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C.A.R.S. - Build 333 für das World of Mass Development Projekt - Team Member jetzt regelmäßig auf dem aktuellsten Stand

NewsJeder der mindestens Team Member beim WMD Projekt ist, wird es wissen, doch alle anderen bekommen damit vielleicht noch den richtigen Anreiz eventuell doch schon vor der finalen Veröffentlichung selber reinschnuppern zu wollen.
Momentan gibt es jeden Tag Builds ab Team Member Status. Alle Änderungen der letzten Wochen gibt es in der vollständigen News.
All diejenigen, die aktiv beim World Of Mass Development Rennspiel C.A.R.S. dabei sind, wissen es mit Sicherheit, doch für alle anderen, die lediglich darüber lesen, sei uns an dieser Stelle der Hinweis erlaubt, dass momentan alle neuen Build für jeden mit mindestens Team Member Status zugänglich sind.

Das bedeutet, jeden Tag der Woche (außer Samstag und Sonntag) eine neue Version von CARS und damit stetig neue Inhalte und behobene Fehler. Für den Team Member Status müsst ihr 25 Euro ausgeben, erhaltet dann jedoch einen entsprechenden Rabatt auf den finalen Preis von Project CARS, wenn es veröffentlicht wird und bekommt eben schon jetzt Einblick in die Entwicklung und alle neuen Versionen.

Einen Überblick aller Neuerungen der letzten Tage gibt es nachfolgend. Wie gewohnt, sind für jeden Tag die Builds separat aufgelistet und zeigen alle Änderungen im Detail.

Project CARS Changelog Build 328 - 333

Build 333 (26/10/12, Team Member+)
  • Online:
    * Session remembers recent ping time for each session member
    * Ping time is available to the participant for formatting in player labels
    * Changed race length setup value to u16
    * The session game handler keeps a cached copy of the current secondary game attributes
    * Added support for some parts of the race setup to be mirrored in the game or user attributes as non-authoritative information. (No actual values are mirrored yet.)
    * Monitor connection to each member. When failing to ping, deliver messages or ACK guaranteed messages, first tell OneSock to reattempt NAT punchthrough to that member. If communication fails even after that, either kick the member (if we are the host) or leave the session (if we are not the host). Host uses shorter timeouts to ensure that non-responsive members get kicked before other members start leaving because of them
    * Extended GameManager API to allow higher layers to tell OneSock to reattempt NAT punchthrough when they detect direct connection issues
    * Moved platform Specific files into platform folders to match the Solution explorer tree. Fixed up all related include paths
    * Changed the Kick call to make it possible to call it from functions that have the OneSockLock locked
  • Tracks:
    * Heusden: Increased grid size to 40 (was 16)
  • Cars:
    * LODX fixed for cars

Build 332 (26/10/12, Team Member+)
Some cars not showing LOD-X models. Will be fixed in 333

  • GUI:
    *Setting up localisation for time progression settings
    *Fix for return to FE issue with autofocus on shadows
    *Fix for debug menus appear in the FE
    *Fix for dynamic emaps not rendering in the FE
    *Do not render dynamic emap untill the enviroment system is ready
    *Added Round number accessor for the UI
  • Online:
    *Handle "ping to member" events.. For now the ping stats are just passed to GameHandler which ignores them. Later these will be pushed to participants and GUI
    *Maintain ping to all members of joined session. Pings are using whatever route the OneSock layer prefers for those members, so they reflect pings of actualy gameplay messages
    *Cleaned up all OneSock config exclusions, and moved platform files into appropriate folders within the solution explorer
    *Delay initial ping so that we do not attemp to ping members who are not fully connected yet
    *Fixed flickering dislay in background of lobby screen - now correctly shows a black screen
    *Fix for MP specific participants HRDF file not being loaded (side effect being ping display now works in MP, albeit currently always zero until the ping data itself is populated
  • Physics:
    *Removed PhysX 2.8.4 runtime DLL-s
  • Render:
    *Extend RVM LOD scaling to keep cars in view for longer
    *Small tweaks to player labels (smaller size, turn off screen edge clipping)
  • Audio:
    *Updated engine set checked in - this now points to new rookie specific set with latest tech
    *New Rookie engine set (based on the R500 sounds). Has latest vibration and eq, filters etc
    *Updated AI to include rookie set
  • SDK's:
    *Updated props to use Fanatec SDK v0.12.387 and LiveMotion SDK v1.0.4666.0
    *Added Fanatec SDK v0.12.387
  • Tracks:
    *Lakeville Raceway: Adding textures
    *Lakeville Raceway: Remove Lakefile camera file (which broke FOV adjustment)
    *Azure Coast (all variants): Set max AI to 15 (was 12)
    *Azure Coast (all variants): Removed hud
    *Azure Coast Reverse: Added 8 grid spots + fixed wrong sign + resolved illegal character
    *Azure Coast Stage3: Added 8 grid spots + resolved illegal character
    *Azure Coast Stage2: Added 8 grid spots + extended csm behind the latest grid spot + fixed wrong sign+ resolved illegal character
    *Azure Coast Stage1: Added 16 grid spots + extended csm behind the latest grid spot + resolved illegal character
    *Azure Coast: Added 16 grid spots + extended csm behind the latest grid spot + fixed wrong sign + resolved illegal character
    *Eifelwald GP: New textures
    *Belgian Forest Karting: Removed obsolete instanced trees from full BF track
    *Belgian Forest Karting: New tyrewall Blods and added autograss
  • Cars:
    *GUMPERT apollo: Wiper mask saved uncompressed to remove dxt compression issues. *Half ressed to keep the same footprint
    *GUMPERT apollo: Fixed pixel jump error in a couple of the wiper mask frames. removing old dir version
    *BMW M1: New wheels dds texture - replacing placeholder texture

