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[WR2|TUT] Online Multiplayer using Tunngle
WR2 Multiplayer Tutorial

World Racing 2 is still playable online, without addon lounges etc.
So, what you mainly need to play it online?

1) Tunngle:
2) Stock "MP Lounge 2" application

Download Tunngle from the official site, make sure it's the last updated version.
Then, make an account (it's free).
When you have created your own account, on Tunngle, search for a room, in the left corner.
Search for "World Racing 2", then join in.
After you joined the room, make sure your friends who are going to play with you are inside your same room (remember, maximum 6 players are able to play together).
Then, open MP Lounge 2, and start a LAN (Local) game.

You can play in every room, not forced to use the World Racing 2 room, so if the WR2 room is full you can still play in every other room, for example... "ArmA 2" room Big Grin you can still be able to play online, the important thing is that players have to stay in the same room.


Tried this method with 8 different players, and worked with all of them, so maybe the only problem you can encunter are open/closed ports.

I want to thank my dear friend "BiggBoss93" who told me about Tunngle, and tried with me to play WR2 online!

WR2 Multiplayer Tutorial
German Translation made by "FreddyDaimler"

World Racing 2 lässt sich immer noch online spielen, und dass ohne Addonlounges etc.

Was braucht man zum online Spielen?
1) Tunngle:
2) Normale MP Lounge2

Tunngle einfach von der offiziellen Seite downloaden, vergewissert euch dass ihr die neueste Version ladet.
Erstellt einen Account (ist gratis)
Nachdem ihr einen Account habt sucht im Tunngle links oben nach einem Room.

Sucht nach „World Racing 2“, und tretet dem Room bei.

Nach dem Beitritt sollten die Freunde mit denen ihr spielen wollt im gleichen Room sein (Merke: es können nur 6 Spieler gleichzeitig zusammen spielen).

Öffnet danach die MP Lounge 2 und startet ein LAN Spiel.

Ihr könnt in jedem Room spielen, es ist nicht nötig den WR2 Room zu verwenden. Sollte der WR2 Room voll sein könnt ihr immernoch auf jeden anderen ausweichen, z.B. auf einen ArmA2 room. Das einzig wichtige ist das alle Spieler im gleichen Room sind

Viel Spaß!

Ich habe die Methode mit 8 verschiedenen Leuten ausprobiert und es hat mit 7 geklappt, also sollte das einzige Problem offene/geschlossene ports sein.

Ich möchte meinem guten Freund „BigBoss93“ danken der mit von Tunngle erzählt hat und es mit mir ausprobiert hat!

made by "FreddyDaimler"

- I can’t see a hosted game in the MP Lounge 2
Windows Firewall should allow both the MP Lounge and tunngle access in private and public networks. Also antivirus software must be disabled completely (game-mode might still block connections). If this still doesn’t work try to run MP Lounge 2 in compatibility modes.

- I have all the addon cars but can’t join the game
You probably have modified your addon cars or have a different version of it. Download the newest one and reinstall it.

- I see a different track than the other players
Open the WR2 Manager and select the addon tracks you want to be driving on only or it will cause a mismatch. All players should have activated the exact same tracks and sceneries.

Now you know how to play WR2 Online
Have fun! Smile

Automotive , you are our Hero . I would give it 10 stars if I could .

Thank you sooo much . =)

I wait someone to test it =D .
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-Cosworth made Escort a Legend .

Someone wants to race ? =) .
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-Cosworth made Escort a Legend .

of course :-)
Geht mit addones
Gruss An Alle
Thumbs Up
all is fine... super tip. many thx
Great tut!
It should be sticky on the main tutorials page. Wink
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Help me, please. i can't connect to any "game" - i press button "Launch" and ... this message:

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Hi guys , I want your help and experiation again ... :-S

Guys , I just reinstaled WR2 and also Tunngle but when I finally finish to download Tunngle , I get a error like
" Logo Testing " . I think so that you have got the same problem in the past .I'm curious if that problem really can to affect my Operating System or is just for scarying the Windows user xD . I really want to play WR2 Multi-Player again with my friends without errors . My computer is so "sicky" .. and I can't get a risk . I asked the guys from Tunngle community but I'm not so sure .

THANKS , guys .
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-Cosworth made Escort a Legend .

I've merged your posting (that was in the modding/support forum, which doesn't make any sense) with the correct thread about tunngle.
Because I myself never used tunngle, I can't help you. Maybe someone else can give you a helping hand.

Bis denne, Han Solo
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