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C.A.R.S. - Build 499 für Team Member verfügbar

NewsAm gestrigen Freitag wurde wieder eine neue Version von Project CARS für Team Mitglieder oder höher veröffentlicht, die mit vielen Neuerungen und Verbesserungen aufwarten kann.
Wie gewohnt wurde am gestrigen Freitag ein neues Buildfür Project CARS veröffentlicht, das auch für alle mit mindestens Team Member Status zugänglich ist.

Sämtliche Änderungen, Verbesserungen und Fehlerbeseitigungen findet ihr im nachfolgend aufgeführten Changelog über alle Versionen der vergangenen Tage.

Project C.A.R.S. Changelog Build 490 - 499

Build 499 (21/6/13, Team Member+)
  • WiiU:
    * Set SDK to 2.08.13
    * Fixed up all vsprops includes
    * wip updates to link paths/libs
    * Fixed PCH usage for majority of projects
    * WiiU RenderTarget Implementation
    * WiiU fix m_RTTI link errors in Driver/Team/Track/Vehicle lists
    * Added stubbed version of WiiU Input module
  • Physics:
    * Unfreeze AI vehicles when moving from on grid to reacting to start of race
  • Replays:
    * Update instant replay menu option regardless of state
  • GUI:
    * Separated Calendar event data from the Seasons event data (new placeholder Calendar data added), so they're now loaded/handled independently, with ChampionshipManager load/unload made generic to handle both types. RaceCalendar extracted from ChampionshipManager and can now be accessed from app directly
    * Fixed incorrect session name title for Time Trial games
    * All manufacturer and track logos refined, missing ones added to splash screen
    * Fort Felix track logo removed from splash screen
    * Bannochbrae logo added to the game along with placeholder track map
    * Save Replay button now has the correct 'Save Available' applink attached to it
  • Render:
    * Re-wrote a block of debug string output to ensure that it doesn't produce spurious warnings with overly paranoid compilers
    * Reduced angle that directional light has to move before the shadow projection direction gets updated - this gives much smoother updates, so that even at 240x real time the movement is smooth
  • Race Weekend:
    * Return vehicle to garage on pressing (Return to Pit), and keep game unpaused
    * Fixed no full-screen mouse when entering Race Overview screen for the first time
    * Fixed session timer being reset upon clicking 'Drive'
    * Tweaks to car into garage to set gearing, and freeze the pose of the vehicle
  • Career:
    * Separated Calendar event data from the Seasons event data (new placeholder Calendar data added), so they're now loaded/handled independently, with ChampionshipManager load/unload made generic to handle both types. RaceCalendar extracted from ChampionshipManager and can now be accessed from app directly
    * Updated the career calendar gui data with more applinks/appfuncs
    * Calendar menus changed to List format in preparation for data to be auto-entered into it
  • Driver Liveries:
    * Driver liveries GT 2010: Added material to export and MAT file
    * Driver character liveries: Updated selection set
    * Drivers RCF outfits: Fixed bug for outfit index
    * Fixed number of livery options in driver replacement files, to prevent AI from selecting custom livery
  • Tracks:
    * Derby: Fixed cameras, fixed csm issue in pit with tyrestacks, fixed draw distance issue, color adjusted kerbs
    * Northampton Classic: New tyrebridge mesh and materials, new fences textures and position fixes, stiching and mapping fixes
    * Bathurst: Fixed further small gaps and uvstretching on walls and terrain. Fixed small gaps in wall and fixed collision issue at last chicane on the right wall
  • Vehicles:
    * Mercedes SLS: Assigned the default car paint to the car
    * Pagani Huayra: revised, but not final, brake heating/cooling and other small changes to improve handling issues