Build 331 (25/10/12, Team Member+)
Car shading is still broken in the front end, but it sorts itself out on return to FE after a race

  • Bug Fixing:
  • Fixes for some crash dumps reported
    1. BattleHardenedManager do not set itself to be unloaded when shut down so can end up using rubbish data
    2. DestroyTasks in rendertaskmanager is not clear all the renderlists
  • GUI:
    *Weather applinks changed to use localised values (SP and MP as well as Seasons), and added a helper to get the weather name for the generated Seasons per-Round weather (now working in UI)
    *Pushing out start fog distance for the garage slightly
  • Online:
    *Prevent 'p' key handle passing through chat window
    *App-side calls for friends stat/leaderboard filter support
  • Physics:
    *Updated CSM baking tool, View tool, and Exporter plugin to use PhysX 3.2.1
    *Updated project to use PhysX 3.2.1
    *Updated common Physics library to use PhysX 3.2.1
  • Render:
    Fixes for static and dynamic emap rendering. Also disabling dof in the FE
  • Physics:
    *Update drafting table entries for all vehicles
    *Updated PhysX runtime DLL-s to 3.2.1
  • Audio:
    *AI level fix (down)
    *Boost for speech in stereo and centre speaker (awaiting decision on 5.1 array distribution)
    *Workaround for the wind sound disappearing. Certain added values aren't working accurately to fill the range to 100% in the latest FMOD Designer
  • Console:
    *Fix to console implementations of ConnectionMonitor to ensure it always updates its copy of the signed-in player name/id before Online can query these cached details
    *Moving GameManagerHelper into GameManager_360
    *Adjusted stack size of Controller #1 thread so application runs with PhysX 3.2.1 on consoles
    *Updated Base library for use with PhysX 3.2.1 on PS3 platform
  • Tracks:
    *Lakeville Raceway: Temporary cameraconfig
    *Lakeville Raceway: Adjusted trees in the backstraight area to have bushes instead of trees
    *Lakeville Raceway: Moved/added cones to block other track variations visually
    *Lakeville Raceway: Additional textures
    *Lakeville Raceway: Texture updates and small fixes on kerbs and lods popup fixings
    *Lakeville Raceway: Track.lod file against trees popping up at Lakeville in distance
    *Lakeville Raceway: Fix for Lakeville being set as a forced rolling start
    *Lakeville Raceway: Replaced popping in bollards with cones
    *Wisconsin Raceway: Added new textures
    *Wisconsin Raceway: Added RA center
    *Northampton: Fixed mapping, AO added [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0]
    *Northampton: New texture maps
    *Belgian Forest Karting Track: Added placeholder GUI files "Under Construction" and reused the BFC Photo for now
    *Eifelwald: Added graffiti textures
  • Cars:
    *Caterham SP300R: Suspension animations and finished ambient occlusion
    *Formula A: collision shape adjustment to hopefully fix the sticky underbody collision issue
    *BMW Z4 GT3: added custom livery textures

Build 330 (24/10/12, Team Member+)
  • Render:
    *Enabled GUI background scene by default for more testing. To disable the scene use -no3DScene on the command line
    *MainMenu - bridge feeding changed to avoid broken discontinuities
    *Frontend now uses the in game rendertasks for rendering the 3d scene
    *Code to handle releasing the default rendertarget when set in the GUI
    *Code so that the default renderview camera use the aspect ratio of the renderer
  • Bug Fixing:
    *Reseting the FE time progression to reatime
    *Fix for crash on exit
    *Fixed an issue with the inclusion of the SmallJobs project in specific configs
    *Fixes due to changes in initalisation order of objects (Use3dscene)
  • Ghost System:
    *Ghost system minor changes
  • Online:
    *In-race chat, first pass
    *Lose chat focus on completing text entry
    *Set start key to 't' for in race chat
    *Clients who join a session during the Loading state (after the join has been started while still in the lobby) will communicate with the host so that they do not block the loading progress
    *Console VoIP update, allowing 3+ players to chat to each other
  • Launcher:
    *Removed old P4 bindings from solutions and projects
    *Converted solution and projects to VS2010
  • Leaderboards:
    *Fix for stat submit failing to send cached scores to the leaderboards
  • GUI:
    *Added common time/weather applinks for the loading screen. Each mode now fills it in as necessary rather than it coming directly from incompatible profile values. Seasons value now uses an enum to make it easier to use
  • Tracks:
    *Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: CSM fixes, terrain tweaks
    *Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: New tyrewalls
    *Northampton: Opacity added.
    *Wisconsin Raceway: Fixed wrong kerb and floating fences
    *Eifelwald: Fixed floating overlay edges, tweaked CSM at some kerbs
  • Cars:
    *BMW z4 GT3: Moved CPIT display, performance optimizations, bugfixes
    *BMW Z4 GT3: Chassis/Cockpit fully textured, UV mapping, CPIT display added, full wheel/tire setup
    *BMW z4 GT3: New export

