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C.A.R.S. - Neue Version 296 auch für Junior Member verfügbar + BMW M1 Procar und Z4 GT3 in Project CARS spielbar + Bilder

08.09.2012 um 11:50 Uhr
NewsJeder mit Team Member Status sollte es entweder schon wissen oder spätestens jetzt den Download der aktuellen Version starten um in den Genuss zu kommen: Zwei erste BMW Modelle sind in C.A.R.S. spielbar.
Außerdem ist Build 296 für Junior Member verfügbar!
Mit der neuesten Version zu Project C.A.R.S. haben auch Junior Member Zugriff auf die meisten neuen Inhalte. Die meisten deswegen, weil die ab sofort in C.A.R.S. enthaltenen ersten BMW Modelle nur für Mitglieder mit mindestens Team Member Status verfügbar sind.

Dennoch können sich Junior Member über zahlreiche neue Inhalte freuen und haben außerdem Zugriff auf wesentlich erweiterte Strecken mit mehr Details, besseren Texturen, neuen Objektem und vielem mehr.

Zu den BMWs die erstmals im World of Mass Development Rennspiel CARS enthalten sind, gehören der Z4 GT3 sowie der M1 Procar. Beide neuen Autos könnt ihr zudem mit einigen Bildern genauer unter die Lupe nehmen, sofern ihr nicht selber in C.A.R.S. darauf zugreifen könnt.

BMW Z4 GT3 BMW M1 Procar BMW M1 Procar
Alle BMW Bilder zu Project CARS anzeigen

Im Anschluss gibt es wie gewohnt die Übersicht der aktuellsten Builds inklusive des vollständige Changelogs.

Build 296 (6/9/12, Junior+)
  • Added lock for non-available vehicles by status
  • Online sessions:
    * Changed debug outpuf of certain state information to print textual name of the state instead of numeric value
    * Lobby setup request message has new parameters that specify that the sender wishes to receive. (Until now the only option was everything.)
    * Admin will auto-assign user setup for newly joined users that will be used before the new member will send their requests. This will ensure that an admin always has full valid setup
    * Improved the protocol for distributing setup of a user that joins a session in the lobby. There were a few situations where the user's setup would not reach the admin and/or some members, these now work properly.
    * User setup validated by admin will overwrite my local preferred setup, if it was changed during validation
    * Race load syncing up to transition to data loading (work in progress)
    * Renamed some events so that all event names follow the same naming convention
    * If host migration happens at any point during load sequence, the new admin will request state update from all members and all members will send the update to the new admin
    * Debug menu commands to join or create a session will not assert when not joined to a server, instead they will print an error.
  • Restructured damage manager to handle initialisation of damage brushes slightly later during boot sequence, so that memory trace module would be ready
  • Changed vehicle flow to use higher level discipline filter - uses 'vehicle shape' rather than 'vehicle class'
  • Added an 'All' option to the dicipline menu
  • Formula Rookie: Set steering wheel to be removed when option is selected
  • Connecticut Hill crowds - added initial sitting crowds
  • Capitalization added to Main Menu and Quick Solo pages, Show Ghost button hidden until supporting code is available
  • Caterham Classic: set to road class
  • Texturebrightness tweak bathurst
  • Monterey, static objects - fixed intersecting assets with new addons
  • Pagani Huayra: Adjusted for understeer. Increased front tyre stiffness, adjsuted roll stiffness. Increased decell torque on the engine for more lift offoversteer along with a decell diff change
  • Adding track.lod file to avoid most obvoius tree popups at Jin Ding
  • Fixed cockpit exposure for the BMW M1 and the two Paganis
  • Fixed seat adjustment limits for the two BMWs
  • Default livery colour for BMW changed to white
  • Add BMW M1 and BMW Z4 GT3 to vehicle list
  • BMW Z4 GT3: initial animation pack1
  • Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday's stat reset
  • Added national flags: 6 variations
  • Added Z4 GT3 and M1 AI engines (plus compression and distortion dsp)
  • various dsp and level tweaks
  • Tranny volume increased
  • When going into the Setup page from the Quick Solo page the parameter is now set to 1 instead of 0 (previous)
  • New Track Photos taken by the WMD community
  • Tweaksx to dsp curves, engine pitch and rev limit
  • Track logo added to Quick Solo page, track map now at correct size, added Ginetta to the manufacturer logos on the splash screen
  • Fix for one more spotlight bug
  • Formula Rookie: added suspension animation source max files
  • Adding exhuast res, distortion and latest load curves
  • Monterey. Tweaked textures.
  • Trackside truck aniso fixes as requested on the forum
  • Fixed 'go back' issues with vehicle select flow
  • Adding exhaust resonation sound
  • New BMW exports
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Bologna exports
  • New Eifelwald exports
  • New Jin Ding export
  • New Monterey export

