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[WR2|WIP] Lanker's workshop
Hi all! At first shot, pic of Smart in-game Big Grin
[Bild: 57336029082294636653_thumb.jpg]
What about 21 Turbo?
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpaeqpr.jpg]
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpaeqpn.jpg]
I'm waiting for the Smart Fortwo Tea
[Bild: fc1njm.png]
The Renault looks very interesting. A car that is completely different than 90% of all other addons for World Racing 2.

Bis denne, Han Solo
Driving is life, I live to Drive!
[Bild: hankmoody_signatur.jpg]
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Thank you all Big Grin

The Renault Trafic T1000d is almost finished...
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqse.jpg]
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqsq.jpg]
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqap.jpg]
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqar.jpg]
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqax.jpg]

...same to Renault 21 Turbo: (but i must position the 3d model of cpit again Facepalm)
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqqh.jpg]
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqqr.jpg]
[Bild: WR2PC-201_wpqsqqx.jpg]

Nice projects Lanker, by the way I hope you will improve your future conversions like for example adding a driver, as none of your cars has it, apart the Clio III.
About the cockpit I don't mind the steer without arms, so that's ok!
Don't forget about adding at least a brake rotor on the wheel when clearly visible, on a 5 spokes rim for example.
Also I noticed some cars by you use WR2 stock wheels, I wonder why? You can get the proper ones from these models you convert.
Firs of all very interesting projects
I would like to thank you for the zenvo st1 I like it a lot!Applause
I also would like to ask: is it possible to make an authentic zenvo interior, because the one in the file is from a tuned porsche
Thanks in advance
TY! Big Grin AG, only few cars has stock rims, now I trying to make originals Wink
alex184, The first Zenvo's has that cockpit
[Bild: zenvodevo_wpqahxq.jpg]

I wanted to get Porsche's gauges as you can see in Zenvo, because we concentrate most at it Big Grin
Thanks for the answer!
But please can you tell me there is another Zenvo? cause I have only the first one What
No, no, no Big Grin It's 1 zenvo to WR2, but i mean real first version Wink
[Bild: subcformp_wpqahwn.png]

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