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Remove rear spoiler??
Guys, can you tell me how to remove the rear spoiler on a car in Mtkit, or anywhere else for that mater? I try to make a race car in a street car.
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Fast answer:

Export to lwo/3ds,
remove Spoiler in Lightwave/Blender,
re-import to MTKit, save mox.

Slow answer:
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Is the spoiler a single part? Then you can make it invisible and save the .mtl.
Others must editing in a 3D program.
How to make it invisible?
[Bild: 10547405_405751216240197_618207975285709...fba0c423d5]
Open the car .MOX file with MTKit
Now, there are all the materials right?
Check what is the material of the spoiler, if the spoiler has got the same material of the body you have to remove it via 3D Program

Instead, if the spoiler has got a separated material, you can make it invisible:
Just put Transparency 100% and "01 Normal (Z-off)" in Blending menu above. Smile

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