Build 498 (20/6/13, Senior Manager)
  • GUI:
    * RaceCalendar functionality added for UI hookup - getting all events in a month, if any events exist on a given date, and player eligibility checking. Added debug code to verify the code/data, and show usage format for UI
    * Save and SaveReplay buttons separated in functionality for PaulH
  • Render:
    * Fixed a couple of pre-processor commands so that it is possible to enable mesh visualisation techniques in GOLD builds when required
  • Bug Fixes:
    * Moved tyre indices setting up to per participant, fixes the changing tyres, then changing cars crash bug
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU fix for SmallJobs external job declaration macro set not producing the correct name
    * WiiU add missing CGameApp_WiiU.cpp
    * Add Presence::Update() for WiiU
    * WiiU fix for bad use of sqrt instead of sqrtf (Vehicle Dynamics link error)
    * Fix recent graphics config changes causing a WiiU/console build error
    * WiiU fix one sock linker errors
    * WiiU fix some GraphicsEngine linker errors
    * WiiU fix various Renderer linking issues
  • Race Weekend:
    * Added interfaces and logic to teleport vehicle to pits / garage as well as hand control back and leave pits / garage
  • Characters:
    * Driver: Added 4th entry livery variation in RCF and uploaded Textures
  • Physics:
    * Ariel Atoms: tuned heating/cooling/wear of engine and brakes
    * Lotus 98T, Lotus 78, Ford Capri, Ford GT40. All got new tire tweaks, rolling resitance/damping with top speed drag and gearing adjustemnts and chassis/aero balancing in the setups. Ford GT 40 added 9 final drives to cover all the track variations
  • Tracks:
    * Bathurst: Tweaked kerbs along the whole track as suggested by Wmd members
  • Vehicles:
    * Ford GT40: All exterior mapped&textured, new lights setup, lightglow billboards updated, some meshwork. CPIT chassis, LODC and LODD updated, temp LODA for export created etc
    * Mercedes SLS: Added LODX, updated other LODs, fixed bugs, minor polishing
    * Mercedes SLS: Updated textures for LODX

Build 497 (19/6/13, Senior Manager)
  • WiiU:
    * Added eAlignDefaultBytes to all platforms that specifies default alignment in bytes rather than a tAlign enum value. This is useful for calls such as __basealign(eAlignDefaultBytes)
    * WiiU: Added remaining sync file implementations (OpenRW/Write/Flush/Exists/Delete)
    * WiiU: Implemented BDir module
    * WiiU: Fixed buffer alignment issues in BLog
    * WiiU: Removed debug breaks from save game module until implementation is done
    * WiiU: Set default props to use -no-rtti in all configs
    * Wii U minor fix for GUI not compiling
    * WiiU full implementation of CRenderContext (renderstate setting)
    * Add SMS Tools Helper injection process to post build process in WiiU configs
    * Updated WiiU file ops to use FS_RET_ALL_ERROR return handling
    * Fixed bug in WiiU Thread code where thread tId wasn't being set
    * Set main thread to (normal priority + 1) so that normal pri threads get cpu time as WiiU threads don't time slice. This is a temp solution until proper thread balancing and core affinity is set
    * Implemented WiiU BTimer module, BTimerMilli and BtimerMicro
    * Updated legacy debug calls to new format in timer module
  • Render:
    * Fix for missing DX9 particles
    * Minor fix to allow 4k windowed rendering -WindowSize 3840,2160
  • Audio:
    * ALL 3 Caterhams now have gear wobble, assigned int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and a new distant echo curve
    * The SP300 has a better engine rev range/pitch and sequential shift sounds
    * The Formula A now has a high frequency gear wobble, a tweaked distant echo curve and occlusion filter curve
  • GUI:
    * HUD messages and Replay Screen tidied slightly
    * G forces and clutch pedal returned to the Telemetry screen, end of multiplayer race screen updated, minor tweaks to logo quality
  • Physics:
    * Tires: Modal+Flash tire for Asano LM11, BAC Mono. Modal carcass for Caper Monterey. Reduced rotational damping on MRF-G
  • Tracks:
    * New export of Bannochbrae varients
  • Vehicles:
    * Gumpert Apollo: Damage deformations and cockpit animations added. Fixed wiper mask animation materials. Glass UV3 fixes

Build 496 (18/6/13, Manager+)
  • AI:
    * Added basic support for AI telemetry
  • Options:
    * Adding an option for helmet blur.. by default dof is on
  • Physics:
    * Lotus 78, Lotus 98T, Cqapri GR5. New tires based off the curb fix casey dicoveed. Not using as much and blendin more conservatively with the other stick factors. Definitley works better overall. Better throttle steer on all three cars. Also all three cars got some top speed/gearing tweaks along with some aero/chassis balance changes. The 78 got a downforce reduction along with pitching the main underbody downforce forward for a more nimble on the edge feel
  • Audio:
    * Dropped all car category volumes by 30% to see if that fixes the distortion some members are getting with their soundcards
  • Shaders:
    * Modified new_ground shaders to improve handling of normal mapping - this allows the artist to select a new option "Detail UVs from UV1?" which ensures that the normal map direction is correct in cases which previously were using another channel. Further work remains to be done on the transition version

