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C.A.R.S. - Build 229 und viele neue Community-Bilder aus der Alpha der Rennsimulation veröffentlicht

09.06.2012 um 14:00 Uhr
NewsDie Woche neigt sich dem Ende entgegen und Slightly Mad Studios hat eine neue Version der Rennsimulation Project C.A.R.S. für alle Mitglieder des WMD Projektes veröffentlicht.
Mit Build 229 gibt es wieder jede Menge Verbesserungen und Erweiterungen. Außerdem haben wir alle Bilder der aktuellen Community Galerie zusammengefasst.
Mit der aktuellen Version von Project C.A.R.S. (Build 229) kommen Spieler der Alpha wieder in den Genuss verschiedener neuer Inhalte. Dazu gehören beispielsweise die Strecken Delaware sowie Concord. Außerdem gab es zahlreiche Optimierungen im Bereich der Bedienung und des Verhaltens sowie der Anzeige des grafischen Interfaces in den Spielmenüs. Streckenicons, Controller-Icons und vieles mehr wurde implementiert um die Navigation zu erleichtern und die Auswahl einer Strecke für Rennen zu verbessern.

Eine vollständige Übersicht aller Änderungen die in den letzten zwei Wochen Einzug in C.A.R.S. hielten seht ihr wie üblich etwas weiter unten. Zuvor haben wir ein paar der neuesten Community Bilder, wobei viele weitere in unserer Project CARS Galerie zu finden sind.

Community Galerie 22 Community Galerie 22 Community Galerie 22 Community Galerie 22 Community Galerie 22 Community Galerie 22

Changelog Build 222 - 229

Build 229 (8/6/12, Team Member+)
  • OneSock threading fixes and improvements:
    - Added OneSock lock used to synchronize access to all data shared between OneSock and main threads
    - Replaced unreliable usage of volatiles in OneSock lib by proper locking. This fixes OneSock synchronization not working at all in some cases, especially on consoles
    - Replaced class-specific locks in Authentication lib by OneSock locking where appropriate. This fixes deadlocks when OneSock and main threads try to access the same resource at the same time
    - Fixed several issues in wip hybrid protocol implementation
    Ghost system:
    - Added GreenLight callback to ghost players.
    - Downloaded ghosts will be enabled when the race starts (and sit on the start line until the player crosses the start line), instead of appearing only when the player crosses the start line
  • Live Delta Potential Lap code improvements to help with a few issues exposed by Winsconsin Raceway
  • Updated skipping the player's vehicle driveline integration during rolling start, so that wheel fibers remain executed and steering column torque is calculated all the time
  • Ping rebroadcaster regularly while in a game session. Update current, recent average, highest short-term average and all-time average ping statistics. Pinging the rebroadcaster also lets it know our public IP for NAT punchthrough purposes
  • Memphis - add new textures for stands
  • Added additive technique to basic shader
  • Removed duplicate entry from force feedback tweakers config file
  • Derby - new dynamic xml file, added cones
  • Fix for white flashing square bug (tyres shader was missing some normalization on the calculation of the worldnormal)
  • HDR modes other than photographic exposure were missing a luminance calculation which was breaking FXAA in thoese modes
  • Sakitto: New textures for fairground assets
  • Concord initial dynamic objects to make inner Circuit entry more visible
  • Concord Oval: New compete AIW First pass. 36 pit and start spots
  • DX11 fix for black silhoette around cars bug
  • Remove Azure Circuit for now until loft improvements are more progressed
  • Memphis - add new textures
  • Stockcar90: livery fixes
  • Caterham SP300: added new livery
  • New Delaware Map added
  • New Concord Map added
  • Added new track map icons for Glencairn
  • Updated to new map for Delaware
  • Concord Circuit - updated name to remove underscores in Menu
  • New Concord exports
  • New Derby exports
  • New Memphis export
  • New Sakitto exports