Build 295 (6/9/12, Senior manager)
  • Fixed up multiple BList uses to be traced and initialized, to assist with leak debugging and memory pool clearance
  • Certain ghost features are now enabled all the time, instead of only when GHOST_DEVELOPMENT macro is defined
  • Ghost system: Fixed documentation
  • Adds new applinks for vehicle discipline logo, SP track logo and image
  • Fixes some existing UI texture requests to use unifed interface
  • Added radial circle back into a new sprite map called 'aries_frontend_abstract'
  • Fixed issues in vehicle selection process
  • Online sessions:
    * Added a new MP log file to app's online support
    * Changed debug output from DBG_Printf to use the new log in all the session implementation
    * Fixed participant priority values when sending lobby events to a subset of the event members
    * Race setup changes can only be made in the lobby, not later.
    * On host migration in the lobby, the new admin will send setup to all members, and all members will query the setup from new admin, when they learn about the migration. Until now, each member was asking periodically until they received the reply. The two-stage operation is enough
    * Admin remembers load state of each session member
    * Added definitions of events to report game load state from clients to admin, to initiate load, to sync authoritative game setup from admin to all members
    * Changed online interface so that functions that send events do not modify the events
    * Added a hack to BAppEventQueue::_AddEventObject that will make events return correct size of extra data until the network event transmission is fully rewritten
    * Added more getters to BAppEvent that return the event's internal fields to make the above hack possible
  • New vehicle select flow
  • Screens for vehicle select by class, manufacturer and model
  • Disabled code that sets up transparent vehicle rendering for ghosts, because the code crashes. Until it's implemented, the ghost vehicles will render opaque
  • BMW Z4 GT3: Updated cockpit exposure
  • Monterey - add new textures for RecicleArea
  • Vehicle CRD files: set "shape" for all cars
  • Quick Solo screen - Track map size reduced, track flag and photo hidden for now until tomorrow when it can be made prettier
  • Missing SMS manufacturer logo
  • Logos for Jan's new vehicle classes
  • BMW Z4 GT3: Replacing temp collisions
  • BMW Z4 GT3: Updated exhaust positions
  • BMW Z4 GT3: Temp driver position
  • BMW Z4 GT3: updated wheel positions
  • Various vehicles: Fixed XLAST IDs
  • Fixes for floating viewer assets
  • Adds new applinks for vehicle discipline logo, SP track logo and image
  • BMW M1 Procar: First pass on the physics
  • Vehicle class setup in CRD files
  • Drain texture for bologna
  • BMW M1: Tail light glass for preview export
  • First pass at re-balancing car specific FFB weight multipliers.
  • Reinstate understeer fade in FFB.
  • Missing RACER logo added to Manufacturer Logos (for Vehicle Selection screens)
  • BMW M1: Exhaust position set
  • BMW M1: Wheels position and dimension set
  • BMW M1: Updated the placeholder collisions
  • Fix for stock car oval version seat adjustment not workin
  • Monterey. New textures/PSD files. 1st commit
  • Monterey. Tweaked textures/PSD files
  • Changed colors on the pitwall to make it match better to the latest reference
  • Fix for 2 spotlights settings which were lighting during day
  • Bathurst trolley fixes
  • Texture fix for logo issue on Monterey
  • Monterey - add new textures for gass station and woodfences
  • Changed Uses custom envmap to reflective wet surface in project flags
  • New Bologna exports

Build 294 (5/9/12, Senior Manager)
  • Vehicle Class logos added (not yet enabled)
  • ManufacturerLogos needed for Vehicle Select process (not yet enabled)
  • Share icon for new Quick Solo screen (not yet enabled)
  • Added applinks for vehicle selection and time trial screens (not yet enabled)
  • Integrate vehicle helper changes for new vehicle select screens (not yet enabled)
  • Fixed mismatch virtual file position for time trial screens (not yet enabled)
  • Integrating vehicle flow screens (not yet enabled)
  • Fixed Online events so they are generated correctly when received on the target machine
  • BAC Mono: Moved areo center of pressure slightly in back of Mass COG.Changed contact patch buildup with heat back to dynamic
  • Bathurst - pitbuilding interior map
  • Reinstate steering spring FFB force
  • Default FFB tweakers updated to tyres+SOP experimental version
  • New Bathurst export

Build 293 (4/9/12, Manager+)
  • Slow down HDR adaptation rate to avoid rapid scene brightness changes in cockpit view caused by g-force driven camera movements
  • Integrating time trial screen code
  • Set seat adjustment limits to one metre in all directions for all cars
  • Increase granularity of each seat adjustment step
  • Fixed shader compile error for glows
  • New Bathurst trackside scenics
  • Ariel Atoms: adjusted light flares to the new textures
  • Monterey - new textures
  • Livery carbon gloss material update
  • Bodywork_carbon shader moire bug fix. Changed the factor calculation to use clearCoatReflectionVector instead of worldCoordsReflectionVector
  • Belgian Forest - little trees update - around old pitbuilding
  • New Ariel Atom 3 export
  • New Ariel Atom Mugan export
  • New Ariel Atom V8 export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Moterey export

Build 292 (3/9/12, Senior manager)
  • Fix for incorrect speech debug output
  • Increased size of sort list buffers for PC only, to prevent black sky bug
  • Modified defer nodes initialisation to prevent per-platform default list size values being ignored, and increased limit on PC (DX9 and DX11)
  • Online session:
    * Extended the callback arguments to include extra details about what happened
    * Added support for lobby text chat. Not finished, doesn't work
    * Removed extra flags from user setup messages, originally meant for player rediness status. They will be added to a different structure, which wont' be going throgh race setup validation
  • Removed an obsolete workaround for MP time attack driving line visibility mode, which was only half-removed before
  • Belgian Forest - add new and finalize textures for old pitbuilding
  • Vehicles: new headlight flare textures for day and night - night set currently unused. Revised distance scale formula for flares; smoother and simpler
  • Monterey. Tweaked textures
  • Belgian Forest - change and add new textures for old pitbuilding
  • New Eifelwald export
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Die BMWs sind einfach nur geil. Big Smile Der Sound den die haben ist fast schon abartig. Freue mich riesig wenn die Autos fertige Cockpits haben und Decals etc. bekommen.
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Schade dass mein Laptop auf das Spiel nicht mehr klarkommt und mein PC sich weigert, dass Spiel zu installieren Sad
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Was heißt denn, er weigert sich, das Spiel zu installieren?
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Ich glaube er meint die Vorraussetzungen!? Ansonsten kann ich nur das offizielles Forum empfehlen dort gibt es einige findige Leute. Smile
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