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C.A.R.S.: Build 202 veröffentlicht + Vorstellung von Build 197 mit neuem Fahrzeug + 4 neue Screenshots

29.04.2012 um 15:30 Uhr
NewsLetzte Woche konnten wir nicht über die aktuellen Build - Entwicklungen des World of Mass Development Projekt C.A.R.S. berichten. Aus diesem Grund stellen wir gleich zwei Builds vor.
Das Build 197 von letzter Woche enthält ein neues Auto, welches wir euch mit einigen Screenshots genauer vorstellen möchten.
Nachdem wir letzte Woche über die Veröffentlichung des aktuellsten C.A.R.S. - Build berichteten, berichten wir aus diesem Grund heute über den Release des Build 197 von letzter Woche und dem Build 202 von diesem Freitag.

Bereits mit Build 197 wurde das Auto "1990 Caper Stock" releast. Dieses soll den Spielern von C.A.R.S. ein amerikanisches Flair à la NASCAR bieten.

Während C.A.R.S. bereits viele Autos von Straßen- und Sportwagen bis hin zu High-Tech Rennwagen enthält, soll der 1990 Caper Stock besonders hervorgehoben werden. Dies verdankt er seinem V8 Motor, welcher in einem schweren Stock Car gleich ein anderes Fahrgefühl im Vergleich zu den anderen Autos bietet.

Wie das neue Auto aussieht, zeigen wir euch in vier neuen Screenshots, die die sehr aktive C.A.R.S. Community veröffentlicht hat.

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Außerdem wurden übliche Verbesserungen durchgeführt, welche mit jedem Build veröffentlicht werden. Dies wären zum Beispiel Strecken- und Fahrzeugupdates.

Alle Änderungen seit Build 193 könnt ihr unten in unserem C.A.R.S. - Changelog nachlesen.

Changelog Build 193 - 202
Build 202 (27/4/12, Team Member+)
  • Update rolling start option accordingly when selected track forces rolling start
  • Fix AI throttle cap at 100%.
  • Adjusted helmet cam exposure to suit new art
  • Added the ability to submit flags with stats. In the future, the stats will be used to record information like whether or not driving aids were enabled during the record lap.
  • Removed obsolete API to submit records without sector times
  • In car view exhaust resonation layer enabled
  • New Azure Coast reverse HUD map added
  • Enabling helmet cam audio dampening
  • Bodywork_Carbon Max shaders. Changed specular settings for carbon to look the same as vehicles_basic
  • New Besos textures checked in
  • Bodywork_Carbon Max shaders. Specular settings for Matte option updated
  • Adjust LOD/CUL settings such that distant cars don't disappear so early
  • Belgian Forest - update trees for new terrain/new treewals and fixed few crowds intersections
  • Added the California HUD maps
  • New Palmer JPLM export
  • New Anhalt exports
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Besos exports
  • New Loire exports
  • New Sakitto exports

Build 201 (26/4/12, Senior Manager)
  • Adding Chesterfield and California co-ord's
  • Updated HUD maps with correct T1/2 text
  • Build script update to add cumulative patching using RTPatch
  • Bathurst fix for floating instances issues
  • Bathurst test texturemaps for 3d trees
  • Belgian Forest - Add new textures
  • Stock car 1990 - Interior texture. Initial check in.
  • New Bathurst export

Build 200 (25/4/12, Senior Manager)
  • Fixed bodywork2 shader with bonnetcam envmap, protect against sampling NaNs
  • Tweak g-force effects on helmet mesh
  • Added missing remappable controls to UI
  • Animation update : paddle animations for GT driver, index finger and thumb now hold the same position
  • Added Chesterfield HUD map
  • Color adjust desaturated grass stuff
  • Helmetview: reverted geometry offset, blurred visor polish, bit of love and magic
  • Anhalt GP autograss initial version
  • Palmer JPLM: LODs polished, CPIT optimized, AO added to all LODs + new export
  • Palmer JPLM: full check + minor fix
  • Increased decell lock to 50-80% on the diff's of most cars to adress trailing throttle oversteer. Also tweaked the preload and most got a 30% increase. Some increases to acell side where needed to balance throttle oversteer. all cars changed except: Karts, Formula A and B
  • Set weight distribution non-adjustable on Formula A and B
  • Added new Azure Coast HUD map
  • New Palmer JPLM export
  • New Anhalt exports

