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C.A.R.S. - Build 456 mit vielen Verbesserungen veröffentlicht

28.04.2013 um 10:15 Uhr
NewsAm Freitag war es wieder soweit, Slightly Mad Studios hat ein neues Build für alle World of Mass Development Mitglieder veröffentlicht, die mindestens den Status Team Member oder höher haben.
Neben Optimierungen bei der Grafik, Physik und den Fahrzeugen, wurden auch zahlreiche Fehler beseitigt.
Bereits am Freitag hat der Entwickler Slightly Mad Studios ein neues Build für das Rennspiel Project C.A.R.S. veröffentlicht. Dieses ist wieder für alle mit mindestens Team Member Status verfügbar. Erst in der nächsten Woche kommen auch World of Mass Development Mitglieder mit niedrigerem Status in den Genuss einer neuen Version, die alle Verbesserungen und Änderungen der vergangenen Wochen bereit stellt.

Die Veröffentlichung vom Freitag bietet wieder zahlreiche Optimierungen im Bereich der Grafik, der Fahrzeugphysik, der Bedienoberfläche und behebt zudem jede Menge Bugs, die noch vorhanden waren.

Erst am Dienstag hat Slightly Mad bekannt gegeben, dass auch Mercedes-Benz als weiterer lizenzierter Fahrzeughersteller in C.A.R.S. vertreten sein wird. Doch jetzt gibt es erst einmal das komplette Changelog der vergangenen Woche in der Übersicht.

Project CARS Changelog Build 452 - 456

Build 456 (26/4/13, Team Member+)
  • GUI:
    * Add display of tyre variations
    * Updated tyre label debug text
    * Fixes display of tire details on first entering the tuning screen
    * Add display of default tyre option until changed
    * Added support for Freecamera in the UICameraManager i.e Freecamera in the FE
    * Fixes for memory handling for new list-in-list functionality
    * Added new selection and click through type for list and menu. Added 'list-in-list' handinling for GUIListItemData
    * New career screens, correct items for the Career Options dialog, new sprite containers (TeamLogos and Aries_Frontend2), placeholder data on the Vehicle Model screen
    * Set Password dialog box updated, placeholder dialog boxes added for Career Dashboard
  • Physics:
    * Tyre options updates
    * Added -A/B/C options to tyre interfaces in setup data
    * Removed command line option for -A/B/C
    * Updated allocation strategy of PhysX memory output stream
    * R500 Dirtster tyre added to #A
    * Mitsu Evo, Ford Focus, Renault Megane - added AJ's dirt tire as #A option
  • Render:
    * Planar reflection texture setup fixed (remove incorrect anti-alias/depth setting)
    * DX11 mipmap calculation fix (causing a startup crash with planar reflections in certain modes)
    * DX11 support for ESM/EVSM (disabled atm)
    * DX9/DX11 - fix half width shadowmap usage (following on from Kev's spot shadows rework)
    * Experimental fix for flickering moon when in modes which do not clear the depth buffer
  • Shaders:
    * Support for ESM/EVSM in PC shadowmap shaders
  • Tracks:
    * Lakeville Raceway: Merged in new grandstand
    * Lakeville Raceway: New textures for main tribune
    * Lakeville Raceway: Added lights to top of grandstand
    * Lakeville Raceway: Fixed microgaps, terrain issues around pit area and merged in latest assets
    * Lakeville Raceway: Reduced texture size and changed colour of roofing to match RL(green)
    * Test Track Hillclimb: DIRT_ROAD collision material added
  • Vehicles:
    * BMW M3 E30: gearshifter arm position fixed, gearshifter animation enabled
    * Formula C: placeholder model export for physics testing

Build 455 (25/4/13, Senior Manager)
  • Vehicle Options:
    * Added Auto Start Engine Option
  • Render:
    * DX11 - add direct Resolve method to Rendertarget class (used for resolving the whole shadowmap when using MSAA with EVSM)
  • Console:
    * Fixed xbox 360 compile error in CHUDReputation where code was comparing a bool to a boolean
    * Sorted out the pragma disabling __declspec(align()) so that it is specific to XBOX 360
    * Fixed up 360 shadow code for new spot shadow interface
  • Scribe:
    * Scripted Controller Detection (work-in-progress)
    * Implemented new GUI Dialog helper (GUIOKCancelListDialog)
    * Added new dialogs to detection script
    * Advanced script detection flow
  • GUI:
    * Added Auto Start Engine Option to GUITool data
  • Physics:
    * Better seeds for the FlashTread/ModalCarcass combo
  • Shaders:
    * Shader fixes for Colour Buffer shadow output path (required for EVSM path)
    * VSM Blur shader updated for EVSM and DX11 compatibility. (Also removed Xbox 360/PS3 support from this shader since the technique will never be used on those platforms)
  • Vehicles:
    * BMW M3 E30: temporary disabled gear to animation
    * BMW M3 E30: hand position fixed
    * Ariel Atoms (all 3): Removed camber exploit. Adjusted tire long shape and inclination stiffness mix to suit

