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RaceRoom Racing Experience: Nürburgring Nordschleife und großes Update für die Rennsimulation veröffentlicht

04.04.2016 um 15:30 Uhr
NewsSeit geraumer Zeit war die Nordschleife für RaceRoom Racing Experience angekündigt. Nun endlich steht diese zum Kauf bereit und erweitert damit die Streckenauswahl um eine echte Legende. Zeitgleich hat Sector3 Studios ein Update mit vielen Verbesserungen veröffentlicht.
In RaceRoom Racing Experience kann ab sofort auch auf der legendären Nordschleife in vier unterschiedlichen Layouts um den Siegerpokal gefahren werden. Die mittels Laserscanning digitalisierte Rennstrecke ist als "Nordschleife", "Nordschleife Tourist", ""Nordschleife VLN" sowie "Nordschleife 24h" verfügbar und bietet damit reichlich Material um R3E komplett neu zu erleben.

Zum Preis von 999vRP, also umgerechnet etwas mehr als 9 Euro, kann die Nürburgring Nordschleife ab sofort über den RaceRoom Store erworben werden.

Mit dem zeitgleich veröffentlichten Update gibt es ab sofort auch die vergrößerten Startaufstellungen mit maximal 100 Teilnehmern gleichzeitig, optimierte Fahrphysik, verbesserte KI und vieles mehr.

RaceRoom Racing Experience Update Changelog

  • Added support for Logitech G29. Please note that all Logitech users need to get the latest drivers from Logitech to have wheel ranges working properly.
  • Implemented Compact HUD which replaces the minimalistic HUD.
  • Added Bigger Grids, allowing tracks to have more than 24 opponents. The maximum number depends on the track and can go up to 100. (SP only for now)
  • Implemented FFB Meter which can be used to check the FFB output for clipping.
  • Implemented FFB Minimum Force which allows the player to amplify small FFB forces. This is mostly for players that have the "dead center" problem when driving straight.
  • Implemented FFB Slip effect which simulates when the tires struggle for grip during wheelspin, understeering, sliding, heavy braking.
  • Implemented stationary friction in FFB to solve wheels that rotate by themselves while the car is stationary.
  • Implemented FFB Multiplier per car in the car setup, allowing the player to adjust the overall FFB strength for a car individually.
  • Added a new Steering Animation Setting in Vehicle Settings. The Player can now set the steering animation rotation to be a custom degree or to match what's in car setup under steering settings.
  • Added Load/Save in Car setup. Also reorganized the settings a bit.
  • Removed old auto saving of setup when leaving car setup screen and related logic. Car setup will no longer autosave and the unsaved changes will disappear when leaving the game session.
  • Added fuel to car setup.
  • Implemented lap invalidation for wall riding.
  • Fixed some threading exceptions that could trigger a crash.
  • Fixed some camera related rendering thread issues that could trigger a crash.
  • Fixed random crash that could occur when pulling out of pits in single race practice session.
  • Fixed an issue where the game was only seeing the integrated graphics card on laptops with NVIDIA Optimus.
  • Changed fallback null texture format to better support older low-end graphics cards that were getting crashes on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where start lights could get stuck on-screen on certain occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would spawn the player at an incorrect garage spot.
  • Improved Shadow split calculation
  • Added a potential fix for parts falling off car at race restart.
  • Fixed so that pit menu, pit window and pit related overlays don't show up post race.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while using instant replay.
  • Fixed cars flickering in replay mode.
  • Changed so ambient sounds for tracking cameras are initialized after the loading is done to fix some wrong calls.
  • Optimized the logic performance.
  • Fixed issue with test-drive losing audio when alt-tabbing and going back to the game.
  • Fixed an issue with returning to garage after pause.
  • Fixed cars popping in and out on occasion.
  • Fixed error messages in the new menus appearing as white text on white background.
  • Revised several controller profiles according to the new ffb additions.
  • Added Logitech G29, Fanatec CSR and Thrustmaster T300 F1 Wheel addon profiles.
  • Tweaked keyboard default profile for better steering at higher speed.
  • Fixed issue with ffb gain only being updated on device initialization which meant that changing it in options didn't change anything).
  • Fixed so wheel range, rev lights and led display are reset when game is closed.
  • Added supplemental controller type so that devices such as shifters and pedals trigger the right dialogue when initialized.
  • Changed so control set evaluation is only done on controller that's not supplemental. This fixes the with wrong control set being selected by pedals etc and removes extra dialogs asking the player if he wants to create a profile for them.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in driver logic.
  • Fixed a freeze that could occur after the initial track load.
  • Fixed gear damage that was occurring when downshifting on cars with downshift prevention.
  • Changed LiveTimings, Race Monitor and Session Info to be part of the Menu System instead of being static variables/singletons. This is an attempt to clear up some of the mess and to hopefully fix the issue with menu being broken sometimes after session switches.
  • Fixed so "Visible Cars" feature applies on any camera, including free cam.
  • Fixed so only timing and position overlays are disabled when the tv overlay setting is off.
  • Changed so low fuel, push to pass and DRS overlays are not shown if the compact data display is active.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when bringing up the pit menu.
  • Fixed issue with PitPresets not being shown if they're created mid-race through the pause menu.
  • Added menu music and music volume setting in sound options.