Build 199 (24/4/12, Manager+)
  • Detection of short time after vehicle-to-vehicle contact is now done for all vehicles
  • Disabled adjustment of inertia tensor for AI vehicles
  • Re-position helmet mesh for better visibility and realism
  • Blur helmet mesh slightly (not working for visor yet, to be investigated)
  • SMAA (levels) runtime code for GUI options
  • Updated Fanatec SDK to fix runtime calling convention crash. Cleaner layout of libs also
  • Stockcar 90: new ambient shadow with improved borders
  • SMAA GUI options added + applinks
  • Jaguar JPLM - Interior texture. Initial check in.
  • BAC MONO: livery02.Initial check in.
  • BAC MONO: new silver wheel.Initial check in.
  • Derby track maps with new T1/2 text repositioned
  • California track map with new T1/2 text repositioned
  • BAC Mono: enabled liveries for black paint material on Livery 1+2
  • Helmetview - geometry offset and visor tweaks (logos out, texture blur, visual tweaks...)

Build 198 (23/4/12, Senior Manager)
  • Updated Fanatec CSW FFB defaults
  • Belgian Forest - add temporary terrain texture
  • Mitsubishi and Caper logos added
  • END OF RACE screen updated (as per WMD forum issue) and player can now click on the RWD/FWD buttons
  • Bologna textures. PSDs for new materials updated textures
  • F77, changed 3pv camera roof poosition, showing more of driver + animation review changes
  • BAC Mono: Improved front hoodlock resolution
  • New BAC Mono export

Build 197 (20/4/12, Team Member+)
Known Issues: Helmet rendering is broken in DX9

  • Add menu options for helmet cam FOV and quick race rolling start.
  • Helmet position adjustment for latest art
  • Updated layout of Fanatec SDK
  • Added in a new hdr scale for the cockpit bloom when using the helmet camera
  • Helmet shadow fix - no more using modified cameras with dodgy depth values
  • Add QR specific race manager files and limit rolling starts to tracks explicitly allowing it
  • Support for SMAA S2X in DX11
  • FXAA and SMAA can now be toggled on and off
  • TweakIt : Fixes a problem when sliders/values are updated after a connect has been lost, on reconnecting the queued values were sent to the new game app causing invalid de-referencing
  • Updated and improved textures and alphas for HUD maps
  • Stockcar initial 240 steering , alpha 1 animation pack
  • Added Badenring co-ords.
  • Stock Car engine set enabled; 215465 updated surface sound level; 215466 altered subwave volume curve and audio compression settings
  • Adding stock car AI sounds
  • Stockcar: quick collision update for floor level, fix for auto gears. Differential configured as a Detroit Locker with option to be fully locked by increasing preload setting
  • Belgian Forest - another fix for whitelines texture
  • Add menu options for helmet cam FOV and quick race rolling start
  • Gumpert Apollo: test headlight projection texture replaced with a detailed one
  • Formula A: Engine idle adjusted to prevent stalling. Default gearing matched to onboard data from China GP
  • BAC MONO: New livery
  • Palmer JPLM: added support for ULTRA detail settings
  • BAC Mono: added livery 01 name
  • Palmer JPLM: checks/fixes + new WIP export
  • Caterham R500 - improved AO on all LODs, darker CPIT AO on windscreen, bug fixes
  • AI for Stock Car boosted with compression. Balancing adjustments to opponent car levels, plus other balancing changes
  • Helmetview: visor textures/materials tweaks, reduced scratches about +-20%, flipped text
  • Updated BAC Mono physics to data supplied by manufacturer
  • Helmetview: top part lighting/specular fix, visor tweak to look acceptable inside dark cars + overall materials polish
  • BAC Mono: all exterior mapped&textured, brake disc glow setup, lights setup, user flags checked/set, discs, calipers cloned around, overlay polys set, materials checked/fixed,etc
  • New map texture added for Belgian Forest
  • Formula A: pedal positions changed to keep driver's feet within the car
  • BAC Mono: show steering wheel when driver is turned off
  • BAC Mono: Badges texture tweaks
  • BAC Mono: more glossy exhaust
  • BAC Mono - Reskinned LODC tires
  • BAC Mono: fixed RPM redline in cockpit display
  • Fixed typo in race strength which was causing AI to attept crazy cornering speeds and often flipping
  • New BAC Mono export
  • New Caterham export
  • New Palmer export
  • New Stockcar export
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Bologna exports

