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C.A.R.S. - Neue Bilder zur Entstehung des Z4 GT3 und Build 282 veröffentlicht - Ginetta als weiteren Hersteller angekündigt

18.08.2012 um 15:25 Uhr
NewsDie Woche neigt sich dem Ende entgegen und das heißt für alle C.A.R.S. Spieler, es gibt auch wieder eine neue Version des Rennspiels.
Daneben haben wir die neuesten Bilder des zweiten Teils vom Making of BMW Z4 GT3 gesammelt und berichten über die neu geschlossene Kooperation zwischen Slightly Mad und Ginetta.
Slightly Mad Studios kündigte vor einiger Zeit an, neben 9 anderen BMW Modellen auch den aktuellen BMW Z4 GT3 als spielbares Auto in Project CARS zu integrieren. Dazu gab es bereits erste Bilder aus dem Entstehungsprozess des Rennwagens. Inzwischen gibt es Teil zwei des Making of BMW Z4 GT3, zu dem wir euch natürlich ebenfalls die Bilder zeigen wollen.

Making of BMW Z4 GT3 Making of BMW Z4 GT3 Making of BMW Z4 GT3
Alle Bilder zum Making of BMW Z4 GT3

Eine weitere Neuerung im Bereich der Fahrzeuge für C.A.R.S. betrifft die offizielle Ankündigung durch Slightly Mad, dass eine Kooperation mit Ginetta Cars geschlossen werden konnte. Im Detail heißt das, es werden drei Autos des britischen Sportwagenherstellers Einzug in die Liste der Autos des WMD Rennspiels CARS halten und einen wichtigen Bestandteil des zu erwartenden Karrieremodus darstellen: Ginetta G40 Junior, Ginetta G50 sowie Ginetta G55 GT3.

Neben den oben aufgeführten Neuigkeiten rund um C.A.R.S gab es am gestrigen Freitag natürlich auch wieder ein neues Build für alle Mitglieder die mindestens TeamMember oder einen höherwertigen Status inne haben. Alle damit verbundenen Änderungen, Verbesserungen und beseitigten Fehler der Project CARS Alpha findet ihr wie üblich im Anschluss sauber aufgelistet.

Build 282 (17/8/12, Team Member+)

Controller settings will be lost with this update.
  • BStorage v1.1.1.0:
    - Added missing memtraces
    - Added BStorageMapping
    - Added BitMask member type
    - Added Enum member type
    - Added Proxy Structures support
  • Downgraded a speech assert to a warning while it's WIP
  • Updated ghosts to correctly use platform-specific online user id
  • Simplified HUD interface to put a flag icon on the track map - the new interface takes a 3D position vector directly
  • Added classes tracking vehicle state required for flag raising
  • Sending of flag raise and withdraw events
  • Profile:
    - Added initial BStorage support
    - Migrated controller settings to read/write via BStorage
  • cVehicleSet changes to support BStorage read/write
  • Bathurst - add new textures for blackmarshal hut
  • Bathurst - New textures/PSD files. 1st commit
  • Eifelwald trees texture improvement, WIP
  • Belgian Forest - improve, finalise F1 pitbuilding textures
  • Add initial track camera sets for Eifelwald, Heusden, Monterey and Moravia. Very w-i-p, but better than nothing
  • Belgian Forest - add new textures - F1 pitbuilding
  • Lightglow_billboard.fx: change distance formula so flares fade out in extreme closeups. First pass. Coefficients may need adjustment and some car art will certainly need to be tweaked
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Eifelwald export

Build 281 (16/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • xed up Logging calls missed from previous CL
  • Changed all online logging to use the new BLog categories
  • Added Category support to BLog
  • Updated debugging online UI and handling of DS lists
  • Implemented core NP Matching utility startup and NP server lookup (implementing the generic dedicated server API)
  • Simplifed spawning code and fixed issue with rain wall
  • Added tweakers for independent rain wind speed
  • Current raised flag management
  • Revised console font handling code to improve use with MoTeC and HUD
  • Fixing wtc werror where rain speeds got wiped out
  • Added rain track splash texture
  • Added cam angle lean back in to rainy, stormy and super storm conditions. still has a bit too much hyperdrive effect when the rain is low
  • Rain has its own speed now also, so it no longer uses the physics settings apart from wind direction
  • Bathurst: new textures for Building04 and Silo
  • Belgian Forest: add new textures - F1 pitbuilding

