
I've made these for now:
- Black 
- Red
- Yellow
- Blue
- White
- Silver
this may help:
[Bild: MVC-136S-1.jpg]
more images here:

this might be helpful as well:
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
Thanks TBoss67. I had to add more colors though, by scrolling web pics.

Lamborghini Diablo VT '94

[Bild: 57f7d209703b8_392.jpg]

[Bild: download_button.png]

Old project I've started probably 2 or 3 years ago. Never finished due to the fact it needed certain works I wasn't able to do back then. (I had to fix the whole smoothing of the cockpit's 3D model for example). More or less the conversion has been redone from scratch since then. It has FM4 brakes, remapped with reworked textures. Body is AO baked as usual, thanks to Adamraga's body remap. Big thanks to Bigg Boss93 too, who fixed certain flaws the external 3D model had. It has 15 unique colors (no duplicates) with different leather colors too, depending by the paint. Just one little flaw: the inner part of the steering wheel doesn't have the same color as the leather due to WR2 limits (you can't choose paints for the driver .mox model and for the steering wheel .mox model of the cockpit).
Subaru Impreza 22B STi '98

[Bild: 58110cb891560_392.jpg]

[Bild: download_button.png]

Updated to v1.5, list of changes included in the readme.
[Bild: GO8K7ZB.png]

[Bild: fIyQwSQ.png]

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