Build 196 (19/4/12, Senior Manager)
  • Added 1990 Stockcar
  • Stockcar 90: adjusted CPIT seat to driver character, added CPIT wheels
  • Belgian Forest - fixed trees isues and one crowd issue
  • California Raceway: Fixed brightness, reduced it for the new lighting/weather system
  • Gumpert Apollo: basic, do-little projection texture to test new headlight attention
  • Stockcar90: added support for custom chassis colour
  • BAC mono, added animation pack2, 360 steering
  • Formula A: checks, optimizations + fixes
  • Formula A: reduced engine inertia
  • New 1990 Stockcar physics. Based around notNascar cars of that Era. Aprox 650hp. 3800lbs. Road course setup
  • TweakIt : Fixes a problem when sliders/values are updated after a connect has been lost, on reconnecting the queued values were sent to the new game app causing invalid de-referencing
  • Latest helmet cam tweaks for latest mesh
  • Added Fanatec SDK as well as support for gear display and shift lights on CSW wheel
  • Fix for CSW LED and lights not clearing on exit
  • New Formula A export
  • New California raceway export
  • New Florence exports

Known Issues: Auto gearing is broken on the Stock Car

Build 195 (18/4/12, Senior Manager)
  • Helmet rendering tweaks
  • Added Tyre Force slider (default 0.5 for all controllers, 1.0f for CSW) to advanced controller panel, tweaker added to F1 Input menu. Hooked up to FFB
  • Extended the range of Tyre Force slider (1-200 mapping to 0.01 to 2.0 internally)
  • Belgian Forest - add new textures
  • Initial helmetview data for all driver types (KART,GT,Formula, CLASSIC)
  • X4: Camera adjustment limits set. Tire temperature, pressure and wear sensitivity experiment
  • X4: fuel tank size reduced to 70L
  • Ariel (Atom,mugen,500): animation review1 changes, camera position, driver pose, hands corrections
  • New HUD maps added for Badenring tracks.
  • Heusden - Converted the Tree placement
  • Asano X4, Asano LM11 : animation review1 changes, driver pose, hands, seatbelts corrections
  • Caterham r500, palmer jplm, Racer V4 : animation review1 changes, driver pose, hands & seatbelts corrections
  • Fix for visor drawing in front of helmet mesh
  • Bathurst: track offset rotation adjusted to match dawn from reference
  • Helmet view head physics adjustments
  • New Huesden export
  • New Sakitto exports

Build 194 (17/4/12, Manager+)
  • SMAA (Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing) support implemented for DX9
  • Fix crash on exit (SMAA effect was released twice) + default SMAA quality to high
  • WIP check-in for helmet head physics
  • Apply world movement and camera shake options to helmet cam
  • Helmet camera tweaks based on WMD feedback, mainly to have it take account of GUI camera settings
  • Another helmet cam tweak - slow down look to apex a little
  • Add DX11 render-target support for custom resolves (required for SMAA S2X)
  • Add DX11 SMAA NeighbourBlending5050 technique
  • Added possible fix workaround to allow Fanatec wheel firmware 722+ to boot
  • Fixed alphatest issues on Crowds that caused them to have nasty fringeing (the phase1/3 deferred alphatest threshold functions were mismatched)
  • Derby track map image added

Build 193 (16/4/12, Senior Manager)
  • SMAA DX11 is now 15% faster.
  • Cam roof position modifed to show more of driver
  • X4: LODC damage and AO. Cockpit optimizing
  • Reinstated "all samplers are aniso" but only for PC, so that console builds will not be broken, but still allow the sharper aniso versions on PC
  • Anims: Updated all textures: sitting and crowd
  • New Asano X4 export
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