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C.A.R.S. - Jede Menge neuer Bilder und Build 306 für Team Member+

21.09.2012 um 14:00 Uhr
NewsDie Woche neigt sich dem Ende zu und Project C.A.R.S. liegt in einer neuen Version zum Download vor.
Ab sofort können sich Team Member oder höher das aktuelle Build 306 herunterladen. Alle anderen haben die Möglichkeit, sich insgesamt 45 neue Bilder aus dem Rennspiel anzuschauen.
Pünktlich zum Ende der Woche hat Slightly Mad Studios eine neue Version des Rennspiel Project C.A.R.S. zum Download bereit gestellt, die für alle mit mindestens Team Member Status verfügbar ist.

Damit nicht genug, gibt es auch einen ganzen Haufen neuer Bilder aus der C.A.R.S. Community. Die inzwischen 33. Community Galerie zeigt wieder tolle Aufnahmen aus der Rennsimulation und beweist auf ein Neues, dass zumindest grafisch hier schon jetzt in der frühen Alpha einiges geboten wird.

Community Galerie 33 Community Galerie 33 Community Galerie 33
Alle Project C.A.R.S. Community Galerie 33 Bilder anzeigen

Project CARS Changelog Build 303 - 306

Build 306 (21/9/12, Team Member+)
  • Time sync WIP:
    * Changed the PC datagram protocol so that the game can now reliably distinguish rebroadcast incoming packets from peer-to-peer packets
    * Added time sync online API
    * Added time sync message types, hooked time sync singleton from core message handling
    * Implemented migration handling and time sync reset calls
    * Actual send/receive/process of time sync messages not implemented yet
  • Fix memtrace name
  • Memory updates for LiveEdit and Environment adding memtraces and mempools
  • Removed all GUI handlers from application precompiled headers. The GUI handlers were causing a lot of other headers to be included in the PCH
  • Online sessions:
    * Waiting for time synchronziation now happens before sending the race sync message, which can thus depend on the synchronized time
    * Members will start the game timer with a synchronized time in the ready-to-pre-race state. (The time synchronization is still fake.)
    * Post-load sync messages contain some extra data generated by the host
    * Admin will send a countdown event to everyone. This does not 100% work with host migration, but this is good enough for now, because the whole race start sequence will be changing later to support join-in-progress and multi-stage races, so the players will be entering an in-race lobby instead of the race track after load
    * Countdown in MP races will use the values generated by the admin, instead of locally generated random values
  • OnlineSupport_SessionVariable.cpp added to Aries.vcxproj
  • Multiplayer Create/Lobby screens now enabled, Free Practice access now fixed
  • CreateMultiplayer and MultiplayerLobby screens created (disabled during implementation)
  • Additional Bathurst texturemap
  • Desaturated a bit the castle textures of Eifelwald
  • Belgian Forest - update trees for marshal huts
  • Northampton - texture tweak
  • Belgian forest - add new texture (marshal huts)
  • Northampton. New textures
  • Northampton. Added details into the windows
  • Added new kerbs textures for Eifelwald, first revision
  • Placeholder texturemap of the videoboard for the GUI scene
  • New Azure Circuit export
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Eifelwald export
  • New Northampton export

Build 305 (20/9/12, Senior manager)
  • Online session:
    * When game state changes between lobby, loading, and race, member variables and states only meaningful in one of the states will be reset. This will later allow cycling between each state several times, e.g. loading a few races in the same session
    * Before transitioning to race, clients wait until they synchronize their time with the admin. For now, there's no actual synchronization, but the code above it is in place
    * Renamed functions dealing with the member variable data block to give them a common prefix
    * Renamed transient load states to make it clear that they're transient states
    Ghost system:
    * EndMission can be called even if the mission hasn't been started yet. This scenario can happen if the game is shut down during certain stages of the race load sequence
  • Azure Circuit: New textures for building
  • Placeholder texturemap of the videoboard for the GUI scene
  • New Belgium Forest export

Build 304 (19/9/12, Senior Manager)
  • Profile:
    - Removed redundant EventStats related code
  • Updated UID/Hash building macros to add leading zeroes to generated hash values
  • Implemented custom allocator for BForceEffect objects
  • Online session:
    * When a member finishes loading of race data, they will switch to the LOADED state
    * Leave and disconnect handlers are now called in a predictable manner
    * Added synchronization service to the session. Each member has a few variables that will be synchronized to other members
    * Added events used to exchange the synchronized data
    * Fixed relative order of app and Online session log entries, so that the App "initiatiing action xxx" appears before the online system logs that it's doing "xxx"
    * Changed app-side logging of session states from numeric values to human-readable strings
    * Fixed a situation where load wouldn't progress after host migration if certain conditions related to message timing would be met
    * Added empty placeholder files
  • Northampton. New textures
  • Artsource textures for dynamic brake markers
  • New Monterey Brake Marker dynamic objects (physics scene files)
  • Rain droplet on paintwork nmp made deeper
  • Paintwork droplet nmp made deeper
  • Common vehicle rain droplet texture edited so that mask has more stages (100 rather than 10). Process now created in after effects so it can easily be edited

Build 303 (18/9/12, Manager+)
  • Fixed scrolling issues in Time Trial leaderboard: Page Down now stops when the last page is reached. Page Up on the first row, or Page Down from the last row, or Go To Top when already at the top, will no longer cause a server request
  • Fixed crash when using 'Use Best In session' and returning to the time trial screen
  • Online: Leaving current game session explicitly can now specify other reason than "session left normally".
  • Monterey - tweak garage texture; new garage AO texture; Removed logos from texturemaps; Statics - fixed intersecting static models with new addons
  • new bathurst texturemaps
  • Missing weather icon from source control
  • New Bathurst and Monterey exports
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