Build 454 (24/4/13, Senior Manager)
  • Launcher:
    * Bumped launcher version.
    * Disable SSL certifikace checks
    * Perform discovery over plain http instead of https
  • Environment:
    * Code to allow us to have different sun flares based on wether we are inside or outside of the car
    * Code so that the live edit varibales for the weahter system are not created untill requested
  • Championships:
    * Added new RaceCalendar classes/files and hooked it into the Championships (optional). RaceCalendar groups RaceCalendarEvents in a way that's better for dealing with a calendar format, and includes functionality for sorting by date/time and getting all events on a specified date
  • Bug Fixes:
    * Fix for back fires only kicking off once
    * Fix for crash with trying to free backfire to wrong pool
    * Fix for alpha issues
    * Shader code changes to fix issues with trees and tree walls not matching up between the phases
  • GUI:
    * Groundwork updates to race screens to show correct vehicle class logo and weather icon
    * Sections added for LayoutDescription and VehicleDescription
    * Remaining Vehicle Class logos added
    * Mainmenu data changes for Interior and Exterior Cockpit Flares
  • Audio:
    * Updated to balance out extra music in music.fdp
    * Music updates with latest 3 tracks from recent trailers
  • Tracks:
    * Lakeville Raceway: New Textures
  • Vehicles:
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: Quick addition of FRookie mirrors to help with MP racing
    * Ford Capri Group5: added 15 more liveries
    * BAC Mono: Removed camber exploit. Applied diff numbers for the Hewland FTR from what we found in the F3 setup manuals

Build 453 (23/4/13, Manager+)
  • Physics:
    * FlashTread, first release
  • Bug Fixes:
    * Fixed bug introduced during Fanatec SDK upgrade where incorrect variable was being dereferenced in a destructor
    * Fixed the FOV issue on first race start
    * Fix for compile error on xbox 360
    * Fix lazy init for HUD text table container
  • Render:
    * Code changes so Directional and Spotlight shadows use their own rendertargets. This is preparatory work for EVSM changes and to allow us to be able to filter each cascade thus helping with cascade bleeding and edges
  • Environment:
    * New applinks for sun flares options
  • Audio:
    * Adding new music tracks (not yet enabled in game)
  • Animation:
    * New idle and action for tablet person
  • Vehicles:
    * Ford Capri Group5: added the Top5 winning liveries + black rims
    * Lotus 98T: Removed camber exploit. Adjusted inclination stiffness of tire crcass to suit
    * Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Paint and glass UV done. Asymmetric details added. LODX model done
    * Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Bumpers joints fixes
    * Gumpert apollo S: Opened up radiators on default setup
    * Using boost on the Formula B and Caterham SP/300.R causes the game to crash
    * Backfires on cars only fire once (and it's green).

Build 452 (22/4/13, Senior Manager)
  • Common:
    * Extra guard so we don't shut a particle down 2 times
    * Null pointer checks around PP interface
  • Environment:
    * Additional lens flares added for when they become selectable in the FE
    * sun_full - current one
    * sun_minimal - just the main star and glow with a couple of very subtle secondary elements for some movement, probably wants to be default in cockpit and helmet view
    * sun_subtle - subtler version of the full one with less secondary elements
    * Sun_chroma - similar to old one but built with the new keyable setup and the chroma arcs now scale with angle
    * Triangle secondary elements changed to pentagons also
  • Vehicles:
    * BMW M3 E30: Alpha2 animations, Shifting animation still disabled: requires fix in car export
    * Lotus 78: Removed camber exploit. Adjusted LongShapeStiffness and InclinationStiffness to suit change
    * Ruf RGT-8: Wheels dds texture. New texture replacing placeholder texture
    * Ruf RGT-8: brakedisc dds texture. New texture replacing placeholder texture
    * FOV settings are broken when starting a race (I've found a few restarts sometimes fixes this)
    * Using boost on the Formula B and Caterham SP/300.R causes the game to crash
    * New Fanatec SDK is sometimes causing a crash upon game exit

Nach aktuellem Stand erscheint Project CARS im Jahr 2014. Eine genauere Eingrenzung liegt derzeit noch nicht vor. Auch, ob CARS für Next Gen Konsolen veröffentlicht wird, ist derzeit ungewiss. Fest steht jedoch, dass der PC die primäre Plattform ist und die Versionen für Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 sowie Nintendo Wii U entsprechend portiert werden. Damit ist sicher gestellt, dass PC Spieler das bestmögliche Erlebnis erhalten und keine Abstriche zu erwarten haben, weil auf Konsolen optimiert wird.
Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
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