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Well, great car man! I like when classics got turned off lights, it fits better to their times, not like today, when you must use day lights all year.
@AG: I know what You mean, those stupid thing when you turn the steering wheel, it also turns but, it also gets bigger Wink
[Bild: mnHbKcd.jpg]
So whats the problem? Looks quit good. Much better than a driver who din't make any movement in the corners...
[Bild: volvo480_1zoa5.png]
Volvo for live...
Guys, please. This topic is about the release of a really great addon car and not a discussion about steering wheel movement.
Honestly, of course it looks pretty well if the driver and the steering wheel is moving but it's really not necessary. I totally represent the opinion of AG and matt.

Nun, was bleibt mir noch zu sagen? Der RUF ist ein echtes Meisterwerk, die EditCar ist perfekt abgestimmt. Ich durfte das Auto ja bereits einige Zeit testen und möchte mich dafür recht herzlich bedanken. Thumbs Up

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk
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Genitiv ins Wasser, weil's Dativ ist! [Hans Sigl]
Bäck tu se Bäsicks! [Thomas Maurer]
Hello guise!
I didn't expect my comments will turns into huge storm. Wink
What I actually want from any modder to make more WR2 compatible car,
and WR2 support animated driver + nitrous exhaust flames + headlights + multiple weather(evening/day) Big Grin
Of-course I'm not going to ask headlights in F1 mods (RUF is street car) Tongue
But mod may be comes with basic features of this game is only my concern.
I not aware of Homer's personal preferences of mod/conversion until now Sad

This is very special RUF and will be always! Top
(10.11.2013, 20:18)volvo480 schrieb:
(10.11.2013, 19:50)Automotive Gaming schrieb: 3) Driver movement itself is bugged in wr2, just look at every car made for wr2, the steering wheel movement is wrong, the steer seems detached and doesn't turn well inside the car, from the exterior view, so maybe a static driver could look better than a moving driver Wink

Offcourse it works. Its a bit of work but its possible to make an autentic looking driver with working arms. I don't like static drivers too. Looks like dead persons.

Volovo480, you said exactly what I think. I seen some mods where drivers fingers came out of front
windshield if they turns steering wheels in right hand drive cars as well as left hand drive cars. ROFL
It really need more work on some models. Big Grin
Hehe, I made a Yellowbird too! But I haven't finished it because of sound problem.
I think this will be my personal car Smile
[Bild: iOOyWlc4I18AU.jpg]
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[Bild: iutgLzsT8nJFX.jpg]
[Bild: irbzGs5CpqFPP.jpg]
[Bild: 13814186704_2fa4cc67c2_o.jpg]
Very nice, I've reconized it from Driver: San Fransisco. Big Grin
[Bild: 459019signature12.jpg]
|"Straight lines are for fast cars. Corners are for fast drivers" - Colin McRae|

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