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C.A.R.S. - Viele neue Bilder mit Blitz und Donner + Build 520 veröffentlicht + In Zukunft häufiger Team Member+ Updates

19.07.2013 um 16:15 Uhr
NewsMit den aktuellen Bildern der Community Galerie 61 können Fans von Project C.A.R.S., die nicht Teil des World of Mass Development sind, wunderbare Eindrücke der Wettereffekte wie Gewitter mit Blitzen und Donner als auch jeder Menge Regen holen.
Außerdem gibt es wieder eine neue Version für alle mit mindestens Team Member Status: Build 520 wurde veröffentlicht.
Schon am gestrigen Donnerstag wurde ein neues Build von Project CARS veröffentlicht, das auch für alle mit Team Member Status zugänglich war. Heute folgt das für diese Woche letzte Build mit der Versionsnummer 520.

Wie Slightly Mad angekündigt hat, sollen in nächster Zeit vermehrt auch außerhalb des normalen Rhythmus Updates für Team Member und höher veröffentlicht werden. Der Grund dafür ist einfach. Wenn Fehler beseitigt wurden - insbesondere weil aktuell viel in Bezug auf die Fahrzeugphysik getestet wird - und nur ein gewisser Anteil der Spieler den entsprechenden Bugfix dazu herunterladen kann, gibt es dennoch Feedback von den Spielern, die weiterhin mit dem Problem zu kämpfen haben. Um solche Überschneidungen und damit eindeutigeres Feedback zu bekommen, werden also auch in Zukunft häufiger Team Member Builds veröffentlicht.

Neben den Änderungen die im Verlauf der letzten Tage vorgenommen wurden, gibt es auch eine neue Community Galerie, also Bilder aus dem Rennspiel CARS, die von den Spielern gemacht wurden. Die insgesamt 75 Bilder zeigen besonders viele Aufnahmen von Blitzen und anderen Wettereffekten und Naturschauspielen. Natürlich gibt es auch wieder Aufnahmen bei strahlendem Sonnenschein oder bei dichtem Regen.

Community Galerie 61 Community Galerie 61 Community Galerie 61 Community Galerie 61 Community Galerie 61 Community Galerie 61

Alle Bilder der Community Galerie 61 findet ihr in unserer CARS Bildergalerie.

Das aktuelle Build wird automatisch über Steam heruntergeladen, sowie sich euer Steam Client mit dem Internet verbindet. Solltet ihr C.A.R.S. noch nicht in eurer Steam Bibliothek haben, lest einfach das offizielle Thema dazu. Der bislang verwendete Project CARS Launcher wird zudem nur noch bis Ende Juli verwendet, anschließend können damit keine Aktualisierungen mehr heruntergeladen werden.

Project C.A.R.S. Changelog Build 516 - 520

Build 520 (19/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Audio:
    * Drive tyre surface sounds from STM "slide" parameter
  • Base:
    * Added Timer Test
    * Added Input test
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU: Fixed bugs in first pass timer code
    * WiiU: w-i-p update to keyboard support
    * WiiU Disable specular irradiance on WiiU.
    * Misc other missing platform defs for WiiU
    * WiiU fixup 11.11.10 HDR format support
    * WiiU don't use linear textures for diffuse irradiance map
    * WiiU Envmap uses 32bit HDR. Small deferred rendertargets are now in EDRAM
    * WiiU FXCompilerWiiu pass '-m' to SLConvertor for Column major support.
    * WiiU support for double speed Z only rendering
    * WiiU GUI Text RenderTarget now uses EDRAM
    * WiiU various minor renderer fixes (spot shadow size, release texture compile fix, rendertarget coherency)
    * WiiU - Fix Primitive Culling (wasn't incorpoating translation)
    * Updates to release/gold WiiU configs. Set warnings as errors
    * WiiU half pixel offset shader fixes
  • Physics:
    * Added support for loading of vehicle-specific default force feedback tweaker config files
    * Updated path to default force feedback tweaker config files, to reflect changes in data.
    * Override chain for FFB tweaker values is now:
    1. user's vehicle-specific file [User's Documents][Project]FFBFFBTweakers_[Vehicle].xml
    2. user's defaults file [User's Documents][Project]FFBFFBTweakers.xml
    3. vehicle-specific file [Project].srcdataVehiclesPhysicsFFBFFBTweakers_[Vehicle].xml
    4. defaults file [Project].srcdataVehiclesPhysicsFFBFFBTweakers.xml
    * Tires: added arm and gut to FFB options. Updates for kart test
    * Added AJ's latest kart FFB tweaker file
    * Moved default force feedback tweaker config files to separate folder
  • GUI:
    * Career calendar event updates, prev/next
  • Pit Stops:
    * Removed teleport to pit box when entering pit lane. AI now attempts to drives into box
  • Steam:
    * Updated Steam build scripts to exclude steam_appid.txt from Steam builds. It's not needed as the id is baked into Steam DRM that is applied to pCARS.exe

