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C.A.R.S. - Junior Build 272 lädt zum Durchstarten ein

04.08.2012 um 11:30 Uhr
NewsMit der neuen Version von Project C.A.R.S. am Ende der Woche erscheint auch die erste für Monat August, die somit nicht mehr nur für Team Member oder höher sondern auch für Junior Member zugänglich ist.
Alle Infos zu den Änderungen mit Build 272 gibt es in der vollständigen Meldung.
In der letzten Woche haben wir euch nicht über die aktuellsten Änderungen an Project CARS berichtet, doch mit der Veröffentlichung von Build 272, welches gleichzeitig ein Junior Build darstellt, holen wir das nach. Seit gestern können sich auch Mitglieder mit Junior Level über zahlreiche Neuerungen, Verbesserungen und Erweiterungen in C.A.R.S. freuen. Diese standen bislang nur all denjenigen zur Verfügung, die mindestens Team Member Status haben oder höher.

Build 272 (3/8/12, Junior Member+)
  • Adding trd properties to allow use to be able to specify the center of the track
  • Now able to set the center of the tracks for clouds and skyring
  • Added logging to session message manager
  • Online:
    - HttpApi now has a Unicode interface
    - Changed services using HTTPAPI so that they use the Unicode http api, instead of each service doing its own conversions
  • Launcher:
    - The error message in case of invalid username/password will be much clearer
    - Added compile-time defines to point the launcher to the dev server
    - Added configurations that define these defines
  • Belgian Forest – updated trees for paddock area
  • Eifelwald. Tweaked textures/PSD files
  • Badenring – add viewer lights and fix positions few static assets for new marshal huts
  • Tweaked lights around pitbuilding to avoid dark areas
  • Adding spotlights to Badenrings
  • Launcher: new executables
  • Integration to handle new speech data format
  • BFC Kerb texture updates
  • Badenring – add new and imrpove textures
  • Added new temp textures for Eifelwald, first revision
  • Bathurst 3D eucalyptus instances, statics and instances
  • Billboard bush instances for bathurst
  • Lotus 49: drag adjustment. top speed now back up around 190mph
  • BAC Mono: fix for tabs and spacing in the CDF (readability issue)
  • BAC Mono: re-balanced aero to factor in drag torque effects. -Shift from 120% rear to ~85%.
  • Small other setup tweaks to fit with this change. Wider tuning ranges
  • Eifelwald textures improvement
  • Connecticut Hill – Added Track Centre Data to all TRDs for Cloud rendering
  • Pagani Huayra: Added support for custom liveries
  • Caterham Classic: Fixed overlapping front fender UVs + custom livery support
  • New Badenring exports
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Eifelwald export
  • New Memphis export
  • New Test Track export

Build 271 (2/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • Online logging cleanup:
    - Removed Sabre's implementation of LiveLog (conflicting with OneSock's, missing features)
    - Added category support to LiveLog. Logging levels (verbosity) can now be specified per-category in DevModeConfig
    - Exposed OneSock's LiveLog singleton to Sabre, which defines its own log categories
    - Switched Awards code to use the global OneSock log
    - Fixed potential buffer overwrite when logging long strings
    - Non-Info logging levels now use the correct BLog call, they will now be correctly logged as [Warning] and [Error]
  • Storage: Implementation tweaks, const corrections.
  • Moved Storage module into Base namespace.
  • Moved Storage system from SaveGame to Base.
  • Added few OneSock lock safety checks.
  • Bathurst/Bologna - Track Centre data test for Kevin (To help with Cloud and Skyring development)
  • Pagani Huayra cockpit glow. Gauge reflection polishing.
  • pass3 3D eucalyptus trees (set shadow cast and shadow receive for 3D LODA)
  • mip and coloradjust for tree texturemap
  • Cameras: set up on-car cameras with new feature to ignore world movement
  • pass2 3D eucalyptus static instances
  • Eifelwald-Texture
  • Eifelwald - improved kerb texture
  • Changed default DevModeConfig settings to enable OneSock logging.
  • Updated DevModeConfig with new OneSock+Sabre logging categories.
  • Caterham classic: new expoprt