Build 329 (23/10/12, Team Member+)
  • Render:
    *Calls to feed bridge from physics are called each frame now - even with the same time stamp - should avoid missing dynamic objects which appears after some car proximity
    *SObjectData::ChooseDataSlot - overwriting of newest discontinuous slot avoided
  • Online:
    *Removed legacy debug MP code
  • Ghost System:
    *Changed logging to go to a separate log file, which will be created in Gold build as well
    *Fixed stat submit, so that it doesn't happen while the race is still active (as far as the ghost system is concerned). This prevents the system from asking to upload a ghost before the ghost system knows about the ghost
  • Tracks:
    *Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: Fixed materials
    *Wisconsin Raceway: New textures
    *Wisconsin Raceway: Added new neon sign
    *Wisconsin Raceway: Added latest assets
    *Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: New textures
    *Connecicut Hill: Added new textures for Skip barber building
    *Wisconsin Raceway: Renamed some assets textures
    *Northampton: Merged latest assets
    *Derby National: New export with latest stuff
    *Derby GP: New export with latest stuff
    *Eifelwald: New export
    *Eifelwald: Added stoneblock textures

Build 328 (22/10/12, Team Member+)
  • Solution upgraded to VS 2010
  • Physic:
    *Reinstate grip point for BTM.
    *Switched to 3 rows of seta (24 long).
    *Disable all "bolt-on" FFB forces during STM development and testing.
    *Switch to FMOD v4.42.03 Audio libs, VS2008 Xbox360/PS3/win32 libs., VS2010 Xbox360/PS3/win32 libs. Tweaks to expose more internals for debug metrics and project file changes to suit our setup.
    *FMOD v4.42.03 workaround for event categories not fading when unpaused more than once.
  • Online:
    *Fixed assert in handling UserLeft notification, if it is the local user leaving very early in the connection handler, before UserJoined is received.
    *Added CR_USER_SETUP notification on the admin that would be missing if a user's setup was changed as a result of host validation.
    *Added option for enforcing identical vehicles by the admin.
    *Added API to set/get the identical vehicles option.
    *Modified lobby UI to set / display the identical vehicles option.
  • NAT handling improvements:
    *Adaptive ping rate - do not send p2p pings that often when other traffic is using the direct connection anyway.
    *Detect issues with the direct route. These include no traffic and no response to pings or sudden change in the port of incoming datagrams. Fall back to rebroadcasting and reattempt NAT punchthrough when issues are detected. When a connection has issues after reestablishing the direct route too often, fall back to rebroadcasting to that member for the rest of the session.
    *Fixed formatting of non-ascii adapter name/description breaking the entries.
  • Audio:
    *levels changes - especially to AI
    *balancing changes to boost volumes of splutters in the light of recent changes
    *balancing changes to rectify volume issues with damage.
    *balancing adjustment to gravel
    *balancing changes to Andy's previous config.
    *some eq and compression changes to aid audibility for pit to car comms.
  • Tracks:
    *Northampton, added night lighting spots and statics, added trees and bushes instances, texture updates
    *Fixes to dynamic objects smoothing groups
    *Lakeville GP new basic AIW. main path and 43 start spots. Needs triggers added and completed from there
    *Wisconsin_raceway - add new txt for wooden fences
    *New Derby dynamic ad boards and corner marker changes as requested on forum
    *BelgianForrestCircuit Tweaked the saturation.
  • Cars:
    *Gumpert wiper mask texture added. contains rivulet nmp x and y in rg, rivulet threshold mask in b and the 8 by 8 wiper mask cells in the alpha channel. Currently dxt 5 2048x1024. souce files added to psd sub folder. the rar contains the max file for creating the mask and a splash texture used in the max file for the pools of water from the wiper. The rar also contains 2 psd files for creating the texture. The first contains the channel swaps for the fina texturel but the content is uncompressed and the second contains all source rivulet data before it gets non uniformly scaled down to fit the final texture res. Finally in the rar is the TexturePacker file for combining the rendered pngs into a single sheet.
    *Gumpert apollo: rain drop effect enabled. cpit windscreen mapped and ready for wiper mask effect
  • Several other track and car exports (no CL)
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