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[WR2][CONV][REL] Rally Mod: cars and stages
I started modding for have more interesting offline racing but since Gamespy is gone it's more and more difficult to play online (Tunngle shut down, Evolve shut down but merged with but still like continue modding even if so old game

Anyway rally release with update (improved physics, new menu separated by championship, glow gauge, better arms and steering wheel animation...) and 12 new cars plus 3 "recycled" so you need re-download each pack (over 550 MB compressed) or just what you want but important Group 4/B/A need fresh installation or just remove vinyls because of new number which changed vinyls name and ERC liveries are now separated (Addons/Vinyls) so old liveries can't be overwritten

I'll update database archive later because of huge number of car so like often it's possible still some bug not spotted myself also will be needed to update some image too but not so much added in this post

New cars: 2007 are recycled 2010 model but with different livery, driver, tire, front bumpers.. otherwise all cars have cockpit view but not always display...
[Bild: O7b4rChz_o.png]

[Bild: mK62LNR2_t.jpg]


Group 4: new number no more unique
-Escort: hood pivot point fixed + cockpit improved + new steering wheel
-R5: reverse light damage fixed + cockpit improved + new steering wheel
-131: rear bumper pivot point fixed + cockpit improved
-Stratos: cockpit improved
-A110: gauge improved + new steering wheel
-Ascona: cockpit improved + new steering wheel

Group B: new number no more unique and ERC liveries separated
-Delta S4 + Manta: cockpit improved + new steering wheel
-037 + Maxi 5 + RS200 + 6R4 + BX: cockpit improved
-S1 E2: fixed trunk part damage + cockpit improved
-S1: minor dash 3D improved + rollcage black
-A2: minor dash 3D improved + inside black

Group A: driver animated, spare wheel added, co-driver in cockpit added also new number no more unique and new ERC liveries separated
-Escort: size fixed plus rear fender width fixed and rear wheel arch height fixed
-Delta 16v/Evo3/Galant/Legacy: new low poly interior and cockpit view also new rims for both Mitsubishi and new default livery for Delta 16v (red as bonus)
-Deta Evo: fixed front grill color bug (now dark grey) also new steering wheel
-Celica ST185: new low poly interior plus proper fuel cap position and rear wheel arch height fixed and new steering wheel in cockpit
-Celica ST205: proper fuel cap and new cockpit gauge and steering wheel
-Impreza 555: carbon on steering wheel fixed plus proper gauge and few text missing added
[Bild: RUPeDEhf_t.jpg] [Bild: szYfCfHQ_t.jpg] [Bild: azxHBEfY_t.jpg] [Bild: kBA4W4k1_t.jpg]

Kit Car: driver animated, spare wheel added, number in roof added and co-driver in cockpit added
-Astra + Xsara: more real rollcage
-Octavia: damage parts added

WRC 2010:
-C4: rear light improved, cockpit view improved
-Focus: better mapping in front bumper + cockpit view improved
-Impreza: plastic material fixed + cockpit view improved

WRC 2011-2013 + SWRC 2010-2012 + JWRC 2010 + WRC-2 2013 + WRC-3 2013: spare wheel 3D changed same as outside
-Satria Neo: new cockpit dash and steering wheel
-Fiesta R2: new gauges and steering wheel, texture improved
-DS3 R3T: missing texture in cockpit fixed
-DS3 WRC/RRC: small rims modelling error fixed
[Bild: Bl17rYU6_t.jpg] [Bild: a9GBRCJV_t.jpg]

ARMS: changed pivot point to fix steering wheel animation of concave steering wheel but applied to all because looks more real

[Bild: T5Vh8pIk_o.jpg]
[Bild: iOOf9Dgo_o.jpg]
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
Impeccable! Thank you!
Template of WRC pack released will add more rally cars template later so if you wonder what is that is to paint livery (plate and driver are just place holder so can edited or even use different rally plate)
The C4, Focus 07 and Impreza 07 use original mapping so different scaling otherwise all other use same scaling that means plate or logo will have same size in each car
Let me know if something missing or error in psd

btw for license plate you can use not always proper font but European license plate are more up-to-date than American license plate
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
What a nice bunch of quality Rally legends and underdogs to revive the old faithfull WR2 again.

Gonna take each one of them for a ride!
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Jhonny Black
Schaltgetriebe, Benzin und viele Pferdchen in einer subtilen Verpackung...

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