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[WR2][GFX][REL] WR2 DX9 by AnKor (SweetFX Support)
(22.12.2014, 14:22)Automotive Gaming schrieb: Sorry, my fault, I wanted to mean "brightening the shadows" Smile

Then, you can use my first preset Big Grin .
If you think the Bloom Effect is too strong reduce the Bloom strength value from 4 to 2.5 (I changed it for myself).

I updated the post with first preset with the Bloom Effect change.
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
I need some help.
I'm trying to make a new configuration but don't know how to get the results I want.

I want to give more saturation to the brighter colors and remove saturation from the darker colors.
If someone knows how to reach that result please tell me how.

[Bild: fc1njm.png]
With less saturation on darker zones and more saturation on higher ones the result is pretty bad.
I've edited a pic on photoshop to give you the idea:

[Bild: example.jpg]
(29.06.2015, 02:13)Automotive Gaming schrieb: ... the result is pretty bad.

It really is. Crazy
My idea was to higlight the parts where the sunlight reflects both on the car and the scenery by also removing the saturation on the shadows. Anyway, I'd still wanted to give it a try... even if it is just to know how to control better the SweetFX app.
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
This thing ruined up my WR2, I can't run it anymore. When I start WR2, in less than one second this window is closing. Thank you soo much.

EDIT #1- I deleted all directX files and its working right now...
I don't know why by after using this mod widescreen is permanently disabled and it look very disgusting...What have I done wrong??

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