Build 495 (17/6/13, Senior Manager)
  • Ignition:
    * Added engine off when ignition off with new volumetric throttle system
  • Physics:
    * Physics material update to sort out index problem with material pool materials
  • GUI:
    * Added gui handler for career calendar, applinks, appfuncs and updated main menu gui file
  • WiiU:
    * Mapped some WiiU FS error codes to Base types
    * Added basic file loading support. Currently sync only and not all code paths but main Load works
    * Added BFile WiiU specific helpers for managing FSCmdBlocks between multiple file ops
    * Added support for platform specific sub-calls from BFile ctor/dtor
    * Updated legacy debug calls to current BDbg macros
    * Set default memory alignment on WiiU to be 64 bytes due to FS_IO_BUFFER_ALIGN requirement
  • Damage:
    * Updated support for reset of damaged vehicle components:
    * on reset of damaged vehicle components, mounting back demounted components is optional
    * when single wheel is repaired, it is reattached in vehicle physics along with vehicle visuals
    * impact pieces are not spawned for component, which has been reattached immediately after detach
    * reattach of flapping component does not require the component to be completely detached first
  • Render:
    * DX11 fix for darkened rendering when SSAO is turned off
    * Fix DX9 debug metrics primitive count
    * DX9 early Pre-Resolve primitive submission optimisation
  • Tracks:
    * Bannochbrae: New exports

Build 494 (14/6/13, Team Member+)
  • Cameras:
    * Changing default values for look to apex etc
    * Adding in dof effect for helmet camera when moving at speed and going into apex
  • Race Weekend:
    * Implemented global session timer for practice, qualification, and warmup races
    * Fixed black background screen when going into the race overview screen for the first time
    * Implemented Autopilot throughout the game, except for the Online menu option where it can be disabled
    * Implemented variable session durations (changable via a FE menu option) for practice1&2, qualification and warmup
    * Turned the Save button on for all sessions, but specifically disabling it for the final session in sequence
    * Fixed scripting bug which meant the sessions wouldn't save if being played from Practice1
  • Physics:
    * Moved ResetGarage systems earlier so not to overwrite user changes
    * Reset setup and gear numbers to default on vehicle initialisation
    * Default final gearing set correctly when no setup created
    * Write gear ratios (left/right) as well as fraction to GetCurrentDisplayValue if requested
    * Added GetCurrentDisplayValue left and right outputs for gear ratio reading
    * Fixes using final drive to limit other gears
    * Tires: New modal+flash GT tires and many optional tires added for other cars
  • Audio:
    * Looping sounds can now be keyed off
    * EXTERNAL GEARSHIFTS - New batches of external gear shift sounds and events for the categories Race and GTRace
    * Rationalising current Backfires/Splutter content for the exhaust events. The aim is to make these sound more like they are part of the engine - and - work well with the new external gear shift sounds
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU Net OneSock compilation fixes/rough and ready socket implementation
    * Updated BString/BDbgString vsnprintf usage to a safer cross platform handling of the va_list
    * WiiU: w-i-p updates to File Module
    * WiiU: Added Application Data device handler
    * WiiU: Added internal manager support for device clients and centralised file operation command block support
    * WiiU fix for Environment Timeline pre-linker errors
    * Updated default props for WiiU configs. Added solution name to PCH default folder. Set Linker 'Link Once Template Instantiation" to default On
    * Added support for WiiU to HRDF Compiler
    * Increased command line length limit to 8191 from 256
    * WiiU Main project now builds!
    * WiiU VideoCapture Library compilation fixes.
    * WiiU RaceInput library compilation fixes/stubs
  • GUI:
    * All-new in-game telemetry
  • Tracks:
    * Bathurst: Optimisation improvements - adding LODs, occluders, and optimising existing objects
    * Azure Circuit: Deleted sea mesh under the ground, updated csm, added 2more 3d armco ends
    * Northampton Classic: Reworked all tribunes and grandstands, reworked area around the bridge so the dip is removed, fixed CSM issues,
  • Vehicles:
    * BAC Mono: revised engine braking for new throttle system
    * M3 GT4, M3 GT, Z4 GT3, Boss 302R, SLS GT3: setup tweaks, restrictor size limited, engine braking tuned for new throttle system