Build 519 (18/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Base:
    * Improved locking in GamePad DirectInput to prevent more potential corruption issues when the device is restarted
    * Discard mouse device data when re-aquiring it to stop mouse button being reported as pressed
    * Added critical lock to GamePad DirectInput thread function to prevent potential NULL ptr deref
    * Fix for invalid memory acccess crash reported by Michal
  • Hot Lap:
    * Preset hot lap events to fixed date, time and weather conditions (eventually to be replaced by those configured by the event organizer)
  • Career:
    * Filling in more data for the Career Calendar Event Panel, maps, logos, laps, ai, rounds etc
  • Render:
    * Fix for bad MEM1 ifdef breaking build
  • Cameras:
    * Scale the head-look and head-lean by the steering amount at speed
    * Adjust HeadLookSteeringWeight variable to increase the effect of steering on look to apex (and therefore decrease the amount of "auto look")
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU - disable SSAO in Main Menu for now until this get implemented
    * WiiU light primitive rendered now works correctly.
    * WiiU fix Vertex Colour D3D format conversion
    * WiiU Samplers now use high precision
    * WiiU - phase1 rendertargets now in MEM1 + fix forceMSAA setting.
    * WiiU - various clear and rendertarget setup fixes
    * WiiU - add platform specific shadowing shader path
    * WiiU another fix for centroid texcoords causing vertex/pixel shader binding failures
  • Tracks:
    * Eifelwald: New export
    * Derby National/GP: Fixed reported collision issue in old hairpin area started working on detailing dirt areas on kerbs starting from turn1 to following up .. added concrete and crate meshes
  • Vehicles:
    * Mitsubishi Lancer: Re-exported with proper shaders, I used an experimental shader in Beta1.00. Shouldn't cause problems but just in case. Ultra detail mvhf file update. LODs setup. Ultra detail setup. Interior LODA and B updates from Daniel
    * BMW Z4 GT3: Setup, physics and tire changes for CPFT Week 1 event

Build 518 (17/7/13, Senior Manager)
  • Pit Stops:
    * Initial Pit Stop system infrastructure
    * Pit stop support WIP
    * Updated physics in pitstop event to cover more repair systems
    * Added ability to change tyre pressure
    * Updated interfaces
    * Drive through penalty AI support
  • Base:
    * Fixed possible dereference of stale BArray member var. This could happen if a destroyed array then had a new array assigned to it via copy constructor
  • WiiU:
    * Updates for WiiU texture loading in menu loading phases
    * WiiU fix for missing Clear/Copy paths in DynamicEnvmap code
    * WiiU - temp Tonemap - just do plain LDR texture copy for now.
    * WiiU fix memory budgets for car preview loading and audio
    * WiiU Splash Screen handler - skip login/press start
    * WiiU Renderer Fixes
    * GX2UT Buffer Zero Init throughout
    * Shadow texture lighting property fix
    * RenderTarget mask fix for deferred targets
    * GX2 allocs now go through CRenderer methods
  • Audio:
    * Atom Mugen incar and external engine sets. Plus an AI version of this engine. I've added the usual gear wobbles and all the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant based effects and roll-offs. Note the transmission whine, tyre and surface sounds are placeholders and these are on the list to be replaced. I'm also not 100% happy with the exteriors. They work well, but just lack a bit of trackside space
    * Mercedes SLS AMG drivetrain wobble tweaked to better suit a seven-speed dual-clutch
  • Vehicles:
    * Mitsubishi Lancer: Orange small square added for LODC lights
    * Mitsubishi Lancer: Misc Source texture LODC update
    * Mercedes SLS: Fixed paintable rims
    * Mercedes SLS: fixed wrong custom wheel textures
    * Pagani Zonda R: reduced engine torque at idle