Build 280 (15/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • Pass Async Update thread id to OneSock lock, used to check if all locking is done correctly in debug builds
  • Updated OneSockLock debugging checks. It now supports locking from more threads than Main and OneSock. Unified usage of the lock from the OneSock thread and "user" threads
  • Basic definitions of classes used for detection and tracking of racing flags
  • Interface of the flag subsystem to the rest of the system
  • Hooked up flag subsystem to initialization, race callbacks, etc
  • Added new empty files
  • Modified UI font rendering to support consoles at 720P when GUI is build using 1080P
    * Requires reduced size fonts for consoles, in separate check data in
  • New sprites in preparation for new Quick Solo/Vehicle Select flow
  • Eifelwald: New textures/PSD files. 1st commit
  • Eifelwald: Tweaked textures/PSD files
  • Eifelwald: new road texture
  • Cloud meshes and texture changes, including console specifics. Cloud texture has been rebuild so no squishing issues on the single cloud sheet. nmps resculpted to add more shape and makes the 3d clouds look less like a cluster of spheres at sunset/rise. stratus clouds had inverted uvs so were not lighting correctly, this has been fixed. 1 extra cirrocumulus added to cloud definitions. 2 cloud materials set up, 1 for billboards and other for overhead planes
  • Rain improvements. All wet conditions in wtc and texture edits
  • New Eifelwald export

Build 279 (14/8/12, Manager+)
  • TweakIt : Added launch option for DX11 when launching and connecting
  • Removed unfinished ancient code to support yellow flag
  • Minor changes to HUD code to support drawing yellow flags on the track map
    - Added (debug) support for printing curl debug output to the debug channel
    - Added support to downloader to request close connection that would have otherwise been kept alive
    - If the launcher knows it will not contact the download server again, it will request the connection to be closed
    - Added testing handling of the "online service connection changed" event.
    - Added "online service connection state" query to the interface. App event will be sent whenever the state changes
    - Cleaned PS3 networking init/shutdown, implemented PSN service connection monitoring
  • wtc tweaks to brighten dark IBL clouds
  • New images for Northampton and Monterey

Build 278 (13/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • Launcher:
    - Changing the download directory will present an option to move already downloaded files from the old directory to the new one
    - Added button to set download directory back to default
    - Fixed problem with setting download directory, where the directory would be changed even if user clicked Cancel in the Options dialog
  • Self aligned pad steering on no input applied for Novice / steering assist mode (so all modes are the same)
  • Added "online service connection monitor" component
  • Eifelwald: New textures
  • Eifelwald: Tweaked textures
  • New Anhalt exports
  • New Badenring exports
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Loire exports
  • New Florence exports
  • New Harrison Pike export
  • New Milan exports
  • New Northampton export
  • New Summerton export

Build 277 (10/8/12, Team Member+)
  • TweakIt
    - Added Connection get accessor to ConnectionWnd to allow access to the TcpConnectionClient object
    - Added Timer Test metrics callbacks for session disconnect and connection reset to reset metrics and stop reading stale values
    - Added Session ID to metrics packet to check correct ones are used
  • Made sure test timers use same millisec base in order to void false negatives caused by pre-emption between timer updates
  • Added Session ID to metrics packet to make sure only packets from current session are accepted by the TweakIt metrics module
  • [Online] Removal of old Session Files, renaming of files, addition of new SessionTypes_360.hpp and clean up of current code
    Can now start on getting the 360 connection mesh setup when you have joined a session and all the machines talking to each other
  • [Audio] Speech HRDF now using h32string, with some case-sensitivity fixes. App-layer console changes to match it
  • [Audio] Speech HRDF data now retained in memory and removed container classes. Some renaming to separate the audio indices from the speech items. Cygnus hrdf data updated to match
  • [Audio] Moved UpdateSoundDefIndices to SpeechBlock since SpeechBlock is FMOD-specific too
  • [WEATHER] Settings to allow cloud emap exposure. This is to prevent the banding at night
  • Online:
    - HttpApi will no longer limit operation to a single request at a time. Requests can be tagged with category tags, and one request from each category will be allowed to run at the same time, and requests from different categories will run in parallel
    Tracks. Trees. 3D broadleave instances 1-6
  • BFC texture updates
  • Eifelwald - texture tweaks, new set of textures; treewall texture, tweaked alpha channel; tree instances for first WIP pass; texturemaps; new fence texture
  • Tuned ABS and TC settings for all cars
    Settings to allow cloud emap exposure. This is to prevent the banding at night
    rain fall particle effect checked in for rainy, storm, super storm and light rain. Don't forget to delete local default.wtc in documents/lighting edits if you have been using tweakit
  • wtc edit - rain keys added to the non-rainy conditions to help with blending problems
  • wtc edit to remove banding on IBL lit clouds by adding CloudEnvExposure keys
  • wtc edit to reduce/remove the bright white cloud bug that was introduced with the
  • IBL banding fix. Values of 16 for cloud exposure reduced to 4. seems to sort the bug and remove most of the banding still
  • New Belgian Forest Circuit and Eifelwald exports

