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C.A.R.S. zeigt sich mit mehr als einhundert Screenshots von seiner schönsten Seite + Build 484 für Team Member verfügbar

02.06.2013 um 10:00 Uhr
NewsAm Freitag wurde wieder ein Build veröffentlicht, das auch für jedes Team Member des World of Mass Development Rennspiels Project C.A.R.S. zum Download bereit steht.
Daneben warten über einhundert Bilder darauf in Augenschein genommen zu werden um erneut die umwerfend schöne Grafik zu bewundern.
Am Freitag veröffentlichte Slightly Mad Studios wieder das aktuellste Build für Project C.A.R.S., das auch für Team Member verfügbar ist. Nächste Woche werden auch Junior Member wieder ein Update herunterladen können.

Wie gewohnt enthält das aktuelle Build, in diesem Fall trägt es die Nummer 484, alle Änderungen die im Verlauf der gesamten Woche an C.A.R.S. durchgeführt wurden. Auch alle neuen Inhalte stehen damit jedem Team Member oder höher zum Download.

Weiterhin haben wie alle Bilder das Community Galerie 56 zu unserer Screenshot Übersicht des Rennspiels Project CARS hinzugefügt. Insgesamt 111 Bilder zeigen ein weiteres Mal, wie detailliert und realistisch Slightly Mad bei C.A.R.S. die visuelle Präsentation gestaltet.

Über 100 weitere Bilder zu Project C.A.R.S. gibt es in der C.A.R.S. Screenshot Galerie.

Project C.A.R.S. Changelog Build 472 - 484

Build 484 (31/5/13, Team Member+)
  • Render:
    * x64 configurations now compiles cleanly
    * DX11 fix for depricated 16bit texture formats loading bug
    * Fixed 64 bit pointer warnings and depracated string warnings
    * Enabled 64 bit config. Excluded OculusRift cpp from PS3 configs
    * Fixed Oculus Rift VS props so that it displays properly in the Property Manager
  • Bug Fixes:
    * Fix for online being stuck in a restart loop when pressing "Advance"
    * Fixed the problem with the distorting AI engine sounds (now re-enabled) by changing how it recycles the instances (distance rather than volume-based), and fixed an issue with glitching during transitions
  • GUI:
    * Fixed quad visibility applink
  • Base:
    * Added PCH support
    * Fixed options/settings
    * Fixed warnings/errors reported by WiiU compiler
    * Added ResetTickEvent to gManager
    * Call ResetTickEvent automatically when either AutoDeactivateManagers, EnterGameMode or LeaveGameMode is called
    * OculusRift removed from 64 bit config
  • Environment:
    * Code to generate air pressure (pa) and altitude base air temp based on altitude of the track. Also added hooks so we can provide the altitude of a track via its trd
  • Game Modes:
    * Race weekend enabled in Front-End
    * Basically, now all the Quick Race game mode menu options are now working
    -Quick race mode, is now Race Weekend mode.
    -Re-enabled the TwoRaceFormat menu option
    -Fixed a bug in the Custom Race GUI handler, so now the correct game mode options are enabled on first-time into the menu
    -Fixed a bug in the number of laps being overridden by the previous sessions
    -Fixed a round-tripping bug where the current session index wasn't being reset across seperate games
  • Physics:
    * Tires: Adjustments to both FlashTread and ModalCarcass improving inclination (camber) behavior
  • Replays:
    * Missing file from previous replay-fix added
  • Tracks:
    * Azure Circuit: Added new Andreas sea/water,added bg mountain/remapped and retextured the terrain above the rascasse/saintdevote, added new cruiseship+new building from James, fixed few things here and there
    * Azure Circuit: Initial trackside cameras and raceline added
  • Vehicles:
    * BAC Mono: fixed up center camera position
    * Ford Mustang Boss 302R: fixed steering sync on temporary driver anims
    * Pirault Mega: Minor fix on CPIT body meshes
    * Pirault Mega: Added LODA roof/windscreen to CPIT body, fixed minor issues
    * RUF RGT: Fixing legacy issues in AI engine sound to put it in the correct sound category and misc settings
    * Gumpert Apollo: Fixed LODs A and B wheel nuts colors (different left and right)
    * Gumpert Apollo: LODC update. Some basic detailing added
    * Pagani Huayra: Minor collision joints update
    * Pagani Huayra: Needles instruments calibrated