Build 228 (7/6/12, Manager+)
  • Removed surplus namespace keyword from BTCPByteBuffer.cpp
  • Fix for HDR Cockpit settings
  • Fix for tcp connections, we now use their host name to get their ip address
  • Changed the connection code so that you can enter either the target pc's hostname or their ipaddress. You can now connect tweakit to the game running on another pc on your local lan
  • Ghost system:
    - Renamed ghost bit stream put functions to make it clear what is signed and unsigned value
    - Renamed delta compression functions to make it clear what is signed and unsigned value
    - Delta compression functions take both full value and delta precision as arguments
    - Applying deltas to values is now done via explicit functions, instead of direct addition and subtration
    - Improved compressor statistics in the debug channel
    - Improved delta compression, which can now take advantage of wrapping around the range bounds
    - Added unit test for delta compression
    - Improvement GhostPrint() debug function to print all parts of the message in one piece, so that the various pieces are not interrupted when printing from multiple threads at the same time
    - Improved compressor packet analysis, which will assign the minimum required number of bits to some of the fields in key and delta packets
  • Live Delta Potential Lap calculation fix; also invalidate the recorded data when vehicle version changes
  • Delta times shown on the Records screen are now relative to the rank #1 player (as determined by the currently selected filter) and no longer always calculated from the world record holder
  • Force feedback updates by A.J.:
    - raise core tick to 600Hz
    - substep tire/driveline rate x2 below 40 RPS avg on fronts
    - FFB cleanup
    - Add SoP signal
  • Added reading of new force feedback tweakers from config files
  • Crowd placement
    - Created billboard sitting for the unique 50+ grandstands
    - Added sittinib billboards in VT
    - Added standing / 3D crowd to track
    - Added flag baners
    - Created *.LOD distance file
    - Adeed *.LSD audio file
  • New added bathurst texturemaps
  • Crowd sakitto placement billboard
  • Caterham SP300: added new livery
  • Stockcar90: fixed small livery issue
  • Memphis - add new textures for stands
  • Updated Pagani Zonda R with new data direct form Pagani. HP, spring rates, damper rates, areo downforce and drag updates. Slightly slower overall that previous version
  • Changed Anhalt_National track variation from GP to National. Fixes the problem of not being able to view this track's leaderboard from within the title
  • Removed very low instanced trees for Harrison pikes to reduce memory impact
  • Added Concord tracks to the tracklist and grp list
  • First pass on Caterham SP300R physics
  • New logo added for Concord
  • Derby - new road textures
  • Added defaults for new force feedback tweakers to config file
  • Concord circuit added
  • New Pagani Zonda R export
  • New Bathurst export

Build 227 (4/6/12, Senior Manager)
  • Online: Submitting a stat to leaderboard will invalidate cached data about that leaderboard
  • Stat submits will no longer be delayed until the main menu finishes loading. They are still disabled while in race, but they will restart when the race finishes and loading to the menu starts
  • Fixed mistake in cloud_model.fx which resulted in build errors on PC, but strangely built ok on PS3
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Anhalt GP
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Anhalt National
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Azure coast
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Azure coast rev
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Azure coast 1
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Azure coast 2
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Azure coast 3
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Badenring GP
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Badenring historic
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Badenring national
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Badenring short
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Bathust
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Belgian
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Besos gp
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Besos national
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Bologna
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Bologna reverse
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California highway
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California highway rev
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California highway 1
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California highway 2
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California highway 3
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California raceway
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Chesterfield
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California Connecticut hill
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California Connecticut hill rev
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California Connecticut hill short
  • Added new TrackMap icon : California Connecticut hill short reverse
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Derby gp
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Derby national
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Loire
  • Added new TrackMap icon : Loire national