Build 270 (1/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • Added debug-only function to check if the OneSock lock is locked
  • Added online interface for session messaging
  • Hooked session networking's callbacks when session members are joining/leaving and when a new game packet is received
  • Camera: Added new property that allows a certain camera to ignore the profile setting of world movement dampening, and use the full value
  • HttpApi:
    - Moved construction of extra HTTP header fields from the downloader to each connection setup, to potentially allow each connection to use different headers.
    - HTTP download parses and remembers the content-type and charset of the reply.
    - Added getter to retrieve server response in an Unicode string.
  • Launcher: Fixed case-sensitive comparison of Content-Type charset header
  • Parameter type fix for stream close calls
  • Implemented handling of incoming packets:
    - Send back ACKs when Guranteed message or Sequenced message part is received
    - Store incoming Sequenced message parts and reassemble them once all parts are received ; ignore duplicate parts and parts of a sequence received after the sequence is finalized
    - Turn incoming Event messages into App Events and send them to App for processing
  • Minor fixes/additions after testing with GamerProfile integration
  • Launcher:* Usernames and passwords are set correctly to the server, regardless of characters used
  • Updated Eifelwald textures
  • Memphis: New AIW for new geometry changes. New main and race path with corridors. Still needs pit lane path
  • Checking in WIP FDP for integration. Still needs lots of tweaks and balancing. Will probably require separate set for Formula A and 1 cars
  • WIP AI for Formula A based on new player car audio
  • Pagani Huayra cockpit glow texture. Gauge reflections minor fix
  • New Pagani Huayra export

Build 269 (31/7/12, Manager+)
  • Setup default BDbgMetrics module configuration in BaseConfigure
  • Added Timer Test Manager with basic timer metrics
  • Added hybrid timer test
  • Enabled BDbgMetrics module in all configs
  • PC Session CPU Info now also contains strings for the Architecture, Processor Type and CPU Status, instead of just the OS int value
  • Updated BDbgMetrics macro so that objects can be Broadcast via either the default byte array method, a member function or a custom callback
  • Metrics file saving is now disabled by default
  • Added App title and build version to metrics session info
  • Metrics session platform now includes CPU details
  • Launcher: OK button will be disabled in the login dialog if username or password is empty
  • Launcher: Application now uses Unicode API
  • Ghost system:
    - Added API for accessing save game ghosts to the ghost and cache manager.
    - Implemented save and load ghost from/to saved game.
  • Implemented Storage system
  • Change to how we render the sky rings so that they can allow the clouds and moon to go behind them
  • Tweaks to audio levels
  • Further changes - new rumble layer, levels, dsp and pitch changes
  • Adding exhaust rumbles to Formula A engine set to test
  • Low and high pass filtering added for in car onloads

Build 268 (30/7/12, Senior Manager)
  • Session message manager WIP. Subtasks implemented:
    - Management of free message pool, outgoing message queue and guaranteed message queue.
    - Message sending - standard, guaranteed and sequenced
    - Guaranteed message resending and handling or received ACK messages
    - Outgoing queue throttling
  • Tweaked viewer lights to avoid dark areas on pit building
  • Tracks, Eifelwald. Tweaked textures - PSD files, 1st commit
  • Tracks, Eifelwald. Tweaked textures
  • New engine set for Formula A
  • Level and dsp tweaks
  • Switched to new engine based on the 98T with extensive dsp and car specific tweaks
  • Updates to levels
  • Formula A engine update new version (samples)
  • Adding updated FA interior sounds - more towards TV style interior shots
  • Fix for instance billboard trees
  • Eucalyptus statics 1st pass
  • Various cars: engine idle adjustment so they don't drop too many rpm simply from dropping the clutch in neutral
  • Eifelwald: Logo Changed to Yirotires

Build 267 (27/7/12, Team Member +)
  • Quick fix for users' access level issue

Build 266 (27/7/12, Team Member +)
New player profile recommended
  • Derby - Removed Branding on some textures.
  • Belgian Forest Circuit texture updates, ground cover updates
  • Eifelwald - initial ground cover config file, ground cover exclusion map, initial ground cover material file, ground cover texture and misc textures updates
  • Sakitto: art source textures for illuminated pit building, spotlights, pit buiding windows and misc texture updates
  • Pagani Huayra cockpit textures. Gauges reflection update.
  • New exports: Sakitto, Eifelwald, Belgian Forest Circuit, Pagani Huayra