*Known Issues*: Save replay button is broken after race, so no replays can be saved. Race weekend has a few bugs, practice 2 currently doesn't work. If you run a session, and quit out, then load another track, the timer would still be counting down, so it shows less than you chose. But once you actually get on track, it does give you the correct time. Also you have no mouse input when you first enter any of the race weekend menus. Once you go on track and return to the garage, this comes back.

Build 493 (13/6/13, Senior Manager)
  • Gear Ratios:
    * Limit gear ratios in GUI to obey restrictions
  • Physics:
    * Removed restrictions on allowable gear ratios
    * Display gear ratios in GUI direct from physics data
    * Removed allowable gear ranges from all vehicles
    * Ariel Atom 3, Ariel Atom V8 - New Modal carcass and flash tread tyres. Some setup, brake balance and engine map tweaking for the new volumetric throttle
    * Caterham R500, Caterham Classic. New Modal carcass and Flash tread. Has wear and heating enable. Also increased wear on the previous tires released last week for more effect
  • Consoles:
    * Wii U Audio library compilation fixes
    * First draft of WiiU Thread module
    * Split thread defs headers into per platform versions for easier management
    * Updated legacy debug calls to current BDbg macros
    * Added missing memcpy wrap file from previous CL
    * Minor fix for last Wii U checkin with TrackList EntityList
    * WiiU RaceAppCore library compilation fixes and stubs
    * WiiU GamePhysics warning fixes
    * WiiU GUI library compilation fixes
  • Render:
    * Fixed Lazy init in graph rendering code
    * New mip-skipping and LOD distance-scaling handling, and modified system performance estimation
    * Changes to renderer for skipping mips, scaling distances used for LODs and furstum far planes etc, for use by performance modifications
  • Race Weekend:
    * Storing current session number after it's been pre-incremented, for accurate session restoring
  • Camera:
    * Converted an asm break into a platform agnostic Base one, to fix a warning when building as 64 bit
  • GUI:
    * Spotify logo re-added, unavailable buttons on Lobby screen now have disabled state, Damage on/off removed from Gameplay menu (now available in every Settings screen)
  • Vehicles:
    * Ford Focus RS: New export, no changes (last export zip was missing cockpit export)
  • Tracks:
    * Fort Felix: Renamed to Bannochbrae
    * Bannochbrae: Track layouts for 1, 2, and 3 added
    * Azure Circuit: Updated bushes on the curved stepped white wall, anthony noghes turn, AIW.temp set agroove to 0 from wp 430 445 to avoid this issue http://forum.wmdportal.com/showthrea...l=1#post483790

ISSUES: * Gearing might/will be odd (short) on cars with default setup. As a workaround one can save even unedited setup for the gear ratios to normalise

Build 492 (12/6/13, Senior Manager)
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU GamePhysics library compilation fixes
    * WiiU AppInput library compilation fixes
    * WiiU Campaign library compilation fixes
    * WiiU Environment library compilation fixes
    * WiiU GraphicsEngine library compilation fixes/some stubs for livery texture paths
    * WiiU AI vcxproj / AI library compilation fixes
    * WiiU TextDatabase library compilation fixes
    * WiiU SaveGame library compilation fixes
    * WiiU Effects library compilation fixes
    * WiiU Animation and Animation Toolkit library compilation fixes
    * WiiU Camera library compilation fixes
    * WiiU Replay library compilation fixes
    * WiiU Scribe library compilation fixes
    * WiiU configs added to main solution. Add WiiU debug,release and gold configs to all the project libraries with appropriate property sheets setup
    * WiiU add App env props
    * WiiU Rendering Structure/Shell vcxproj + BaseTest solution
  • Steam:
    * Switched to Steamworks version 1.23a.
    * Enabled Steam support in Aries. Implemented optional Steam-based authentication
    * If Steam client is running, and the user is allowed to run the Steam build Project CARS, the Steam authentication details are sent to the server in addition to Forum login details. If Steam is not running or the user is not allowed to run Steam version of Project CARS, the game behaves in exactly the same way as before.
  • GUI:
    * Changes button activation notification to happen on all forms of 'button on' actions
    * Quick fix for list-in-list setting selection style
  • Bink:
    * Added Bink and Bink2 v1.990c evaluation versions
    * Bink: WiiU & PS4
    * Bink2: PC & PS4
  • Tracks:
    * Fort Felix: XML files viewer objects
    * Azure Coast: Marina Lights added, added latest from james+fixed some gaps around the swimming pool+rascasse area+added missing bs polys to avoid issues with shadows when the sun is in very low position

