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C.A.R.S. - Build 311 für alle WMD - Mitglieder ab Team Member+ verfügbar

29.09.2012 um 19:00 Uhr
NewsZwar kann die World of Mass Development - Community diese Woche nicht neue Screenshots aus ihrem aktuellen Projekt C.A.R.S. präsentieren, trotzdem war sie nicht tatenlos.
Mit ihrem aktuellsten Build 311, dass für Team Member+ absofort zur Verfügung steht, gibt viele Verbesserungen und Neuerungen. Besonders im Bereich des Online-Multiplayers wurde viel getan.
Während die World of Mass Development - Community diese Woche leider keine neuen Screenshots zu ihrem aktuellen Projekt C.A.R.S. veröffentlicht hat, ist sie trotzdem nicht tatenlos gewesen.

Mit vielen Neuerungen und Verbesserungen im aktuellen Build 311, welches für Team Member+ - User zugängig, belohnt sie dafür jetzt.

Schaut man sich den Changelog der letzten Builds einmal genau an, so wird man feststellen, dass sich einiges im Bereich Online-Multiplayer getan hat.

Nachfolgend findet ihr in unserem Changelog zu den fünf Builds alle Verbesserungen und Veränderungen nocheinmal sorgfältig aufgelistet.

Project CARS Changelog Build 307 - 311

    Build 311 (28/9/12, Team Member+)

    Online session:
  • Increased auto-disconnect timer to ten minutes
  • Moved debug functions to separate files
  • MP races can not be paused
  • When leaving an online race, the app will disconnect from the session. This is a temporary measure until proper return-to-menu flow is finished
  • Added new empty files
  • Removed obsolete files
  • Each node periodically sends update about participants to other nodes. Other nodes process these updates to move the participants
  • Session race handler creates data structure for each online participant, that holds information about some of the low-level online properties of the participant, e.g. update message timing
  • App protocol version attribute is set to protocol version when creating a session
  • Browsing ignores sessions create with a different protocol version. Only compatible builds will see each other’s sessions. This filtering is disabled for now
  • When outside of a game session and when not bound to an active UI, an existing connection to a server will be disconnected after a short period of inactivity. This doesn’t fully work yet, and will disconnect after some time spent in the sub-menus, like track select
  • Fix for dx11 crash
  • Quick fix for GUIList crash, better selection change coming soon
  • 360 Reliable UDP Mesh Messaging for internal mesh messages, internal attributes and sessionstate changes updated to clients, App messages now sent across network so can enter game and race with 2 players Host and 1 Client
  • Physics: Added consts to Decompress and Compress methods of network packets
  • Changed the “search for session” to work with the updated API. Added example code for session filtering and requesting attributes back
  • Extended the game browsing interface:
  • Added session attribute filter descriptor class. On PC and PS3 this contains attribute comparison rules, on 360 it’s just the index of a preconfigured matchmaking query
  • Added filtering by session attributes to session browsing API
  • Session browsing can now return attributes of each session if requested
  • Implemented all above features for PC. PS3 to follow shortly
  • Derby – tweak 2 textures for pitbuilding
  • Wisconsin raceway – add new txt for ToiletBlock
  • Derby – add new textures for new pitbuilding and garages
  • Northampton. Added missing texture files
  • BAC Mono: driver height lowered from third person view
  • Changed default logging level of TimeSync from Debug to Info
  • Wisconsin Raceway – add new textures for entrance
  • Northampton. Removed/reduced textures to one singlemap
  • New Derby exports
  • New Eifelwald export
  • New Northampton export

    Build 310 (27/9/12, Senior manager)

  • Added applinks to enable/disable menu options based on user tier
  • Disabled both online screens for users of below Senior Manager level
  • Restored attribute Gui_Spawn_Y0 in vehicle statistics as Gui_Spawn_Offset_Y
  • Fix for optimumPressure < 0 assert bug
  • Improved MP Create screen
  • First pass lobby screen
  • First pass browse games screen
  • Exported latest attribute descriptors, version attribute has been added
  • Exported latest dedicated server constants and definitions, now with attribute filter operators
  • Northampton. New textures/psd files
  • Applinks updated with Multiplayer and Lobby layer-based appfuncs and Season Mode applinks
  • Eifelwald – reduced GP_Alpha to 0 in karrousell to fix flickering groove
  • Restored attribute Gui_Spawn_Y0 in vehicle statistics as Gui_Spawn_Offset_Y
  • Reduced overall game volume; adjustments to balance between SFX categories and engine volumes
  • Level adjustments based on experimental FDP settings and GAS settings
  • Adjustments (pitch and volume behaviour)
  • Gear change levels adjusted for new experimental settings
  • Levels adjusted; gravel spill sfx booste3d and balanced against latest gravel sounds
  • These FDP have experiemental load-based filtering and EQ settings
  • Bathurst – changed texture
  • Bathurst – New textures for the build
  • First pass water droplets on bodywork shader
  • Wisconsin raceway – add new textures for WhiteBarn and CrossroadsCaffe assets
  • Server List screen added
  • *KNOWN ISSUE* DX11 is broken and will crash on the loading screen of any session.