Build 226 (1/6/12, Junior Member+)
  • Fix for ps3 compiles
  • Fix for the broken track select navigation. SetMenuAutoScroll and SetMenuScrollOnlyOnClip needed set for the location and map screen menus
  • Code fix for menu data flag issues in car setup screens (similar to track select fixes)
  • Ghost system:
    - Ghosts will be recorded (and potentially saved and uploaded) in all game modes, to mirror the behavior of stat uploads
    - Lap Data Header chunk contains information about bit precision used for the data stored in the Lap Data Stream chunk. This makes the compressor more extensible for the future and increases backward and forward compatibility of the data format
    - Reordered fields in the Lap Data Header chunk.
    - Ghost player sets up participant for the ghost that is supposed to be replayed in the race
    - Ghost participant is set up with the correct upgrade specification (fixed a bug where physics and render specifications were mixed up).
  • Belgian Forest - update trees and crowds for new inner terrain
  • Additional Track Photos submitted by the WMD community
  • Caterham R500: camber animation source files added
  • Palmer JPLM: added TM hotlap contest livery
  • BAC Mono: Tiny UV fix
  • Caterham SP300: added CPIT meshes, prepared for 1st export, fixed various issues
  • Updates on textures of Harrison Pike. Rescaled , replaced polished up
  • Added missing strings for the Tuning Slot screens
  • BAC Mono: texture tweaks
  • Ariel Atom - Added LODD meshes to all 3 cars
  • Caterham sp300r : animation pack1
  • Added helmet view for 70', 80' and stock
  • Sakitto: new textures for kartbuilding
  • Stockcar90: Added 2 more liveries
  • X4: LODC reworked, LODD added
  • Additional textures for bathurst
  • X4: fixed damage on LODC and LODB, LODD refined rear a bit
  • Basic_windows shaders modified to use a parameter to scale the emissive strength - this is so that a wider range of effects can be achieved without suffering from texture banding issues
  • New Thrustmaster Static Adverts for Thrustmaster Sakitto Event
  • Grid texturemap bologna
  • New Emmissive maps added to tents and vendors assets
  • New Emmissived added to Illuminated Trackside Trucks
  • New Dynamics Scene for Sakitto GP
  • Caterham SP300: added livery 01.02 names
  • Sakitto_GP Thrustmaster event dressing
  • Caterham SP300: added new black rim
  • Caterham SP300: added new livery
  • Separated VSOUTPUT and PSINPUT in cloud_model.fx to allow for centroid usage (PS3 doesn't like it on VSOUTPUT)
  • Thrustmaster specific textures .dds files
  • Sakitto - Concrete Barrier Fix for Thrustmaster event
  • New BAC Mono export
  • New Caterham R500 export
  • Caterham SP300R added
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Harrison Pike export
  • New Satikko exports

Build 225 (31/5/12, Senior Manager)
  • Implemented additional session calls (and App API for them):
    - Change session attributes
    - Promote users to session admins
    - Advance session state
    - Kick users from session
  • Updated physics to record actor-related events to replay buffer with up-to-date simulation time
  • Timestamp for start of wheel release phase is now set to up-to-date simulation time
  • Ghost system:
    - Fixed ghost decompressor not dealing properly with event id and event version
    - Renamed some variables called ghost to ghostId to make it clear when the internal ghost ID is used.
    - Ghost player can have either owning or aliasing pointer to the ghost data it is replaying.
    - Ghost system will initiate load and decompression of ghosts that should be included in the race.
    - Ghost system has a list of ghosts that are being loaded for the upcoming race.
    - Ghost system will delay race setup until the ghost data needed to create participants are either loaded or known to have failed loading.
    - Format of the ghost car visual chunk has been extended to be more flexible when adding new visual information in the future.
    - Ghost format supports interior livery indices.
    - Decompressor supports chunks that can be present multiple times in the data stream
    - Added support for vehicle upgrade spec to the ghost data stream
  • Animation fix: gear_to aniumation modified, so that hand never cuts through car mesh in 3PV
  • Sakitto GP and East tracks: Added pit lane support with 27 pit spots and 54 garage spots. Increased grid size to 54 to match
  • Fixed up new Track Select and Layout Select screens
  • Fixed scrolling for car setup load and save screens
  • Tidied scrolling code for track and layout select
  • Cloud Work in Progress. (currently the code is disabled)
  • Basic Cloud Manager creating clouds in a circle in the sky
  • Setup of Cloud model fx shader that allows passive lighting
  • Build pipeline changes required for clouds
  • Setup code for MorphMesh Type
  • Sakitto: new textures
  • Ariel Atoms: setup range adjustment, damper ranges from Koni reference, engine/gearbox data matched to source Honda parts
  • PALMER: vinyl cover update over wood splitter
  • Stockcar90: Added painting contest winner liveries (Top20)
  • Stockcar90: added wildcard liveries
  • Controller Images w-i-p
  • Set initial wet parameters on treaded tires
  • Stockcar90: Added LODX/Ultra setup
  • Stockcar90: fixed missing CGP file for Oval version
  • Stockcar90: checked/fixed LODs
  • Update to cloud loading and new changes for shader so it pivots from the pivot center
  • Belgian Forest - add missing textures
  • New Stockcar export