Build 491 (11/6/13, Manager+)
  • GUI:
    * Added session name to Pause Screen, and Race Overview Screen
    * Fixed main menu bug which meant you could resume session from the Practice screens
    * Fixed another main menu bug which meant the resume session button wasn't active after playing practice
    * Fixed a bug which meant session saves were wiped if you played practice mode
  • WinGLSDK:
    * Updated win gl to April 2012. Now includes 64 bit bin (DLL) and lib files. Cleaned out all unused files
  • Free Camera:
    * Free camera initialisation changed to inherit far z limit from current view camera, to fix cases where switching to free cam resulted in odd popping of distant geometry
  • Steam:
    * Disabled "conditional expression is constant" warnings generated from Steam callback templates
    * Added Steam version 1.23a
  • Render:
    * Particles update moved to renderer thred to avoid rendering of one particles state in two renderer frames. Rain rendering in car mirrors. GLBF_DontRenderInMain flag added
  • Replay:
    * Moved all wheel based replay values to one bitmap
    * Reduce range of wheel y movement captured to 25%
    * Decrease brake glow compression by 1 bit
    * Decrease wheel slip speed by 1 bit
    * Increase wheel y by 2 bits
  • Physics:
    * Ford Capri, BMW M1. New tire model Modal carcass + Flash tread including wear and heating. Some brake map adjustments to the Capri
  • Tracks:
    * Azure Circuit: Moved free practice start to 1st garage, fixed mountain trees from James, added latest stuff from james, new emm dist building+new bg mountain/ from andrea, new rascasse hill with fixed stuff on it, walls-buildings, and new fountain/stairs

Build 490 (10/6/13, Senior Manager)
  • Render:
    * DS6X runtime support (+ some Occulus init/shutdown code)
    * DX6X support for Renderer and Appsupport
    * Occulus Rift WIP (Manager class)
    * Oculus Rift Distortion Shader quad rendering co-ords fix
    * Add DS6X AA method (MainMenu GUI links and HDRMethods_Combine shader update)
  • Console:
    * WiiU CRenderer stubbed implementation
    * WiiU CShader stubs/WIP
    * WiiU CTexture Class stubs/WIP
    * WiiU CRenderTarget Stubs/WIP
    * WiiU CLight full implementation.
    * WiiU DOF/HDR/PP and SSAO stubs
    * WiiU MeshPrimitive/Type stubs/WIP
    * WiiU RenderThread Stubs/WIP
    * Common Abstraction WiiU warning fixes
    * Split internal async defs headers into per platform version for easier maintenance
    * WiiU: Filled BEvent stubs
    * WiiU: Filled some thread helper stubs: GetCurrThreadName, BSleep, BThreadCurrID
  • Replay:
    * Guard against SetStartPlaybackSkipToTime() being called during playback
  • Plug ins:
    * Uploaded version
  • Physics:
    * Waypoint pointer in 64 bit format
  • Environment:
    * WTC edit. Clear 4 changed to a version of clear 2 with more sun in emap to sumulate bounced sun light
    * WTC tweaks to clear 3 (less yellow sun) and clear 2 (upped ambient)
  • Tracks:
    * Fort Felix: TRD and AIW files
  • Vehicles:
    * Ford Capri Group5: Textured CPIT setup for export, separated LODX/CPIT meshes
    * Ford Capri Group5: Calibrated gauges, setup for gearstick, cockpit glow texture improved, added LODX support
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