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[WR2][CONV][REL] Final version in progress
I'm aware was a bit complicated to install my mods because of many update to improve them.

Good news it's now time to make final version (not for Drift, Rally and Motorsport Series) which means 1% of chance to be again updated. (never says never)

Bad news I decided to keep only one archive per mod instead 2-3 or more so you need re-download the new archive even if most of car have just 2-3 files modified.

The download link are in each original thread with most possible detailed changelog, new screens and a handling video for most of them and the not yet updated mods will be added as soon as finished (if you found any mediafire dead link send me pm)

You have to remove some folders of following mods: Karting, IndyCar and British GT (open the readme and look at "Important:" to know exactly what to remove and why too) and you can also made a fresh installation for all mods.

Each player has different driving method so it's possible to have some drift feeling in 100% sim with all driving aids off so if needed use them because always better 100% sim with aids than unreal 100% arcade... (ASR is traction control, Acarde Plus is stability control and Brake Assist hmm useless because just brake for you it's not a ABS)

Also made a new leader board this time in custom layout at Bedford Autodrome because the AI laptime seems closer to human compared to Magny-Cours.

Red Bull X1 by Soulbringer

Karting + map

Grand Touring
British GT 2004
Ferrari F430 Challenge
GT Tuning Cup
Nismo Fairlady Z Cup
Ultima Can-Am 2001
FIA GT1 World Championship 2010
FIA GT3 European Championship 2010
GT2 2001-2014

Le Mans Prototype
LMP1 2006-2011 + LMP2 2007-2011 + LMP 1998-2006 + Group C 1987-1993

Open Wheel
Ariel Atom Trophy
F3000 International Masters 2006
Formula BMW FB02
Formula Palmer Audi 2005
Formula RR1
IndyCar Series 2004 + Indianapolis Oval

Global GT Light
Palmer Jaguar JP1
Radical SR3 RS

Stock Car
Camaro Cup 2010

Rallycross + map

Time Attack
HKS CT230R 2006

Autosport Clio Cup
DTM 2005
DTM 2008-2011
MINI Challenge 2006
V8 Supercars 2005
WTCC 2006-2008 + WTCC 2010 + STCC 2008+2010

Track Day
Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione 2012
Ferrari F40 Competizione 1989
Lamborghini Diablo GTR 1999
Pagani Zonda R 'Nurburgring' 2010


Big change with menu/race class which I use:
145 Motorsport Series 1.2 (even if need better editcar and working caliper I'll not do it because the file needed are in dead hdd)
146 Street (possible some of them are in 153 but will be updated)
147 British GT 2004 (CUP + NGT) with custom score to open
148 Another touring car championship (not yet ready)
149 DTM 2005 + 2008-2011 with custom score to open
150 V8 Supercars 2005
151 Rallycross
152 IndyCar Series 2004
153 Single racing cars + kart with custom score to open (same or mixed opponents will be same result now)
154 Time Attack (HKS will be not forever alone)
155 GT Tuning Cup
156 Rally with custom score to open (153 for Race Class)
157 LMP1 2006-2011
158 LMP2 2007-2011
159 LMP
160 Drift with custom score to open
161 Group
162 GT1 with custom score to open for 2010 Championship
163 GT2 2001-2014
164 GT3 with custom score to open for 2010 Championship
176 GT500 (final version in progress)
177 LMGT1 (final version in progress)
178 WTCC with custom score to open
179 WTCC Extreme (final version in progress)
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
It's sad maybe will no update for drift cars pack Sad, but remember, if you decide to make an update I can help you with cars choose, mtl, lights... These cars are awsome to drift and an update would be nice thing for the g.r community.
Greetings from Poland Big Grin
Great updates Adam, I'm happy to see all these cars finished, now having all the missing details.

@Dareks: calm down and have patience, how can you say there will not be an update for them if you don't know what's happening in the "backstage" ? Adam didn't write he will not update them, so relax and wait. Wink
No offence, I didn't wrote will no but maybe. I only want to offer a help with possible update for drift cars. I know how long time takes making that pack of cars alone so thats why i offered him a help Smile
The drift cars are done the biggest work was physics (spend so much hour for that result) and can't see what to improve but few new drift cars are planned to convert but you'll have to wait I have only 2 hands and need finish to update the rest of cars before Wink
[Bild: isma-matmut2nm7.jpg]
(13.08.2014, 18:45)adamraga schrieb: I have only 2 hands Wink
So thats why I offered you my help. I want to help you because I see you're spending so much time to make these cars Smile
Dareks, is it too hard to understand that Adam is working on updates for other cars at the moment?

(13.08.2014, 18:45)adamraga schrieb: you'll have to wait I have only 2 hands and need finish to update the rest of cars before Wink
I don't wrote adamraga must leave other updates to make drift cars. If adamraga decide to make update for drift cars he will can PM me and I will help him with update Smile
you insist, lel.
seriously, how do you think you are able to help him? adam is so fast in conversions that you can't imagine, and with a such amazing care of details. if he's taking time for making new drift cars, this doesn't mean he's slow, but you think he's slow, that's why you are offering him your help. he's just taking time because...


...with other cars. when he'll finish these cars (as far as I remember he's making final updates for a lot of racing cars, GT500 etc.) he will make new drift cars. I hope you'll understand this time. don't be impatient.
I think it's adam's and Dareks' business. I'm pretty sure, adam is able to handle the situation.

Don't rush with your add-ons, take all the time you need to finish your cars.
I'm looking forward to seeing them, no matter how long it takes. Smile

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