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C.A.R.S. - Übersicht der Aktualisierungen der vergangenen Tage + Junior Build + Wunderschöne Bilder der Community Galerie 62

02.08.2013 um 15:30 Uhr
NewsEin neuer Monat hat begonnen und das bedeutet für WMD Mitglieder die den Junior Status haben, dass sie eine neue Version des Rennspiels CARS herunterladen können. Wir haben alle Aktualisierungen der vergangenen Tage - die auch für Team Member erhältlich waren - zusammengefasst.
Für den reinen Genuss gibt es über achtzig neue Bilder aus der Community Galerie 62.
Wie wir bereits mehrfach berichtet haben, liegt derzeit bei der Entwicklung von Project CARS der Schwerpunkt auf der Optimierung der Fahrzeugphysik. Aus diesem Grund gibt es täglich neue Builds die auch für Team Member zugänglich sind. Junior Member müssen dennoch auf monatliche Aktualisierungen warten und für diese war es heute wieder soweit.

Mit der Veröffentlichung von Build 531 kommen auch die World of Mass Development Mitglieder mit dem niedrigsten Level in den Genuss sämtlicher Änderungen, die in den letzten vier Wochen durchgeführt wurden. Das Update für Project C.A.R.S. kann wie gewohnt direkt über Steam heruntergeladen werden.

Anzumerken sei hierbei noch einmal, dass der bisherige Launcher von Slightly Mad Studios nicht mehr genutzt werden kann. Aktualisierungen können ab sofort ausschließlich über Steam bezogen werden. Der alte Launcher hat damit ausgedient und wird seit Ende Juli nicht mehr unterstützt.

Außerdem können sich die Fans von CARS über mehr als achtzig neue Bilder aus der Community Galerie 62 freuen, die wir wir gewohnt in unsere Screenshot-Übersicht hinzugefügt haben. Eine kleine Auswahl der Bilder gibt es direkt hier, den Rest wie üblich bei den gesammelten Project CARS Screenshots.

Community Galerie 62 Community Galerie 62 Community Galerie 62 Community Galerie 62 Community Galerie 62 Community Galerie 62

Project CARS Changelog Build 527 - 531

Build 531 (2/8/13, Junior Member+)
  • Render:
    * DX9/DX11 various 64bit Rendering fixes
    * DX11 fixup Threadsetup params for envmap, forward rendering etc
    * GraphicsConfig - turn off auto texture resolution reduction with low OS memory in Aries
  • WiiU:
    * WiiU CommandBuffer(displaylist) support implemented (required for multi-threaded rendering)
    * Add GX2Invalidate queueing for command-buffers
    * WiiU fixed R8 textures to broadcast red to blue and green channels to work with shaders expecting L8 style inputs
  • Controls:
    * Mouse Steering added
    * Also added mouse L&R button-swap detection
  • GUI:
    * Re-saved the HUD_Messages.xml with Subtitles page layer turned off (fixes rouge messages (just for you Doc ))
  • Tracks:
    * Derby: Continued inner terrain modelling, 1st grid marking fixed, width of gate close to starting area fixed,added Janos assets, applied dirts and skids to all of the kerbs, fixed gaps in terrain, continued texturing and modifyfying the inner and outer terrain as per latest references
    * Bathurst: Added metal barriers and moved them to match new updated csm, added trees at area left of the track after elbow
  • Vehicles:
    * Z4 GT3, M3 GT, Zonda R: Added data for filtering realistic driving aids
    * FG1000: CPIT display: changed default units to metric
    * FG1000: Fixed cockpit display RPM lights
    * FG1000: Added missing display data file
    * FG1000: Added cockpit display + fixed exhaust backfire position

Build 530 (1/8/13, Team Member+)
  • Race Engineer:
    * Race Engineer text tidied in both the TextDB and UI
  • Launcher:
    * Added warning window to launcher that informs about the migration to Steam
  • Tracks:
    * Bathurst: Fixed minigaps found around the track, added extended roads after ellbow, added parking area in front houses, added blend edges, added earthy sideroad running away form track, switched shader from ground transition to ne wground transition, added/corrected asphalt areas behind pitbuilding, fixed mapping issues on left of first curve, fixed missing trackedge on long straight
    * Derby: New texture maps
  • Vehicles:
    * Tires and Kart: work on FlexiCarcass, next pass on CPFT kart
    * Pagani Zonda R: New FFB tweaker
    * BMW M3 GT: (slightly) revised physics and new default setup. Camber response change to GT Slick - GreenFlash
    * BMW M1 Procar: New flash tread based off the capri tyre. Basiclly a hard version of the capri. New chassis setup for the new tire along with some brake heat peak changes to keep the rear brakes from unbalancing the rear under brakeing once hot
    * Lotus 49: Added some heating to the carcass to keep the temps up. Added some grip off the driving surface