    Build 309 (26/9/12, Senior Manager)

    Online session:
  • Moved most of the app-side online code to Multiplayer namespace
  • Moved most of the nested types from OlineSupport_Session to the namespace
  • Renamed some of the classes to remove the long common prefix, now that they’re all in the Multiplayer namespace
  • Split server code, session code, setup, load, and race handling from OnlineSupport_Session to a separate subobject
  • Fixed CInGameSection phase sequence while loading to race
  • Done minor code formatting updates
  • Fix for warning as error in shadowlightsgathertask.cpp
  • New Renderloop system. This new rendering loop code breaks up the current in-game rendering into a set of small (fairly atomic) tasks for easier maintenance and re-use
  • Texture edit, vehicle rain droplet mask removed anti-aliasing, manually edited mips to remove aa there too, added alpha channel for spec mask, saved as argb 8888 because dxt screws up the droplet mask colours. added a 1024 and 512 mip specific psd file to the rar
  • Universal “Please Wait” dialog added to dialogbox file
  • New Browse Online Games screen
  • Northampton texture updates

    Build 308 (25/9/12, Manager+)

  • Updates to the rendertask , and rendertask manager to make thread safe
  • Added in callbacks that can be fired when scenegraph queries complete
  • Added in callbacks to dynamic emap gather that can be fired when a gather has complete
  • Checked in fixed files for missing ‘GUIList’
  • Checked in fixed aries.vcproj
  • Physics: Removed writing to uninit.log
  • First pass of multiplayer create screen. Includes MP settings and creating an MP game
  • Online sessions
  • When creating participants in an online race, the participant will remember the RefId of the node controlling the participant
  • Added event that will be used to send vehicle updates among the session members. No updates are sent or processed yet
  • Added flags to session members that specify whether or not each session member is a part of the loading sequence, and of the current race
  • Extended the load protocol to add a new first state, where the host communicates with the members about who will be loading into the race
  • Members in the session who are not performing load will ignore load-related messages
  • Added fake recipient slot IDs, addressing “all loading” or “all racing” session members. Messages directed to these fake slot IDs will be routed to the subset of members taking part in that activity
  • Race Sync message now contains reference time of the point when the admin creates this message. This is be used as the base for the app time in race, to ensure the app timer values do not use the (possibly large) reference time numbers
  • Hooked up time synchronization. App timer on all members is now synchronized
  • Added new empty files in preparation to split OnlineSupport_Session to multiple classes
  • Northampton. New textures
  • New High Stand Paddock Tent Viewer Assets added to Monterey
  • Northampton – stand texture tweak
  • Bathurst terrain texture fix
  • Bathurst – Add textures
  • Belgian Forest: Desaturated the white woods to make them whiter
  • Vehicles: switched to a 80% nighttime blend on the headlight flare texture for better dusk screenshots
  • Added MPRace filter to various HUD elements, making them available in MP races as well
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Eifelwald export
  • New Northampton export

    Build 307 (24/9/12, Senior Manager)

  • Updated OneSock’s Onscreen Debug page system
  • Use 64-bit accumulator when computing average time difference in time sync
  • Added stub handling of SessionTimeSync events
  • Finished initial implementation time synchronization subsystem and integrated it with the rest of the online core
  • Fixed a crash in OnlineSupport_Stats on PS3 when the gamer profile is yet to be loaded)
  • Destroy AICharacters containers on manager disable
  • Leaderboard and ghost data tech integration for Xbox 360
  • Skip crowds setup if no crowd instances found
  • Add container inits/memtraces/mempool usage
  • Time sync WIP:
  • Changed the PC datagram protocol so that the game can now reliably distinguish rebroadcast incoming packets from peer-to-peer packets.
  • Added time sync online API
  • Added time sync message types, hooked time sync singleton from core message handling
  • Implemented migration handling and time sync reset calls
  • Actual send/receive/process of time sync messages not implemented yet
  • Added missing SyncPoint and ProgressPoint log levels to DevModeConfigs. Added TimeSync log level
  • Buttons on EVENTS page now have a background (ie.. not white arrows on a transparent background)
  • Bathurst – New textures
  • Inner grass texturemaps colortweak at Bathurst
  • Additional bathurst texturemaps
  • Monterey static viewer scene – new tents added
    New Azure Circuit export
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