Build 517 (16/7/13, Manager+)
  • WiiU:
    * Switch FMOD debug output to report only Warnings or Errors
    * WiiU - switch Lightweight primitive types use drawindeximmediate (saves the need for implementing special handling for dynamic meshes)
    * WiiU: Set Debug config optimisation strategy to 'moredebug'
    * Updated file tests
    * WiiU: Updates for linking
    * WiiU: Set stack size to 256K
    * Fixed missed quote in rc file
    * WiiU: Set Debug config optimisation strategy to 'moredebug'
    * Changed WiiU debug config optimisation level to 'moredebug'
    * WiiU: Implemented BFileAsync class (except for Write funcs)
    * WiiU: Fixed bug in BEvent where wrong value was passed to event init
    * WiiU: Added eFileErrorInvalidArg to map to WiiU FS error code
    * WiiU: Set Debug config optimisation strategy to 'moredebug'
    * WiiU: Set thread name for main thread to help identify in debugger
    * WiiU: Add thread ID to thread name for easy ID in debugger
    * nsMaths: Updated fabs abstract to safer cross platform version
    * WiiU: Added stale thread context cleanup
    * WiiU - create a sentinel texture for missing textures + fixed a bug in GenerateMipMaps/CopyToTexture using the wrong GX2Surface.
    * WiiU Carpreview,Guiasyncload and effectsmanager stream buffer sized correctly
    * WiiU fix Gamma (until I work out the best SRGB flow post deferred)
    * WiiU Fix RenderContext triangle wind order (to CCW)
    * WiiU - Appconfig GamePool setup properly(~160MB)
    * WiiU implement creation of small deferred rendertargets (for envmap/rvm)
    * WiiU - fix LightingInterface shadow texture name lookup
    * WiiU - main menu stream buffer size increased
    * WiiU - fix for bug in Binary Mesh Loader vertex locking copy
    * WiiU fix for missing soft shadows setting
    * WiiU Fix for SamplerState group matching bug
    * WiiU fix for bootphase audio running out of memory
    * WiiU fix for OneSock initialisation failing
  • Steam:
    * Moved Steam API initialization code to run before the renderer starts. Fixes bug where Steam Overlay fails to work when pCARS.exe is run directly. Might improve issues with black screen on startup, or make them worse
  • Render:
    * Code to ensure that any texture which has m_possibleReadByCPU has its usage flag setup to be dynamic, this is to ensure it will be able to lock the texture for cpu reading
  • Physics:
    * Tires: camber behavior on FlexiCarcass improved, FlexiCarcass damping work, plumbed Mz direct to FFB (instead of inferring from pneumatic trail)
  • Oculus Rift:
    * Added OculusRift SDK 0.2.3
  • Vehicles:
    * Lotus 49: Added some tack and heating changes to the tire. various littel changes to to keep it all balances. Easier to drift again
    * Mitsubishi Lancer: All new interior glow DDS texture. Intitial check in
    * Mitsubishi Lancer: Interior DDS textures. All new to replace the placeholder ones

Build 516 (15/7/13, Senior Manager)
  • WiiU:
    * Fixed compile error on WiiU due to attempting to access PC specific graphics config
    * WiiU fix mesh version check + loose texture loading dbgbreak
    * WiiU Fix for GX2 assert rendering to targets that have no depth buffer (GUI text rendering)
    * WiiU move Physics thread controller to Core 0
    * WiiU fix for missing platform path in GetBaseGUITextureExtension
    * WiiU fix physics thread priority
    * WiiU bug fixes for creation of cubemap rendertargets.
    * WiiU fix for Renderables processor thread priority and affinity
    * WiiU fix for GTX texture loading, not substituting DDS file extension, and texture alignment GFD issue
    * WiiU fix for DRC Rendertarget name assert
    * WiiU fix for ThreadsSetup using PC settings
    * WiiU fix for shader loading/registration
    * WiiU implemented support for DRC rendering
    * WiiU exclude UnityLinux.cpp from Cafe configs + fix for timings.cpp no longer compiling
  • GUI:
    * Added DX9 and DX11 to build version string shown on main menu
  • Render:
    * Switched default render mode from DX9 to DX11
    * Implemented support for clean failure of DX11 renderer creation and automatic fallback to DX9 renderer
  • Audio:
    * Brand new Mercedes SLS AMG incar and external engine sets. Plus an AI version of the engine. I've added gear wobbles (WIP) and all the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant based effects and roll-offs
  • Tracks:
    * Derby National/GP: Added skidmarks on kerbs -added tyrewall covers tweaked and remapped outer terrain colors and textures -adjusted outer terrain heights left of old hairpin curve which was too high before -started adding missing edges along outer side roads very close to track, adding color tweaked and adjusted textures
    * Bathurst: Further tweak on HUD map because new AIW changes
    * Eifelwald: Fixed unepected slowdown to a stop on the back straight. Also tweaked AI speed around the carrousell
  • Vehicles:
    * Mitsubishii Lancer: CPIT polycount reduction. No big progress today, started working on cockpit materials polishing
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