Build 529 (31/7/13, Team Member+)
  • SDKs:
    * Updated project to use PhysX 3.2.4.
  • Base:
    * Updated project configurations for x64 platform
    * Fixed compile issues for x64 platform
  • Team Engineer:
    * Added Team Engineer system
  • GUI:
    * Longitudinal CG exposed in Tuning GUI screens
  • Render:
    * DX11 Fix for shdows on treewalls
  • Vehicles:
    * FG1000: UV mapping for paint, UV mapped CPIT display, various fixed
    * FG1000: UV mapping
    * FG1000: Prepared for custom liveries + runtime file fixes + ambient shadow
    * Ruf RGT8: Improved wheel textures
    * Ruf RGT8: Prepared for custom liveries
    * Pagani Zonda R: Adjusted ABS effectiveness, lower default steering ratio, higher FFB tire force multiplier

Build 528 (30/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Replay Cameras:
    * New set for Belgian Forest Karting Circuit - first pass
  • Audio:
    * New BAC Mono high RPM deceleration samples without the popping "blopping" for both incar and external engine sets
  • Tracks:
    * Bathurst: Fixed minigaps and collision issues around bathurst track
    * Derby: New texture maps
  • Vehicles:
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: External textures/mapping complete, material setup, lights setup, lightglow billboards added, new textures added, overlay polys added, mesh updates, etc
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: Wheels dds texture. New texture, initial check in
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: tire dds texture. New texture, initial check in
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: misc dds texture. New texture, initial check in
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: lights dds texture. New texture, initial check in
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: brake disc dds texture. New texture, initial check in
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: badges dds texture. New texture, initial check in
    * Ruf RGT8: UV mapping

Build 527 (29/7/13, Team Member+)
  • Bug Fixes:
    * Fix for random HUD flickering when rendering ghost vehicles
  • WiiU:
    * SpotShadow rendering fixed to honour renderthread
    * WIP WiiU Multithreaded shadow rendering. DX11 support for mult-threaded shadow rendering (via -DX11MT). Fix for build bot errors
    * Fix yet more missing variant MAX_RENDER_THREADS WiiU defines
    * Fix for missing _renderthread parameters is shadow rendering
    * WiiU - fix for various missing MAX_RENDER_THREADS variants in helpers
    * WiiU - fix for various missing MAX_RENDER_THREADS variants
  • Replays:
    * Code to fix issue with attached camera shake in replays
    * Also added a tweaker to allow us to be able to disable camera shakes
  • TweakIt:
    * Fixes crashes when connected to tweakit. Basically containers could be added to the list on one thread via dtor of a child node during it deletion. This was then causing a random invalid memory access to happen as we would be trying to send info on a container thats been deleted. Additional small code change to only bother with refresh lists when connected.
  • Audio:
    * BAC Mono incar and external engine sets. Plus an AI version of this engine. Plus all the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant based effects and roll-offs. Various refinements to the Atom Mugen. Unfortunately the Atom 3 SC is still broken with the pitch issue so those new engine sounds remains out of the build for now
  • Tracks:
    * Derby National/GP: Fixed floating crowds and intersecting crowds, tweaked glass, new texture maps
    * Bannochbrae: WIP of rocks/cliffs, new grass and road materials, updated CSM mesh. Reworked the terrain broad map. There are messy places with bad mapping or nonstitched polygons. This will be fixed ofcourse
  • Vehicles:
    * Lotus 78: Stiffer springs and chassis. Brand new tire carcass (MF70-G) using the latest direction i'm using. Heat model optimized. New tread with tack mixed in for more effect. Using Casey's heating still. (should probably be the default). Engine and brakeing heat dialed in to be more realistic
    * Ford Capri Group 5: Updated with latest heating, changed the gip with more tack mixed in. Increased front and rear base roll stiffness of the chassis for balance and feel. Dialed in the brake heating. I also raised the collision mesh to keep this thing from digging into high curbs and such. Probably needs the mesh itself updated, but this will help for now
    * Pagani Zonda R: revised default setup and raised peak slip angle of the tires
    * BMW Z4 GT3: Added a bit of rear toe-in on the default setup to counter small amounts of bump steer under braking
    * Lotus 98T: Remapped turbo for more low end power and torque. Per WMD CPFT feedback
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