Build 276 (9/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • Speech system updated to remove legacy code. Also tidied up callback error handling and speech index table size
  • TweakIt : Metrics Module update
    - Added OS info to global channel session info
    - Updated the number of timer results displayed
    - Fixed some bugs in the packet structures to standardise the handling of the packet size field
    - Added negative time value error detection
    Timer Test updates
    - Wrapped timer test values into single packet
    - Updated Timer Test hybrid timer logic
  • When switching accounts while still using the same profile, records and similar properties will be cleared in the local profile, and downloaded from the online stats
  • Removed some obsolete entries in the user profile
  • Added a function to delete previously recorded best live lap data
  • Added some consts to Timings to pass string arguments as const references, instead of references
  • Online:
    - Stat manager multi-query supports an arbitrary number of vehicles and tracks in a single query
    - Stat manager multi-query can return unranked entries.
  • Added API to vehicle and track lists to retrieve the array of all vehicle/track Ids
  • Session 360 work , moving from Sabre into OneSock. Still very WIP but got basic SessionCreation,Searching and Joining working via Debug functions and can now build from that
  • Belgian Forest - add new textures - f1 pitbuilding
  • Rain fall added to rainy condition. first pass, needs tweaking. if you have local DocumentsLighting Edits default.wtc file from tweak it tweaks then it needs to be deleted
  • Changed specular mapping coordinate in new_ground shader to use broad scale mapping when broad normal mapping is enabled
  • Eifelwald: Tweaked textures/PSD files
  • Formula B: fixed low-rpm braking torque typo. Doesn't affect driving at all
  • Eifelwald - improved grasscrete texture, psd source file
  • Eifelwald - improved grasscrete texture
  • First pass of dynamic Rain system

Build 275 (8/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • Debug console change to match latest speech interface changes
  • Speech system rework to go along with the recent HRDF changes, and some optimisation
    - SpeechItem class and HRDF parts split off so SpeechItem can contain dynamic data (with some renaming to keep it clear) and HRDF can be unloaded
    - Speech system reworked to use hashed names
    - Sound def indices are now only retrieved the first time, and cached for quick lookup
  • Ghost system:
    - Binary streams can read and write 8-byte numbers
    - Binary streams have API for saving and loading NodeUserId directly
    - Debug output containing node user ids uses helper functions to format the user id, instead of formatting it as a 32-bit integer
    - Fixed error with byte ordering in reads from streams, which could happen if the compiler or optimizer reordered functions calls in some expressions
  • BAC Mono: driving aid effectiveness adjusted
  • Eifelwald: Tweaked textures/PSD files - 1st commit
  • Eifelwald: Tweaked textures
  • Eifelwald: new Karussell concrete texture, psd source file
  • Eifelwald: new Karussell concrete texture
  • New Test Track export

Build 274 (7/8/12, Manager+)
  • Fixed documentation for profile functions wiping stats
  • Stats for tracks and vehicles that no longer exist will not be wiped every frame, but only once after login
  • Added deffered rendering debug items to TweakIt
  • Added in code to render dynamic cloud emaps and generate the diffuse convolve textures
  • Support for Cloud IBL.. Also fixed ps3 warnings
  • Cameras - only apply IgnoreWorldMovementUIValue in replay playback
  • Added Guaranteed and Sequenced message send/receive tests
  • Session messaging tests and fixes:
    - Fixed locking when sending Guaranteed message ACKs
    - Added some extra logging to help us debug potential hybrid p2p/rb protocol issues
    - Changed ping logging from Info level to Debug level
  • Launcher: Added MD5 information to needed patch data printed to log file.
  • WTC set up, ready for IBL code to be added
  • Eifelwald: New texture maps, 1st commit
  • Eifelwald: Tweaked textures/PSD files
  • Load screen overlapping text issue fixed
  • Updated splash screen/startup items (BMW logo, new loading image, improved lanyard)
  • New icons for Aries_Frontend sprite container
  • Eifelwald: textures-First Pass

Build 273 (6/8/12, Senior Manager)
  • Ghost system:
    - Extended ghost API to allow enumeration of ghosts in the local disk cache
    - Extended ghost API for ghost UI to allow access to save game lists.
    - Added a way to cancel save game ghost operation.
  • Fixed Xbox compile error from CL 235108.
  • Temporarily disabled locking checks on PS3
  • Fixed PS3 compile errors
  • Tested and fixed direct p2p sending, receiving and handling of Standard messages
  • Fixed unreferenced variable error in Final builds
  • Updated empty PS3 implementation of GameManager
  • Initial support for "Online Game" events that can be sent between session members over the network. Implemented send of testing Standard (unreliable) message
  • Session messaging WIP:
    - Fixed an issue in message sending
    - Added support for "Game" online messages
  • Launcher: version change
  • Updated emmissives on ferris wheel and tower ride (art source)
  • New Sakitto exports
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