  • Added bigger grids in company dedicated servers for testing. We will set up few servers with more than the usual grid size (up to 100) to test and would like you all to join to help us testing.
  • Various potential fixes for a crash that was occurring when switching from qualifying to race in Multiplayer.
  • Increased stack size for the game to fix the stack overflow crash that could have occurred when joining MP.
  • Fixed small issue with garage screen not refreshing after session switch in MP (still showed old session type name if the player was in the menus during switch).

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI
  • AI now better respects track limits.
  • AI now visually use default steering settings for their car. Player's car under AI control now also uses player’s steering settings.
  • AI cars now properly use the correct Final Ratio for their gearbox on the current track.
  • Updated chase cameras for all so player can feel the car better and be able to see enough of the road ahead
  • FallOffDistances (distance at which sounds can be heard) adjusted so replay volume on TV Cameras are balanced with gameplay volume. Engine sounds now have a longer audible distance
  • Ambient sound samples on old tracks are now starting at random moment in the samples.
  • RoadFeel Effects and Suspension Squeak sound option levels are now set to 40% by default.
  • Helicopter cameras now play a constant Helicopter sound sample (was using a fixed area before)
  • Wind sound sample (open cockpit cars) updated, volume decreased for a better balance in Stereo setups
  • New sound sample for rumble strips
  • Fuel Estimates adjusted for all cars and tracks
  • FFB Multiplier adjustments for various cars
  • Audi 90 GTO : Massive physics update, cranked idle engine volume to 11
  • Chevrolet Greenwood (Gr.5) : Suspension sounds were missing.
  • Formula RR2: Fixed rearview camera in triple screen
  • GT3-specs cars: Massive physics update, new external sounds for the Z4 and P4/5, improved standing starts for AI's
  • Prototype cars: Massive physics update, new sounds for all, action cameras added.
  • NSU TTS : Fixed a floatiness feeling, AI's should now be better at standing starts
  • Hockenheim GP : TV camera files updated
  • Indianapolis: merged cut track rules
  • Macau : Tweaked AI lines around the hairpin, Fixed a couple TV cameras that were affected by guardrail / tree objects
  • Paul Ricard : TV Cameras updates
  • Salzburgring : AI tweaks
  • Spa-Francorchamps : TV camera files updated
  • Suzuka : AI tweaks
  • Zandvoort : TV cameras cleanup

  • Added new content
  • P4-5 : swapped liveries in GTR3
  • Mercedes SLS GT3 : Fixed weird polygon on hood when damaged
  • New sky textures ( global )
  • Minor livery fixes
  • Audi 90Q GTO : fixed a weird keyhole in taillight
  • Brands Hatch : Reduced bumpiness

  • Added Improved Newsfeed system which now works as a standalone application.
  • Added fallback functionality on timeouts on steam callbacks to ensure the transaction gets canceled if Steam store times out as it did during holidays.
  • Fixed a purchase processing issue that could have triggered "nothing to buy" message, buying twice, and things not appearing as purchased problems.
  • Fixed a store content filtering issue in competition launcher and game menu.
  • Fixed so the player can challenge other cars in a class where they own one of the cars in the class if they filter by class in LB (All cars in LB list).
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