Build 265 (26/7/12, Senior Manager)
  • Made Xbox 360 renderer use threadsafe global textures in same way as DX11 - this fixes the assert in non-gold builds
  • removed call to generate reflection resources in menu, as this was an old hangover
  • WEATHER: Clouds. setup code so that clouds can be rendered on several threads at the sametime.
  • Audio: Added Location parameter to road surface sound to test pitch variance on scrub/skid sounds between front and rear wheels. Effect deliberately subtle until it can be tested and tuned.
  • Ghost system:
    * Added support for enumerating saved games containing ghost data.
    * Added skeleton of API to support ghost save/load UI.
  • Integrated app-side debug Xbox 360 sign in/sign out function
  • Tracks, Eifelwald. Tweaked textures

Build 264 (25/7/12, Senior Manager)
  • Caterham R500: new export
  • Initial Throttler helper class implementation. Added skeleton for session message manager.
  • Base: w-i-p updates to metrics and TCP byte buffer code
    * Split up the broadcast calls to allow for custom broadcast of data objects
    * Structures passed to the BDbgMetric macro now supply their own Broadcast function, this is used to do type based broadcast of members if required. If false is returned the data object is broadcast as a byte array
    * Added overloads to handles various string types and boolean properly
    * Added missing Write functions to TCP byte buffer (s8, u64, s64, f64) also added a byte array write function
    * Updated string read/write function to include a 32 bit string type marker
    * Moved debug metrics init to app to ensure tweak it is connected
    * Fixed a bug in BSessionInfo where the BDate/BTime members were missing from copy ctor and assignment op
  • TweakIt: Metrics Module updates
    * Added read/write functions for u64/s64/f64
    * w-i-p updates to the Metrics Module receive packet code
    * Updated string read/write function to include a 32 bit string type marker
  • Moved the wait for tweakit code to earlier in the boot flow so that we can receive metrics during the open phases.
  • Integrated code changes from CL 229322 (Switch of Authentication libs)
  • Launcher: Added workaround for parsing version files that do not follow the convention. (This enables the launcher to be used with build 263.)
  • Changes to frustum culling code to take into account the clip plane mask.
  • Render: Modified initialisation for dirtiness values for car at start and end of session, so that we start out clean.
  • Caterham R500: cockpit animations added, cpit nose mapping fixed, brake disc glow IDs fixed
  • Render: fixed potential compile error in shader which would only occur with a specific combination of shader options
  • Stopped CRLF being added to build.txt
  • Eifelwald: a number of various textures updates[/list]
    Build 263 (24/7/12, Manager+)
    • Initial implementation of message pool and message lists
    • Removed non-existing header from the project.
    • App support for Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500RS Integral wheel. Also updated T500RS presets
    • Base/Input support for Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500 Integral wheel
    • Buildscript : Fixed typo in build txt creation type
    • Added Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500RS Integral text entries
    • Pagani Zonda R textures metal updates

    Build 262 (23/7/12, Senior Manager)
    • Register Awards (installs PS3 trophy set)
    • Ghost system:
      - Added classes that will be used for save game implementation. Implementation is not complete yet
      - Hooked the Ghost save game support to the app-level savegame structures
    • Integrated and fixed up OnlineSupport and Event changes
    • Changed Dx9 list of resources (required for alt-tab etc) to work using a hash table, to speed up access when deleting large numbers of entries
    • Changed DX11 renderer to use BHashTable instead of BList - Matches DX9 version
    • Fix for render item which was being removed from a list it was not added to in certain cases - not fatal but triggered error reports with new hash-table based access
    • Belgian Forest Circuit - AO and LM map for Atrium interior
    • Fixed low cloud in stormy conditions
    • Ground cover files checked in
    • Volusia Roadlines added
    • Pagani Huayra colors. Minor correction for Bronzo Aymara
    • New added 3d tree texturemap
    • New Formula Rookie export
    • New Pagani Zonda R export
    • New Test Track export
    • New Volusia exports
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