Build 483 (30/5/13, Senior Manager)
  • Oculus Rift:
    * Fixed Oculus Rift VS props so that it displays properly in the Property Manager
    * Add IPD (interpupillary distance) setting to low level OculusRift initialisation
    * Add OculusRift helper class to GraphicsEngine vcxproj/filters/include
    * Add OculusRift SDK 0.2.2
  • Base:
    * Removed warnings as errors option from Test app due to it being test code, some of which checks that warnings are reported correctly
    * Made BThreadCurrID visible to critical module for use by re-entrant crit
    * Fixed Base Test PC configs. Added Oculus Rift paths
  • Replays:
    * Increased file size limit to 1Gb
    * Fix for incorrectly adjusted from/to timestamps on event buffers
    * Increased capacity of central event buffer
    * Prevent event and sample meta-buffers from attempting to advance the look-ahead buffer head past the end of the recorded stream
    * Fixed a couple of debug text buffer overruns
  • Physics:
    * Loose Objects: Increase capacity of event data replay buffer
  • Render:
    * Renderer fix (OCR exclusions) to fix Xbox 360 compilation
  • Environment:
    * WTC file updates including low layer cloud fade out for conditions that don't use these types of cloud and keyframes for the water emap and spec factors so that it doesn't glow so much at night
    * Ocean and sky ring shaders using new tweakers

Build 482 (29/5/13, Senior Manager)
  • GUI:
    * Added 'time of day' icons and text applinks for loading and in-race screens (not yet in game)
    * TimeOfDay quad added to relevant screens ready for new icon to appear (needs applink)
    * Updated weather icons and new time of day icons
    * Updated console button icons
  • Base:
    * Fix for unintentional removal of live update data being sent out to TweakIt
    * Fix for SimApp / apps not using Input caused by LiveEdit, also adds PS3 Unity files for latest editor code
    * Fix LiveEditTool vcproj file so that DirectX includes are added
    * Camera Editor, LiveEdit updates and TweakIt code updates
    * Added creation tools for all camera object types
    * Added auto live update for selected single objects to give better feedback
    * Sorted out editing of spline nodes in the tool UI
    * Added support for proper key code values back to game and added delete functionality for selected objects
    * Added reference assignment/removal using reference selection via a new dialog to make editing easier
  • Environment:
    * Particles respawning improvements for better view-fill capability mostly needed for snow support due to snow lower fall speed. This CL needs latest Effects/Particles/Textures/Weather/raindrop.dds
  • Renderer:
    * Oculus Rift WIP (more low level plumbing)
    * New DX11 texture loader - this is to fix the long standing purple texture/cracked glass bug and also reduces the current peak system memory usage caused by a workaround to defer the release of intermediate d3d textures
    * Don't render the Landscape in the dummy environment map - because the landscape rendering would then use itself(!) since it uses an envmap (This caused occasional reflection corruption on Azure Circuit)
    * Add DUMMY ENVMAP visualisation to F1 debug menu
    * Modified thin client mip-skipping option to make it more useful
  • Shaders:
    * Improved Water shaders (sea/riverbed transmission, fixed reflections plus global light level scaling)
  • Tracks:
    * Northampton Classic: Interior textures, added viewer spotlights, added new skyring added wetroad fx to kerbs added night spotlights

Build 481 (28/5/13, Manager+)
  • GUI Tool:
    * Added 'select next/prev list option' result
    * Fixed new GUITool compile errors
  • Environment:
    * Enviroment system now uses custom object pools for the weather cycle timeline components.. this reduces the number of allocs required by the enviroment system alot
  • Tracks:
    * Northampton Classic: Textures update
    * Northampton Classic: Adding cameras /marbles tweaked grass settings/ added skids/ fixed lod popups / added wetroad fx to main road at Northampton classic

Build 480 (24/5/13, Team Member+)
  • Audio:
    * Set AI volume to zero to temp cure audio corruption issue until Stuart can trouble shoot
  • Shaders:
    * Disabled motion blur for drivers materials
  • Tracks:
    * Northampton Classic: Fixed nasty pop up of track/terrain part
    * Northampton Classic: Added track Hud map
    * Northampton Classic: Added raceline
    * Northampton Classic: Added autograss and tracklights
  • Vehicles:
    * Pagani Zonda R: Stiffer roll bars on Ben's feedback, tuned engine and brake heating/wear, temporary increase in tire pressure until an STM heating model is done
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: Revised setup on petrolhd's initial feedback

