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26.07.2013 um 16:00 Uhr
NewsDie gesamte Woche über konnten alle WMD Mitglieder die mindestens Team Member sind, Aktualisierungen zu Project CARS über Steam herunterladen.
Zum heutigen Freitag geben wir euch noch einmal den Überblick zu allen Änderungen die vorgenommen wurden.
In der vergangenen Woche berichteten wir darüber, dass zukünftig wesentlich häufiger selbst Team Member des World of Mass Development Rennspiels Project CARS in den Genuss von Updates gelangen. Grund dafür sind aktuelle Tests im Bereich der Physik bei denen selbst kleine Änderungen zu deutlich unterschiedlichen Resultaten führen, weswegen Feedback der Nutzer auf der gleichen Version basieren sollten.

Demzufolge wurden im Verlauf dieser Woche Updates veröffentlicht, die allesamt auch für Team Member zugänglich waren und damit über Steam heruntergeladen werden konnten.
Um einen Überlick zu allen Neuerungen zu haben, gibt es nachfolgend das vollständige Changelog über alle Aktualisierungen der vergangenen Tage.

Project CARS Changelog Build 521 - 526

Build 526 (26/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Render:
    * DX11 Dynamic Envmap prefers 32bit HDR format (11.11.10). Deferred small rendertargets used for envmaps and RVM now attempt to use 11.11.10 for HDR phase if available
    * DX11 add DestPixel format supported implementation (needed for HDR optimisation)
  • Tweak It:
    * Change to replay file formats so tweakit can handle the strings.
  • Shaders:
    * Darkening wet surfaces diffuse color according to water level value
  • Tracks:
    * Derby National/GP: Merged Tomas latest fences, started working over kerb and grass textures, started on adding kerbedges between road and kerb, continued working and fixing service roads texture and materials which are not all tarmacs
    * Dubai: Official Dubai Aerodrome logo added, minor typo corrected on Pit Strategy screen
  • Vehicles:
    * Pagani Zonda R: New default FFB tweaker
    * Pagani Zonda R: Changed cockpit exposure value to 0.75
    * Lotus 98T: Increased twist stiffness per AJ's latest. Slight decrease in tack for feel. removed all optional tires

Build 525 (25/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Base:
    * Reduced Physics and FMOD pool sizes to release 60MB to system
    * 64 bit: Fixed bug in small pool alloctaor that prevented blocks from being freed properly
    * BDebug: Fixed bug that caused a lock during a fatal if called during pool creation
    * BDebug: Enabled BDbgFatal in Gold config (doesn't apply to server exes)
    * Allocate game pool early in the init phase. This prevents startup crashes when the game pool might fail to allocate because the virtual address space is too fragmented at that point
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU SRGB handling fixed up. GUI and Renderer Colour levels now match PC
    * WiiU F1 Debug Menu Rendering - direct to texture colour value fixes
    * WiiU - Int shader parameter support. (fixes problem with glass shader/wipers)
  • GUI:
    * PvP tracks show %age complete instead of laps
  • Tracks:
    * Dubai: Placeholder Track GUI logos and naming change for the menu (national & international)
    * Derby National/GP: Merged in new fences from Jan, fixed hard edges on terrain, started on proper kerb textures
  • Vehicles:
    * Pagani Zonda R: removed alternate tires for duration of the CPFT test
    * Pagani Zonda R: Revised physics/setup to start CPFT test
    * BMW Z4 GT3: fixed vibration of rear wheels when on the brakes at standstill

Build 524 (24/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Base:
    * Fixes to input and registry handling:
    * Changed all input code that was "Vista or Win7" to "Vista and above", registry cleanup and message filtering should now happen on Win8 as well
    * Modified Logitech registry cleanup code to modify only HKCU, not all users (which would fail anyway for all but HKCU)
    * Test if registry key deletion succeeded, preventing infinite loop on access right problems
    * PC: Set default PC memory alignment to 16 bytes. This was initially done for x64 configs only but is also being set on 32 bit too to maintain consistency between both versions and also give a potential boost to 32 bit optimisations
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU: First pass of keyboard support
    * WiiU deferred helper - use 11.11.10 HDR formats for phase3 targets and also place in MEM1
    * WiiU CPU profiler support + moved injection to be in the pre post link step on the elf (not the rpx, as was previously the case)
    * WiiU - implement shared RenderTarget/Texture support. Also fixed up support for Volume textures
  • GUI:
    * New Pit Strategy screen added, available (but non-functional) from the Session Overview screen
    * Start lights now updated 1080p resolution
  • Tracks:
    * Derby: Tweaked fences texture maps

Build 523 (23/7/13, Team Member+)
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU remove MessageBox.cpp from Unity build (was removed from project)
    * Added WiiU keyboard lib to linker inputs
    * WiiU fix for new compile error with latest
    * Optimisation on the rendertask processing. (big help on WIIU)
  • Render:
    * Fix for shared render data being deleted before the render tasks
  • GUI:
    * Enable ghost selection layer for events page
  • Vehicles:
    * Lotus 98T: Changes to tire heating using Casey's heating model, added some tack and tweaked the adhesive,tear and base grip along with it. Moved aero CoP back 100mm for turn-in feel. Reduced wing setting to 6/6 for the Florence CPFT test as it suits that track better

Build 522 (23/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Steering:
    * Interim version of mouse steering implementation (not yet functional)
  • Physics:
    * Tires: further soft twist handling. Tweak to slide reporting
  • WiiU:
    * Input: Added stubbed version of input for use when MWL_BASE_INPUT_ENABLED is not defined. Currently only a few calls are stubbed
    * WiiU: Added w-i-p update of BKeyboard support for WiiU
    * BDbgAssert: Updated macro to avoid a function call each time it is invoked
    * WiiU - fixed environment map setup to render all dynamic envmap faces every frame
    * WiiU various thread assignment fixes (moving to Core 0 or 2 to offload work from the main core). Physics thread/controller - add missing setup and set various PC define paths
  • Tracks:
    * Derby National/GP: Fixed up disappeared pitwall fences, added more drains found on the left beofre last chicane, fixed up various floating edges around track, fixed gap in terrain at mcleans, started working up and polishing textures for kerbs and grass textures for inner terrain
  • Vehicles:
    * BMW Z4 GT3: default setup update, better heat retention in tires and fixed tire carcass heating

Build 521 (22/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Events:
    * Event weather changed to clear 4
  • FFB:
    * Updated FFB strength and tyre force defaults for various wheels
  • HUD:
    * Disable center position for editable HUD
  • Physics:
    * Tires: fixed ModalCarcass heating, rolling resistance work on FlexiCarcass, side-slide fix for ModalCarcass
  • Render:
    * Fix for set lazy BArray and BList Initialisations
    * Also fixed a render leak with skyrings
  • Audio:
    * Temporary settings for the new tyre model - awaiting code support for 'slide' parameter. There is a bug - possibly related to engine torque settings which causes skid sound to play when car is stopped after a skid
  • GUI:
    * Fixed incorrect units in the tuning screen
  • Tracks:
    * Eifelwald: New textures and export
    * Derby National/GP: Dirt areas fixed in size and proportion, fixed flying fencepole issue, added concrete side kerbs and drains around the track
  • Vehicles:
    * Mitsubishi Lancer: Fixed doors positions
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