Known Issues: Track select screen has some issues with scrolling.
Build 224 (30/5/12, Senior Manager)
  • Changed attribute parsing to skip over unknown attributes
  • Online:
    - Error information from CSAPI is kept in the storage manager job structure so that it can be examined later
    - Added an assert that guards from using uninitialized server URLs before they are known
  • Ghost system:
    - Ghost cache entries have a reference to the cache
    - Implemented ghost data server upload and download
    - Added development-only code to set up ghost testing
    - Added a handy shortcut function to calculate CRC32 of any ghost data, even if it's not in the CompressedLap data structures (which allows to perform full sanity checks before the full data structures are allocated)
    - Added an extra print debug level to separate reasoning information and detailed information about jobs
    - Implemented pruning of compressed and uncompressed ghost data from memory cache when the data is no longer needed
    - Added interface for locking uncompressed ghost data in memory. This will instruct the ghost cache not to prune the data when it's locked, because someone outside the cache will need access to it in the future
  • New GUMPERT Apollo export

Build 223 (29/5/12, Manager+)
  • Game manager now checks that the server reported all session members before finalizing session create or join
  • Online:
    - CSAPI will not append certain automatic parameters to the requests if the requests override the automatic handling
    - Stat manager will properly pass user id through all layers of API and callbacks
  • Ghost system:
    - Implemented support for changing ghost magic for ghosts in memory or the disk cache, if the ghost magic hasn't been set yet
    - When upload is requested by the server, the ghost cache will set the ghost magic to the value sent by the server
    - Implemented background compression and decompression of ghost data in ghost background thread
    - Implemented support for compression and decompresison tasks in the ghost cache
    - Save and load tasks will gracefully fail if their prerequisities are not fulfilled, instead of asserting. This is especially important in case of compression or download failure preceding a save
  • Fixed ps3/360 compiler error
  • Track photos asynchronous folder for Track Select screen
  • Placeholder images updated for TrackPhotos
  • Harrison Pike initial version of viewer spotlights
  • Memphis textures initial versions
  • New Memphis export

Build 222 (28/5/12, Senior Manager)
  • Implemented handling of all game session-related notifications from the server: user joined session, session member updated, session member left, session attribute changed, session state changed
  • Special handling of user and attribute updates while joining/creating session
  • Added logging of various networking/data issues to game manager
  • Updated adjustment of contact constraint orientation (preventing vehicle scooping) to correctly handle the case where constraint primary axis is perpendicular to vehicle's XZ plane
  • Fixed helmet cam audio so it doesn't remain on during replays or when switching to an AI car. Bug reported on WMD forum
  • Added on-demand reload of FFB tweaker file to F1 menu (Input/Load/Reload FFB Tweaks). Rename F1 menu option "FFB Grip Multi" to "FFB Grip Multi (Legacy)"
  • Ghost system:
    - Added explicit initialization and cleanup calls for the object encapsulating the ghost background thread
    - Implemented task queues (pending and finished) for the ghost background thread
    - Ghost background thread is started on demand and stopped when it's idle for some time
    - Compressor and decompressor have now a better interface for returning and/or releasing ownership of the output buffers
    - Moved Entry class out of the Cache class, so that forward declaration can be used
    - Moved the Cache and CacheEntry routines to more appropriate source files
    - Implemented a skeleton of ghost background thread that will perform lengthy tasks like compression or decompression in the background
    - Cache entries now have a list of tasks they're queued for and information about task that is in progress
    - Added job queue for the ghost cache
    - Deleting cache entries locked in memory will only queue them for deletion, instead of deleting them immediately.
    - Ghost cache will now process certain tasks on ghost entries: load/save is implemented, upload/download and compress/decompress will be implemented later. The cache will either perform the tasks on its own, or will offload them to the background thread, as appropriate
    - Added API to initiate ghost download. The cache will decide from where the ghost should be retrieved
    - Cache search functions will ignore ghosts queued for deletion
  • Latest Loire HUD maps tweaked.
  • Delaware: New AIW. Added raceline, pitlane path, corridors edited to usable track width surface
  • Harrison Pike. removed trees intersecting with tribunes
  • Harrison Pike Raceway - add new textures for curved wires
  • Adding Autograss to the Harrison pike track
  • Forced rolling start and limited participant to 42 on Delaware
  • Memphis, Henrico, Delaware logos added to splash screen
  • BAC MONO: Livery colour updates
  • WTC overcast fog fix
  • Latest Belgian circuit HUD map added
  • Added co-ord's for : Belgian/Memphis/Harrison_Pike_Raceway maps
  • New Harrison Pike Raceway export
  • New Sakitto exports
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