KNOWN ISSUES: We have disabled the AI sound to make it bearable to do races with more than 7 AI.[/list]
Build 479 (23/5/13, SM)
  • Audio:
    * The GameAudioSettings now provide us with more volume headroom to allow a greater dynamic range.
    * Implement Zonda R engine set with new dynamic amplitude, new _Ext gear shift and distance based filter (occulsion) and reverb and added more bass to lower RPM range and fattened up the thin sounding exterior high rpm samples.
    * Remix ALL cars and every sonic event in the CSD files to suit new dynamic.
    * Create new external gear shift sounds in a new category called Gt1, which requires further code support to get it working correctly.
    * Added the Zonda R Ai engine and remixed the Ai engine volume globally.
    * Further tweak of the thin sounding Zonda R exterior onhigh sample.
  • AppSupport:
    * Moved 'fill loadout ' functions to GUI helper to share with loading screen
    * Added 'slotType' to filter data
  • Render:
    * Build Script changes to create separate ShadersDX9.bff and ShadersDX11.bff pakfiles. Game App now loads ShadersDX11.bff or ShadersDX9.bff dependent on the DirectX version. (saves around 70MB of memory! also improves boot-time)
    * remove ATI_SHADOWS from shader compiler combinations
  • GUI:
    * Small fixes for list item update
    * Adds callback ability to list item 'fill' calls
  • Tracks:
    * Bathurst -fixed texture seam -fixed exclusion map which had issues rendering grass in later part of the track -fixed collision issue at end of the track on right side of the track as reported on forum
    * fixed grassocclusion at Bathurst
    * rebranded adverts around track with temp textures at Northampton classic

Build 0478 skipped

Build 477 (22/5/13, SM)
  • Base:
    * Fixed a bug that caused stale threads to still collect messages sent to its queue, resulting in memory leak/fragmentation
  • Physics:
    * AIW file for Northampton classic first revision
  • Render:
    * Removed legacy shadow depth format support - saves approximately 20MB of memory with the appropriating shader combinations change
  • GUI:
    * northampton classic related GUI files
  • Tools:
    * TranslateIt
    1.Basic importing of trasnlations.
    2. Improvements to UI Lists to allow expandable items to any depth and to visually show an item as items to expand.
  • Tracks:
    * northampton classic related trackfiles; added the track to teh game
    * fixed material errors lod distances skyring fixed added track related stuff to p4

Build 476 (21/5/13, M+)
  • Physics:
    * BMW M3 GT4: Repositioned tires to correct track width. Tests on both brake and engine wear. Revised front suspension geometry.
    * Tires: heat model, although not completely connected to hdvehicle yet
  • GUI:
    * Added accessors for in-place modification of list contents
  • Audio:
    * adding Greg's new external WIP gear change sounds for testing
    * GameAudioSettings.xml unlocked for Greg's updates
  • Tools:
    * TweakIt - Added new mouse cursors
  • Vehicles:
    * BMW_M3_GT4: Narrowed tires and repositioned for correct track width
    * BMW M3 E30: fixed selection sets, separated LODX/LODA/CPIT meshes, started CPIT mesh reduction, various fixes

Build 474/475 (17/5/13, TM+)
  • GUI:
    * Fixes for grid out-of-sight selected items
    * Rewrite of list grid scrollings
  • Tools:
    * TweakIt - Camera Editor now available to TM+.
  • Vehicles:
    * BMW M3 E30: Calibrated gauges
    * BMW M3 E30: Fully textured cockpit
    * Pirault_mega_sr. Animation files. Animation files initial checkin.
    * BMW M3 E30 Group A: Cockpit DDS texture - All new texture. Initial check in.
    * BMW M3 E30 Group A: Steering wheel DDS texture
    * Updated Windows, Windscreen materials. Created all new CPIT/LODA/B wipers. Fixed CPIT animations. Wipers animation CPIT/LODA/B added. Wipers mask added. Fixed issues on uv3 body/Boot glass mapping LODC. Fixed LODC Glassblacks parts that were using misc material.

Build 472 (17/5/13, Senior Manager)
  • Tools/Script:
    * Removed shader warnings when legacy shaders no longer match temp stored info
  • Animation:
    * Driver anims alpha 2: bmw m3 gt4
  • Audio:
    * Increased the maximum level reverbs to match the tracks better.
  • AppSupport:
    * Add loading and unload of in-race textures, fixes radio display.
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